Top 15 Brands for Luxury Men’s Fashion

Men's Fashion

Gentlemen who give a great importance to style, function, and fit are blessed with an expanding list of designers that are capable of fulfilling their accessory and clothing requirements. 

From routine attire to fashionable evening ensembles, the following top fashion brands dedicated to men are just a slight insight into the industry of men’s fashion in this age.

1. Ralph Lauren

If you are a man who loves fine things in life, you must be aware of Polo Ralph Lauren. This fashion brand quenches the fashion thirst of many gentlemen throughout the world. It is an upscale, US based company that was introduced by Ralph Lauren Lifshitz. 

The founder is also known as Ralph Lauren, and he initiated his career of fashion by working under Brooks Brothers in the early 1960s. In 1970, he opened his first new shop, began designing neckties for his separate label, and won the COTY award for his fashion endeavors. 

In this day and age, Ralph Lauren is recognized throughout the world as a luxe fashion line providing extraordinary designs for both genders.

2. Gucci

The world’s most popular, high-end, and demanding brand, Gucci was introduced in 1921 by a designer called Guccio Gucci. This company presents a lavish men’s fashion line that competes with the famous labels in the globe. 

This specific fashion house has elevated in fame, faced struggles, and risen to glory again over the course of the career. 

Identified by its legendary webbed strips displayed on the label’s leather offerings, Gucci can be recognized by anyone. It is on the top-shelf of the best classic garment lines in the world.

3. Diesel

This prestigious brand sells everything from fragrances to clothes. However, it is best recognized for the tasteful jeans that are promoted to a young adult audience. 

The Italian fashion company was the earliest clothes label to utilize video games for the purpose of a marketing tool for their offerings. This is another proof of their focus on a young audience.

4. Calvin Klein

Ads for this brand’s men’s underwear are maybe the most permanent images of this fashion company, especially the fame of the billboards that gained the status of a common sight in the 1990s. 

Although men’s underwear is usually the first thing anyone thinks about when Calvin Klein is thought about, the brand also sells a host of famous sportswear, denim, and fragrances.

5. True Religion

Founded in 2002, this label is a chic apparel line, which is fastly rising in popularity. Their trademark Western inspired shirts, vintage appearance, premium jeans, and timeless t-shirts make True Religion an easily identifiable company. This line has grown to include fragrances, footwear, eyewear, and headwear as well. 

6. Burberry

This British fashion house was established in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. It is best recognized for the trademark tartan plaid style, which is one of the most famously plagiarized patterns in the fashion industry. 

The offerings of Burberry have embraced top-rated adventurers, military officers, and is presently recognized for utilizing British celebs in the marketing campaign.

7. Nike

Nike is another famous brand which promotes mainly to an athletic and young audience. This demanding supplier of energetic clothing and shoes was established in 1964 by the founder known as Blue Ribbon Sports. The Nike swoosh logo is among the most popular branding images in fashion history.

8. Hugo Boss

This upscale German fashion house can be seen in above 6,000 retail stores in more than 110 countries throughout the world. Selling shoes, apparel, accessories, watches, fragrances, and more, Hugo Boss is formed by different famous brands, such as Boss Orange, Hugo, Boss Black, and Boss. Each one of these sub-labels targets a different audience.

9. Armani 

The luxurious brand Armani was established in 1975 by Giorgio Armani and has expanded into a top-rated fashion house that fulfills the fashion needs of elite customers who love clean lines and tailored looks.

This leading label for menswear is popular as a high-quality provider of luxurious designs and is specifically recognized for the premium men’s suits.

10. Dolce and Gabbana

Founded by Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce, Dolce and Gabbana is recognized by classic, timeless, and elegant designs. It boasts another line called just D&G. This second line sells a line of apparel which is more laid-back and inspired by urban style trends.

11. Riblor

The accessories of Riblor UAE displays a superlative form of the gentleman and uplifts the confidence along with the ensemble. This brand only focuses on men’s cufflinks and bracelets. As they have no other line, it means that their specialization in accessories is truly remarkable, and this can be seen in their superior designs. All their pieces display a creative yet chic design. 

12. Hermes

Does anyone need an introduction to Hermes? No! This alone speaks volumes about the popular Parisian luxury supplier. This high-end brand is recognized by its premium value and it was established in 1837.

They sell exceptional keyrings and cuffs. Men can shop aesthetic bracelets for themselves that adorn different styles and are made of various rich materials. The brand crafts everything with a detail-oriented approach. You will find gold in many goods as well.

The bracelets especially are rare, beautiful, and compelling, making them perfect for any man daring to wear something different. 

13. Tateossian

Established in 1990 by Robert Tateossian, this company aims to provide a unique expression of fashion sense and personality for the customers. Their designs frequently pair extraordinary materials like meteorite, fossils, diamonds, gemstones, and copper nuggets. 

Their bracelet collection features modest and alluring cable, rope, and leather designs, aside from rare metals and diamonds. The overall concept is quality and individuality. These core values are the reason why they are Britain’s most demanding brand for bracelets.

14. Versace

This is perhaps the most expensive and exclusive brand, which is always celebrated and hyped up by celebs. The production of Versace is unlike anything, which is why their goods are so costly. Their distinctive logo on the clothes and La Medusa bracelet are loved by everyone. 

15. A.P.C

This Parisian stalwart is known for its trademark European cool and chic minimalism. This is the winning formula behind their range of jewelry. Their metal bracelets are one-of-a-kind for both genders. 

So, we hope that you gained sufficient fashion inspo for your manly appetite. These are the best brands

Other designers that are worthy of mention are Harley Davidson Clothing, Ed Hardy, and Prada Pour Homme. All of these lines, along with the classic ones mentioned above, sell trendy, high-quality options that will allow any gentleman to express his individual style and fashion sense. 

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