The Era Of Men’s Accessories

It’s no secret that men have finally discovered that they can have fashionable fun on the red carpet in something other than a run-of-the-mill tuxedo. Brad Pitt’s skirt, Chris Pine’s dapper Venice Film Festival ensemble, Timothee Freaking Chalamet in general. The latest ideology is that life is too short not to wear a fun outfit.

And we don’t just need to celebrate the daring red jumpsuit from Timothee or the avant-garde dress Harry Styles styled on the cover of Vogue…It’s those capricious flares of style and personality on display in Timothee Chalamet’s Vivienne Westwood choker for the Bones & All premiere. The shirtless look paired with the white, wide lapel suit.

There isn’t a set uniform like a tuxedo and standard gown for red carpets – or even real life – anymore. It starts with big statements like men in dresses, but causes people to take more subtle risks like accessorizing their outfit.

Seeing big names like Timothee or Brad can influence many others to make bold fashion choices the norm. You don’t really blink twice anymore if you see a guy wearing multiple rings, it’s just a cool fashion statement.

Jewelry is a great way to dress up your normal style without completely switching your wardrobe around. Trends don’t often vary as much for men, so the clothing options can feel limited…how are you supposed to switch up your style if the shirts are all the same?

An easy and much more affordable route is accessorizing to your liking. Adding a few rings here or a chain there can elevate your look instantly. Jewelry is no longer for the girls only.

You don’t have to have a dramatic change to switch up your style and renew your outfit completely. The simplest of accessories can be the key to refreshing your wardrobe this fall without having to try too hard. The biggest question you’ll have to ask yourself is gold or silver?

This fall, we’re choosing simple accessories as the staple for every man’s closet. It’s the perfect solution to spicing up any old outfit. Instead of your normal baseball hat, try a chain this season.

Vivienne Westwood Man. Mini Bas Relief Orb Pendant Necklace

Channeling your inner Timothee, this Vivienne Westwood chain and planet charm is a simple take on a classic. The gunmetal shade matches everything and it’s the perfect chain for everyday wear.

Miansai Pax Ring 

A simple gold ring isn’t too flashy, but gets the job done. The black enamel detail is vintage-inspired with a modern edge that can match any outfit.

Mejuri Curb Chain Bracelet 

The curb chain is the perfect chain that is thick enough to make a statement without being too gaudy. Stack this curb chain on top of a watch for a more accessorized look, or wear it by itself as a statement.

ASOS DESIGN 2 Pack Layered Neckchain With Cross

asos has the more affordable jewelry that will last you a long time. It doesn’t look cheap, and you can get two necklaces to wear separately or together.

ASOS DESIGN Midweight Curb Chain

Michael b Jordan

Michael B. Jordan at the Los Angeles Premiere Of Amazon Prime Video’s ‘The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power’

Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

Again, a take on the classic chain. You can never go wrong with a simple silver chain, especially when you pair it with different jewelry like rings and bracelets.

If Michael B. Jordan enhances his look with a simple iced out chain and stud earrings, you can too. Men’s accessories are a great way to step out of your comfort zone to switch up your style this fall.

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