The Best Xbox Accessories in 2023

Microsoft’s Xbox consoles are designed as all-in-one entertainment devices, but a few key accessories can improve your experience even more. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best Xbox accessories you can buy to help level up your system.

There’s no shortage of accessories available for Xbox consoles, whether they’re made by Microsoft directly or third-party manufacturers. For some gamers, an upgrade from the standard Xbox controller to the Xbox Elite Series 2 can make all the difference, thanks to its swappable parts and built-in battery. Other players might want to expand their Series X or S console’s storage with a fast Seagate SSD with 1 or 2TB of space.

Below, you can find 14 of the best Xbox accessories available right now, from headsets to battery packs. In addition to accessories that will work with the Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows computers, we’ve also included some devices that you can use with your phone to enhance your experience streaming Xbox Game Pass on the go.

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  • The standard Xbox controller comes in dozens of colors and is also compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android.

  • The Xbox Elite controller adds a built-in battery, rubberized grip, and customizable parts.

  • This wired controller is meant for competitive gamers and esports with 18 customizable components.

  • The Xbox Wireless Headset connects directly to consoles without a USB dongle and also features Bluetooth.

  • The Arctis Nova 7X features a retractable microphone, memory foam ear cushions, and customizable ear plates.

  • This straightforward wired headset comes in nearly a dozen different colors and plugs into your controller.

  • The Arctis Nova Pro Wireless has active noise cancellation and a wireless transmitter with extra controls.

  • Replace your Xbox controller’s AA batteries for good with Microsoft’s official rechargeable battery.

  • This USB adapter uses the same 2.4GHz wireless signal as Xbox consoles instead of Bluetooth.

  • This SSD is the only way to add playable storage space for Xbox Series X and S games.

  • You can store dozens of Xbox One games on this external USB drive, with multiple sizes up to 4TB.

  • Take full control of the steering wheel in racing games like Forza Motorsport and DIRT 5.

  • This clip keeps your phone secure while you play Xbox Game Pass with a standard controller.

  • This controller connects to your phone’s charging port to turn it into a mobile game system that’s perfect for Xbox Game Pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Xbox One accessories work with Xbox Series X and Series S?

Yes, Xbox One devices like controllers and headsets are all compatible with Xbox Series X and S consoles. 

Can Xbox consoles use Bluetooth headsets?

No, Xbox consoles are not compatible with Bluetooth audio devices. Instead, you can use a licensed headset that supports a proprietary 2.4GHz Xbox wireless signal, or plug a 3.5mm wired headset into the Xbox controller.

For more headsets recommendations, check out our full guide to the best Xbox headsets and best gaming headsets.

Do Xbox accessories work with PCs?

Most Xbox accessories are fully compatible with Windows PCs. You can use the Xbox Wireless Controller Adapter to connect multiple controllers and headsets without using Bluetooth. We even consider the Xbox Elite to be one of the best PC controllers for gaming.

Do Xbox headsets work with PlayStation and Nintendo Switch?

Xbox uses a proprietary wireless signal that’s not compatible with PlayStation or Switch consoles. However, some of the best wireless gaming headsets have a USB transmitter that can be swapped between Xbox and PlayStation modes.

Can you play Xbox Series games from an external drive?

You cannot boot games for Xbox Series X and S from an external USB drive; you need to have a Seagate storage expansion card that’s specifically designed for those consoles. However, you can run games that were originally released for Xbox One from an external hard drive or thumb drive. You can also stream select games without taking up any space with an Xbox Game Pass subscription. 

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