The Best Necklaces for Men Who Aren’t Afraid of Jewelry

We’d say men’s jewelry is having a moment, but in truth, men have been wearing necklaces, bracelets and anklets all along. We’re just more excited than ever before about flaunting them.

Like shoes and watches, accessorizing an outfit with a necklace is a fun way to show off your personality. You can go for a wealthy whisper with a subtle chain or make a grand impression with an iced-out one. Pearl necklaces, once dubbed exclusively feminine, are now popular necklaces for men, too. The Harry Styles effect? Perhaps.

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There are a few general rules to necklaces for men. Match your metals; gold and silver shouldn’t overlap when layering. If you’re wearing a necklace with a collared shirt, whether it be a polo or button-down, the chain should rest inside the collar if the buttons are open. One may wear it over if the shirt is buttoned up as a statement piece. Most of the time, less is always more.

Whether you abide by these rules or not, always remember that it all boils down to the statement you’re trying to make. Without breaking your bank, here are SPY’s recommendations for the best men’s necklaces out there. We’ve broken out our selection into the following categories:

  • The Best of the Best

  • The Best Chain Necklaces for Men

  • The Best Pendant Necklaces

  • The Best Pearl Necklaces

  • The Best Dog Tag Necklaces

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Best of the Best: Our Favorite Necklaces for Men of 2022

Before we get into our favorite necklaces by category, we wanted to share our absolute favorite pieces of the season.

1. 14K Gold Over Silver Chain Cuban Necklace


We’ve shared this shopping tip with SPY readers before, and we’ll share it again here. You can find truly shocking discounts on gold and diamond jewelry at JCPenney. It may not be your first thought when shopping for stylish accessories, but trust us when we say this department store has incredible deals on jewelry. Just check out this 14K Gold Chain Necklace, with yellow gold over silver and a stylish Cuban chain.

jcpenney 14k gold chain

jcpenney 14k gold chain

Buy: JCPenney 14K Gold Chain Necklace for Men $143.43 (orig. $424.98) 66% OFF


2. Sterling Frasier Magic Mushroom Necklace


The Frasier Sterling unisex Magic Mushroom pearl necklace rose to fame after pop star Justin Bieber was spotted wearing it, and ever since it’s been one of our favorite necklaces for men who love bold accessories. Pearl jewelry is very much on trend among young men and women, and this pearl necklace features little mushroom accents for a pop of color and personality.

Frasier Sterling Magic Mushroom Necklace

Frasier Sterling Magic Mushroom Necklace

Buy: Frasier Sterling Magic Mushroom Necklace $66.00


3. Fry Powers Rainbow Necklace

Created exclusively for Mr. Porter by the jewelry designer Fry Powers, this beautiful chain link necklace features bright rainbow coloring. For men in the LGBTQ+ community who want to wear their pride this summer, it’s one of the best necklaces for men of the year. This piece is expensive, but it’s crafted from sterling silver. Keep in mind that this necklace is almost sold out!

fry powers necklace for men

fry powers necklace for men

Buy: Fry Powers Silver Rainbow Necklace $1,950.00


4. Jill Sanders Silver-Tone Necklace


Jewelry has always been worn as a status symbol, so if you as a man are going to accessorize, then you might as well go with a designer necklace that makes a statement, like this Jill Sanders Silver-Tone Necklace for men. The bold curb-link chain will draw the eye no matter what else you’re wearing.

jill sanders silver necklace

jill sanders silver necklace

Buy: Jill Sanders Silver-Tone Necklace $810.00


The Best Chain Necklaces

Chain necklaces are always a good idea. They add the right amount of bling — and serious sex appeal — to any look. Finding the perfect one is crucial for any modern-day gentleman, as they can be worn for casual and fancier situations. A gold chain over a black T-shirt for the summer? *Chef’s kiss*

Looking for more chain necklaces? Then be sure to check out the SPY guide to the Best Gold Chains for Men.

1. Nordstrom Classic Figaro Chain Necklace

Simple, clean, subtle and available in either gold or silver. This chain necklace from Nordstrom is made up of small circular rings that come together to make a classic chain necklace.

Buy: Nordstrom Classic Figaro Chain Necklace $24.90 (orig. $39.00) 36% OFF


2. Degs and Sal Sterling Silver Curb Necklace

A silver necklace pairs well with nearly any casual look, and this one by Degs and Sal is no exception. Made out of sterling silver and small spring rings, this accessory is best for those whose tastes are a little more subtle.

Degs and Sal Sterling Silver Curb Necklace

Degs and Sal Sterling Silver Curb Necklace

Buy: Degs and Sal Sterling Silver Curb Necklace $120.00


3. Nordstrom Twisted Helix Chain

For those who are not so subtle, consider Nordstrom’s Twisted Helix chain. This beautiful chain necklace for men adds a bit of texture to one’s look.

Nordstrom Twisted Helix Chain

Nordstrom Twisted Helix Chain

Buy: Nordstrom Twisted Helix Chain $40.00


The Best Pendant Necklaces for Men

Pendant necklaces are an excellent way to exhibit a bit of personality, as the choices for pendants are vast. Mix gold or silver with another precious gem such as emeralds or rubies; add a crystal to ward off bad energy or even don a family heirloom such as a crested ring.

1. MIANSAI Valor Gold Vermeil Quartz Pendant Necklace

If you’re looking to serve style while converting negative energy into positive, this Quartz Pendant Necklace by Miansai is destined to be on your neck. Gold vermeil is strung together to support a vibrant emerald quartz pendant meant to keep things looking exciting and feeling clear.

MIANSAI Valor Gold Vermeil Quartz Pendant Necklace

MIANSAI Valor Gold Vermeil Quartz Pendant Necklace

Buy: MIANSAI Valor Gold Vermeil Quartz Pendant Necklace $175.00


2. COAI Men’s Tungsten Steel Stick Bar Pendant Necklace

In most cases — including this necklace for men — simplicity equals sophistication. Tungsten steel forms into a sleek rectangular pendant to make this contemporary necklace a whisper and not a shout.

Buy: COAI Men’s Tungsten Steel Stick Bar Pendant Necklace $25.00


3. Topman Gold Neck Chain with Lion Coin Pendant

This longer necklace is perfect for bringing attention to your pecs (assuming you haven’t been skipping chest day) and also serves as a convenient excuse to leave that extra button undone the next time you go out. Besides, we’re officially in Leo season, so what better way to celebrate than with a lion coin pendant?

Buy: Topman Gold Neck Chain with Lion Coin Pendant $7.00 (orig. $13.50) 48% OFF


Dog Tags Necklaces

You don’t need to be in the military to rock a dog tag. The accessory is an easy way to add a bit of edge or cool factor to your casual looks, whether you choose to engrave it or leave it plain.

1. Stainless Steel Silvertone Dog Tag

This silvertone dog tag has a highly polished finish that is effortless, chic, and versatile. The necklace is around 28″ long, making it perfect for dipping a toe into the world of longer necklaces.

Buy: Stainless Steel Silvertone Dog Tag $14.99


2. Richsteel Dog Tags Pendant Necklace

Skip the standard dog tag colors in favor of something a little chicer. These dog tags for men come in a matte black that will add a touch of daring and bravado to any outfit.

Richsteel Dog Tags Pendant Necklace

Richsteel Dog Tags Pendant Necklace

Buy: Richsteel Dog Tags Pendant Necklace $15.99


3. Men’s Gold Plated Large Stainless Steel Dog Tag Necklace

It’s not that the dog tag’s military background is forgotten here. Rather, it’s just given a luxurious makeover with gold plating that’ll catch the eyes of those around.

Buy: Men’s Gold Plated Large Stainless Steel Dog Tag Necklace $95.00


Pearl Necklaces for Men

What was seen as an exclusively feminine gem is now the hottest trend in men’s accessories. Pearl necklaces are an excellent way to add a soft touch to any look — even ones that require a bit of cocktail attire. You can also check out our pearl jewelry style guide for men.

1. ASOS Pearl Necklace

This faux-pearl necklace featuring multicolored beads is a fun twist on the standard option, as it gets the job of being stylish done with ease. Pair with a T-shirt or tuck into a collared shirt.

Asos Pearl Necklace for men

Asos Pearl Necklace for men

Buy: Asos Pearl Necklace $10.00


2. Evil Eye Pearl Necklace

Alongside the pearl necklace, the evil eye is also trending in men’s accessories. Why not combine the two? Finished with a 22-karat gold plated brass clasp, this necklace is a visual feast.

Buy: Evil Eye Pearl Necklace $89.00


3. Freshwater Baroque Pearl Pendant

Not keen on wearing a full band of pearls? No worries. How about just a single statement strand? Adorned with gold-plated brass, this necklace merges ease and class into one.

Buy: Freshwater Baroque Pearl Pendant $19.99


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