The Best White Pants for Men Are Way More Wearable Than You Think

White pants are intimidating, for sure. One careless move and you can ruin your outfit for the day and, with the wrong meal, ruin a pair of pants for life. You could take precautionary measures (e.g., stash a bleach pen and a backup pair of pants in your bag). But the good news is, unless you’re wearing an immaculate white tux at a red carpet event, you don’t have to be so precious. In fact, white pants are some of the most carefree and relaxed trousers out there. Are you really vacationing if you’re not sporting linen, wrinkled, and wide-legged white pants with a  breezy shirt, some sandals, and a few Bloody Marys?

Next, we have white painters’ pants. A million bucks says you couldn’t paint a house without getting a few drops on your pants. What other pants can swing from workwear to tropical vacation? White pants aren’t meant to be babied. They’re meant to be lived in without reserve, so consider every splotch and stain another mark of a life stylishly-lived. They’re a literal blank canvas that goes well with any color and any pattern. 

So, if you’ve been falling back on your trusty blue jeans for too many outfits (not a bad thing), a pair of white pants is an understudy ready to take up the spotlight at a moment’s notice. Here are some of the crispiest, care-free-est, men’s white pants around.

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