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Women, step aside! Men are here to claim their rightful space at the red carpet! Be it Joe Jonas giving stiff competition to wifey Sophie Turner on the red carpet or Sebastian Stan rocking hot pink or Kid Cudy in floral blue striking a pose at Met Gala, men have upped their fashion game. Colours, cuts, baubles, styles– men are as privy to the best of the fashion world today, and unabashedly carrying the look.

Kid Cudi

If ‘millennial pink’ has been leading the way since 2010, neons too have been reigning supreme for a while now. Now, there ain’t a colour that’s ‘no no’ when it comes to men’s fashion. Footballer Odell Beckham Jr. in jewel green, velvet, hooded ensemble, rapper Kid Kudi in electric blue accentuated with florals, actor Sebastian Stan rocking hot pink in head-to-toe Valentino, the men have boldly carried colours to their public outings making a statement.

Lenny Kravitz

“Moving away from conservative colours to disciplined image and very English style like hats and simple, neat cuts, the younger generation is growing experimental which is a big boost to men’s fashion market,” says designer Siddhartha Bansal.

Ranveer Singh

“In the last 10 years, there has been a massive shift. The market has grown dramatically, thanks to social media, which has allowed marketers to reach out to new customers. And the demand has grown, perhaps not at the same rate as women’s wear, but I believe men’s wear is slowly but steadily catching up,” says Salesh Grover, business head, Corneliani India.

Joe Jonas

While men for decades have stuck to blue, grey and black, recently the norm is broken. “Colours have a promising future. Whatever you think of ‘millennial pink’ or the recent obsession with neon, one of the most remarkable aspects of these occurrences is that they aren’t just style hacks but are evident in your daily life. Our style goals will continue to diverge away from corporate conformity (part and parcel of the office-based 9-to-5) and towards studied, inventive uniqueness as we approach a new era of working life in which remote working, freelancing, and “disruptive” behaviour appear to be the new standard. And colour is crucial here—it’s a terrific way to stand out,” says Grover.

Karan Johar

Bansal is only too happy that men are moving away from traditional, stereotypical Oxford look. “What I love is that no colour is now out of bounds. So much so men today don’t mind picking women’s jackets if they like. Bright pop of colour or print-on-print for men is relatively new but fast picking up,” says Bansal, who is a fan of Johnny Depp and how he puts together a quirky head-to-toe look is what Bansal admires in Johnny. Ranveer Singh is another favourite. “I admire him for the confidence with which he carries himself. He’s experimental, and often wears our clothes. His style and our sensibilities match,” adds Bansal.

Jewel me up

Men’s accessory isn’t limited to a hat anymore. Right from chunky chains to metallic hand jewellery, men aren’t staying behind women even in this department. Odell Beckham Jr. On his Met Gala 2022 outing wore a chain by Gabriel the Jeweler.

Odell Beckham Jr.

The dressy chain reportedly was made with 300 carats of rough diamonds, 200 carats of emerald-cut diamonds and 2.5 kg of gold! Men today are moving away from staid, customised rings and opting for exaggerated jewellery is sure game changer,” says Bansal. “Increased ornamentation, especially when mixed with other bold style choices, is stimulating to look at in men’s clothing, which has traditionally been very drab. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll dare to wear an earring myself,” jokes Grover.

Same pinch

Today, everyone can wear everything and that’s a welcome change. Lots of brands are going unisex – T-shirts, athleisure, jackets. Not just clothes, colognes are unisex too. In my upcoming film Bhaijaan, I have given men colours like salmon, aqua green, maroon, baby pinks. For both men and women, colour blocking is really in as are pop colours like pink, ink blue and lime. — Ashley Rebello, designer

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