VigRX Plus Reviews – Trustworthy Ingredients That Work or Scam?

Most men take pride in a strong erection and great sexual health. It looks like a way for men to prove their manhood. Moreover, it becomes essential for men to have a quality erection to have a satisfying sexual life and pleasure with their partners.

However, many men suffer from poor sexual health and are not able to get the sexual satisfaction they want. This becomes even more common in men who are in their forties or above that age

Among other things, aging does create problems in sexual health and leads to poor sexual performance. One major reason for this can be low testosterone levels in the body.

Testosterone is an essential hormone responsible for male sexual health and performance. Low levels of testosterone can lead to symptoms and issues like weakness, fatigue, loss of libido, poor sex drive, and in some cases, even erectile dysfunction.

All these symptoms create a direct impact on sexual health and performance which makes you wonder if there was a way to get rid of such sexual dysfunction and boost your sexual desire and health.

Well, fortunately enough, you’ve got VigRX Plus which is a revolutionary male enhancement product to help increase overall sexual health with increased sexual desire and performance.

It is a natural male enhancement supplement prepared using natural ingredients and herbs that work on increasing male libido and providing quality erection that leads to great sexual intercourse every time.

However, you might wonder if VigRX Plus works or not. Well, all of it will be clear as a crystal in the forthcoming VigRX Plus reviews where we have covered everything, right from VigRX ingredients to how it works, its benefits, safety, etc. So, go on, have a read, and know for yourself about this amazing natural male enhancement supplement to boost overall sexual desire and performance.

Name of the supplement VigRX Plus
Category Male Virility Supplement
Manufacturing Company Leading Edge Health
Key Action
  • Improved Sexual Health
  • Improve Blood Flow
  • Increased Testosterone Production
  • Better Erectile Function
  • Alleviates Stress and Anxiety
  • Alleviates Sexual Disorder
  • Increases Sexual Desire
  • Works Best To Improve Overall Sexual Performance
  • Key Ingredients
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Damiana Extract
  • Asian Red Ginseng
  • Muira Puama
  • Hawthorn Berry
  • Catuaba Bark
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Bioperine
  • Money Back Guarantee 67 days money-back guarantee
    Price There are four different pricing plans:

  • $69.95 for 1 month supply
  • $179.95 for 3 month supply
  • $269.95 for 5 month supply
  • $539.95 for 12 month supply
  • How to Buy You can buy the pills from the official website or Amazon.

    What is VigRX Plus?

    Sexual dysfunction is common in males. Many males suffer from problems like inadequate erection, premature ejaculation, etc., and they look for ways to overcome such issues. VigRX Plus is one great way for that.

    VigRX Plus is a natural male enhancement pill that is clinically proven by sexual health experts to improve male sexual performance by overcoming the problems associated with their poor sexual health.

    It is prepared using natural ingredients which keep it safe to use while having better results when compared to other medical prescription counterparts for the same issues.

    So, if you are someone who is struggling to boost natural libido and sex drive for better performance in bed, then VigRX Plus can definitely be a boon in your hands and it will become clearer with the further read of these VigRX Plus reviews.

    About The Company

    VigRX Plus is a male enhancement product manufactured and distributed by Leading Edge Health which is a company engaged in helping males boost their overall health through different natural dietary supplements.

    The company has an expert and experienced research and editorial team that works on all its supplements and other male enhancement products while taking all the measures to keep the products safe, natural, and free from any side effects.

    How Does VigRX Plus Work?

    With even the prescription medications not working well enough, it can be really doubtful as to whether any male enhancement supplements work or not. So, you might really wonder if the VigRX Plus male enhancement pill works, and if it does, how?

    The answer lies in the natural ingredient and composition of this male enhancement pill that works on fighting sexual issues and problems in men. Basically, the ingredients include natural aphrodisiac and stamina enhancers that work on boosting low libido and eliminating sexual dysfunction in the male body.

    Additionally, VigRX has other natural ingredients that increase blood flow and further stimulate the penis for increased testosterone production.

    So, the natural male enhancement pill works by stimulating the male body for increased stamina, energy, and testosterone production which in turn increases the body’s testosterone levels and benefit in the form of increased libido, sex drive, and sexual performance.

    Moreover, all of this happens naturally within the body and without any side effects that are generally caused by prescription medications and drugs.

    VigRX Plus Ingredients: All the Magic You Need for a Better Sexual Health

    As already mentioned, VigRX Plus is a blend of natural ingredients and stamina boosters that work on enhancing sexual health and performance by increasing blood flow and testosterone levels. Moreover, these natural ingredients offer other health benefits.

    Here’s a look at all the VigRX Plus ingredients so that you know exactly what you’re taking for boosting your overall sexual health.

    Horny Goat Weed

    Horny Goat Weed is a natural aphrodisiac extracted from the epimedium leaf and is a key ingredient used for the preparation of the VigRX Plus male enhancement pills. It is known to work on boosting sexual performance in men.

    It basically works by releasing nitric oxide in the blood that helps increase blood flow to the penis thereby helping with a quality erection. The increased and healthy blood flow also leads to a boost in the body’s testosterone levels which are again responsible for improved sexual desire and performance.

    Besides that, this ingredient is also effective in overcoming the issue of erectile dysfunction due to the presence of a natural flavonoid called Icariin in it.

    Damiana Extract

    Damiana Extract pretty much functions the same as the horny goat weed. It is also an aphrodisiac that increases blood flow in the penis and helps with increased sexual performance. With improved blood flow, Damiana Extract is also effective in treating erectile dysfunction. Moreover, it offers a significant level of control over erection which can even help solve the issues of premature ejaculation.

    It’s for all such reasons that Damiana Extract has found a place in this male enhancement pill.

    Asian Red Ginseng

    Ginseng is a natural extract that’s used in many male enhancement pills and supplements and even the testosterone boosters that are used to increase testosterone levels in the body.

    VigRX Plus has the Asian Red Ginseng in particular that works on improving the blood circulation in the body while also helping increase testosterone levels in the body.

    With that functioning, it’s effective in enhancing the sexual function in the body by offering longer erections with increased stamina and energy levels thereby helping improve overall sexual health and performance.

    Muira Puama

    Muira Puama is another natural ingredient that is clinically proven to help stimulate the blood vessels for increased blood circulation to the penis by releasing nitric oxide in the blood and enhancing sexual function in men for increased sexual satisfaction.

    The improved blood circulation in the blood vessels running down to the penis will stimulate it for increased testosterone production thereby raising the testosterone levels in the body and helping increase sexual stamina and performance. The increased stamina will also help with longer and more satisfying orgasms which is all you want for great sexual satisfaction.

    Hawthorn Berry

    Hawthorn Berry is a natural ingredient that comes with multiple health benefits in addition to helping solve sexual disorder in males. It’s basically an antioxidant that stimulates the blood vessels to increase blood flow by releasing nitric oxide in the blood. With that, the genitals experience a healthy blood flow which in turn helps secrete more testosterone which is an important hormone for not just boosted male libido but for overall body functioning, health, and fitness.

    So, Hawthorn Berry not only acts as a sexual booster in these male enhancement pills but works on the overall health and cognitive body functioning thereby promoting a better quality of life.

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    Catuaba Bark

    This ingredient too has many benefits in addition to working on male enhancement. First of all, it helps with longer and better erection by improving the blood flow in the penis by widening the blood vessels with the release of nitric oxide in blood.

    Besides this, Catuaba Bark is a great stress reliever and is even proven to help with better sleep. With reduced stress levels and anxiety, you will automatically be stimulated for enhanced performance in bed.

    Ginkgo Biloba

    Ginkgo Biloba is a medicinal herb that helps boost stamina and energy levels, widen blood vessels in the penis and naturally increase testosterone levels in men, all of which contributes to better stamina and more control over erections.

    This happens because the herb stimulates the brain to release serotonin which is the happy hormone to regulate our mood and keep us happy and pleasurable.

    With all these functions this herb works like magic in helping improve the health and performance in sexual terms by keeping the men happy and excited at all times.

    Tribulus Terrestris

    Tribulus Terrestris is another aphrodisiac in VigRX Plus to help expand the blood vessels by releasing nitric oxide in blood and increasing testosterone levels in the body. With expanded vessels and better blood circulation, it becomes easier for the men to control their erection and have better libido and performance.

    The increased levels of testosterone also contribute to boosting the libido and sex drive thereby improving the quality of sexual life and health in men.


    BioPerine is an extract from black pepper. This ingredient doesn’t have any direct role in boosting performance in bed, however, it works on helping the body absorb all the nutrients and other ingredients at a faster pace.

    So, while having no direct contribution, BioPerine becomes an important ingredient in VigRX Plus because it will make the pills work faster through speedy absorption of all the nutrients.


    What Can We Say About the Ingredients and Composition of VigRX Plus?

    The overview of all the ingredients shows that most ingredients in VigRX Plus are aphrodisiac which is a compound to boost sexual drive, stamina, energy, and performance. Moreover, all these ingredients are naturally occuring herbs from different parts of the world. For instance, Ginkgo Biloba is a medicinal herb that’s found in Japan and China and has been in use in these countries for years.

    So, the male enhancement pill is made with lot of research and analysis and in a very natural manner to boost sexual health and performance safely and naturally without causing any harm that often come as side effects of taking prescription medications.

    Benefits of VigRX Plus

    When you’re struggling with sexual disorder and problems, you want a quick and effective solution that works for you. VigRX Plus is the solution that you’re seeking and that will become clearer upon a look at all the benefits and results that you can get by taking this male enhancement pill regularly.

    Improved Sexual Health and Performance

    As men age, they start to lose their libido and sexual health for many reasons. VigRX Plus helps improve the same with its perfect blend of all-natural aphrodisiacs that work on boosting sexual performance by increasing the T-levels, blood flow, energy, and stamina.

    Better Blood Circulation

    VigRX majorly works on the body by improving the blood circulation in the penis. Moreover, it also helps improve the blood circulation towards the brain thereby stimulating increased secretion of serotonin which in turn helps boost the mood and energy levels.

    So, it benefits the body with an improved circulatory system which is essential for many other body functions and overall health. For instance, with a healthy circulatory system, you’ll have better heart health.

    Increases Testosterone Production

    One of the major reasons of a poor sex life in older aged males is decreased levels of testosterone in the body. Testosterone is an important body hormone that’s responsible for keeping men energetic and boosting their libido. However, the natural testosterone production in the body starts declining by the time men reach their forties.

    VigRX Plus helps boost the declining production of testosterone in the body naturally. By increasing the flow of blood in the penis and expanding blood vessels, the testes are stimulated for increased testosterone production. With that, the body is able to feel more energetic and it helps improve the overall quality of life.

    Enhanced and Better Quality Erection

    Men start to lose their libido at an older age and this also affects their erection. The result is decreased level of sexual satisfaction because the erection doesn’t hold up and the orgasms don’t feel that good.

    VigRX Plus overcomes the problem by offering enhanced and better quality erections even at an older age. It basically works on expanding the blood vessels in the penis which helps with better erection that holds up longer and offers men significant control over their ejaculations.

    Alleviates Sexual Disorder

    Sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc., can become common in an older age. However, that significantly affects the quality of sex life. VigRX helps alleviate such disorders with its natural composition of aphrodisiacs that work on improving sexual health and boosting libido while also increasing the T-levels in the body.

    All these things go a long way in relieving the body of all the sexual problems and disorders. So, these pills even work as a great way to treat and cure all kinds of sexual disorders and problems.

    Increases Sexual Desire

    One of the biggest issues that males face as a result of aging is decreased sex drive and this affects their sex life and relationship with their partner. VigRX Plus male enhancement pills help combat this issue as well.

    Not only are these pills effective in providing better quality and harder erections, but they also increase sexual desire in men so that they would have a satisfying time in bed with their partners with better orgasms that last longer.

    Relieve Anxiety and Stress

    Stress and anxiety have become a part of our life as a result of busy and hectic schedules and the constant struggles we face. However, they lead to issues with the sex life and can also cause trouble sleeping.

    Certain ingredients in VigRX Plus work on relieving stress and anxiety by stimulating the brain to release more serotonin which is a happy hormone to regulate our mood. It also helps with better sleep and all of this leads to increased energy and better performance in bed.

    Natural Supplement and Better Alternative to Prescription Drugs

    VigRX Plus is a natural health supplement that you can take for a better sexual health. With its natural ingredient composition and herbal extracts, it’s known to cause no side effects at all which makes it a much better alternative in comparison to the other prescription drugs available in the market for male enhancement.

    You definitely don’t want to put yourself at risk of other problems and issues to suppress one and VigRX takes care of the same. With these pills, you can expect only great results and they’ll never cause any harm to your body.

    Are There Any Side Effects of Taking These Pills?

    Well, short answer is – none at all!

    VigRX Plus is a natural supplement prepared using herbal extracts that work to naturally improve sexual health and performance in males thereby making their sex life more active and effective with satisfying sex even in an older age. So, there will be no side effects of taking these pills.

    In fact, these pills will be much better than taking any kind of prescription medicines and drugs such as blood thinners that are known to have adverse effects on the body upon continuous use.

    Moreover, such medicines will require doctors consultation and that is costly. VigRX, on the other hand, is a natural health supplement approved by sexual health experts and great for anyone. You can take it daily with your other health supplements and experience a better quality of life sexually as well as physically and psychologically.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    The cost of a product is an important factor when you’re considering getting it. So, let’s have a look at how much these pills cost.

    Basically, there are four options to choose from-

    • 1 month pack for $69.95
    • 3 month pack for $179.95
    • 5 month pack for $269.95
    • 12 month pack for $539.95

    It would be better to get the supply for more months because you’ll need these pills and the larger packs will only bring down the cost for you.

    Here is a quick look at all the pricing plans-


    What Are the Customers Saying – VigRX Plus Reviews and Testimonials

    If you’re still in question as to whether VigRX Plus works or not, then you can take it from these customer reviews and testimonials. All these reviews show how happy these males are with the results they have achieved from taking these pills.

    Review from Brennan D from New York

    Brennan says that it’s a must buy supplement. He got it to improve his erection and it worked wonders for him. Here’s what he quotes in his testimonial-

    “A must buy supplement! I bought VigRX because I wanted a stronger erection. Oh and did it deliver! My wife definitely told me that my penis is bigger. This definitely helps with the blood flow of maximizing your erection and sustaining it. I have not experienced any bad side effects.”

    Review from Alphonso B from California

    Alphonso says that he is very impressed with the supplement and will buy more. Here’s what he quotes in his testimonial-

    “This is the best pill ever!!! I love it! I bought this product to mainly increase my size. Overall I am very impressed! Thanks VigRx!!! I’ll be ordering more soon!.”

    Review from Greg Haywood from Florida

    Greg says that he knew that it was the best enhancer ever since he started taking it. Here’s what he quotes in his testimonial-

    “The very first day I took 2 tablets and it so happened that I had sex that night. It was never ending… she begged me to stop! Since then I knew it was the best enhancer I have tried. It was long and hard and I have been using it for 1 month and experience the same thing everytime!”

    These are just a few examples of the testimonials from the official website. There are many more on the website as well as Amazon page that you can check out to see for yourself how effective these pills are.

    How Soon Does It Start Working?

    When you’re taking a pill, you want it to work real quick. However, there’s nothing such as instant gratification in this world. So, patience is essential.

    Many people have mentioned that the pills started showing results in less than 2 weeks of usage. However, every person’s body works differently and 2 weeks is not a standard time period.

    You need to give some time to the pill and be patient to see the results. Consistency will be the key here. If you take the pills consistently on a regular basis, they will definitely work on your body and show brilliant results between two weeks to a month.

    Is There Any Money Back Guarantee on the Product?

    Yes, VigRX Plus male enhancement product comes with a great money-back guarantee of 67 days. They are extremely confident about their product and the money-back guarantee is simply to show how much they trust the effectiveness of the pills they make.

    In any case, if you feel that the pills are not working well enough for you, you can initiate a refund request with the company and they’ll process the same and return your money.

    However, there will hardly be any chance that you might have to use this guarantee.


    How long has VigRX been in the market?

    These pills have been in the market for over a decade now. Their website states that they have been delivering effective results since 2007.

    Do these pills really work?

    Well, after the entire review of all the ingredients and benefits, we are affirmed that these pills work wonders for males. The company also affirms the same with its customer reviews and the amazing 67 days money-back guarantee.

    What is Aphrodisiac?

    Most ingredients in this pill are aphrodisiacs. These are basically substances and compounds that work on enhancing sexual drive and performance and give increased sexual pleasure. These compounds are mostly found in plants and herbs, but they can also be found in some synthetic chemicals, foods, and spices.

    Why does the sex life deteriorate at an older age?

    There are many reasons for a deteriorated quality of sex life in older age. One of the biggest reasons is low testosterone levels that happen as an effect of aging. Lifestyle, disrupted sleep patterns and food habits are also a reason for the declining sex life.

    What is the dosage of pills you must take?

    The official VigRX Plus website recommends that you take two pills each day for the best results.

    Final Verdict: Is It Really Worth It?

    After the entire review, we see no reason to not believe the efficacy of these pills. The product is great, has been in the market for over a decade, and given great results to many people. It can improve the quality of any male’s life big time.

    So, we can only conclude that it’s absolutely worth it and you must buy it right away by clicking here! >>>

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