Trending accessories for men in 2022

Clothes are no longer the only important aspect of an outfit of the day for any fashion conscious individual, and men are not short of choices. Accessories can help men change up their look quite frequently, to match the day and mood, of course. A near-perfect outfit can reach perfection with the correct accessory, like a watch, sunglasses, leather strap bracelets, a chain etc.

Under the Bangladeshi sun, the most commonly used accessory, as well as the most practical perhaps, are sunglasses. The only reason you could refrain from wearing one is if it were the wrong shape for your face. Retro styles are now back in action, and anything your father wore in his prime is a great option for you to stay right on trend now too. 

Look for sunglasses with a bit of flair and colour in them. Frames with intriguing shapes and patterns, along with fluorescent or pastel coloured lenses are especially popular this year. To capture the spirit of the ’70s, look for a pair with a tortoise frame and colours like greens, golds, or browns. And please do not wear it indoors! Please?

Once that department is sorted, extend your interest around the neck area. With each passing year, men’s chains are becoming more in demand. Despite its simplicity, a chain necklace comes in many shapes and sizes. If you are going for a subtle look, then a shorter and thinner one is for your style. But when it comes to flashy bling volume, the thicker and longer is the one for you!

As a personal favourite, I highly recommend the timeless stainless steel chains. Not only is it durable, but stainless steel also doesn’t corrode or fade in colour over the years. If that is not enough, no maintenance is required, compared to its gold and silver counterparts. Whether you are just getting into chains or you have been wearing them for years, stainless steel, in my opinion, is the best possible option you can choose that lasts for years.

When it comes to “carrying” your look, fanny packs have evolved into an object of functionality and fashion. Fanny packs have been the answer for men, especially fathers in airports when it comes to functionality during travel. However, there have been more than one occasion where fanny packs have been victimised as the butt of many jokes. Then, millennials entered the scene, and changed the entire perception of fanny packs. From colours to sizes, fanny packs have become “THE” accessory to get throughout the season. You can make multiple uses out of it during travelling, commuting or just wear it for the sake of wearing it!

Now we can move on to the most prominent and versatile region for accessorising— the wrist. The mantra, “less is more” is paramount when it comes to bracelets. Tiger eyes beads, tanned leather thin strap with gold or silver contrast or just plain old volcanic stone beads can step up your casual look. This inexpensive accessory is the perfect way to create your fashion statement.

Besides the bracelets, one of the most important accessories a man can have is a good wristwatch. Throughout history, it has been the sole accessory men have worn with pride. Do not limit yourself from investing in a good and reliable timepiece that can become an extension of your persona. From a digital face to analogue, or even a hybrid can step up your game! For example, the budget-friendly Timex Weekender is a subtle watch that can exude character no matter the occasion.

Moreover, recent freedom to express personal statements means now you do not need to be afraid of experimenting with various looks and accessories.  


Photo: Shahrear Kabir Heemel

Model: Azim Uddula

Wardrobe: Twelve

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