Top 25 Mullet Haircuts in 2023

Are you ready to rock a haircut that effortlessly blends contemporary style with a dash of old-school flair? The mullet haircut has been making a bold comeback, especially when paired with wavy or curly hair textures. We had the privilege to sit down with Zack Leighton, a renowned barber with a keen eye for mullet magic. Let’s dive into his expert advice on how to rock the mullet while considering various hair textures, face shapes, and lifestyles.

Meet The Expert

Zack Leighton
Zack Leighton
Zack is a professional barber with over 9 years of experience.
You can find him at Motley Crew Barber Company in Worcester, MA

Mullet Marvel: Tailoring the Cut to Your Hair Texture

Leighton enthusiastically shares, “I think what’s really in for guys right now are mullets with wavy or curly hair. These styles are the best-looking ones, very modern rather than old school.” According to Leighton, achieving that modern twist hinges on the right cut. He advises, “Leaving too much weight around the ears just looks like a taper, and taking the sides too tight makes you resemble Billy Ray Cyrus.” Finding the perfect balance between structure and flow is key.

The Art of Face Shapes: Sculpting Your Mullet

When it comes to face shapes, Leighton advises, “Traditionally, square shapes are associated with being masculine. For that bold look, leave weight around the corners of the head. For a softer vibe, round out those corners.” As for longer faces, he suggests, “Opt for a fringe to balance it out, or slick it back for added height and volume.” Leighton’s insights demonstrate that mullets are adaptable to a range of facial structures.

Styling Simplicity: Effortless Mullet Maintenance

Leighton has noticed a trend: men are embracing diversity in hairstyles but seeking minimal grooming time. He remarks, “In our fast-paced lives, men want hairstyles that demand less effort.” For those who crave a beachy look, Leighton recommends, “A sea salt spray scrunched into the hair will give you that easy, breezy vibe with minimal effort.” Alternatively, he suggests, “Styling powder at the roots can offer volume and texture that’s easy to play with throughout the day.” These tips cater to various lifestyles, from the busy dad to the retired gentleman.

Photos of Modern Mullet Haircuts for Men

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