The best classic hairstyles for men, no matter what your hair type

How to style it… “Spray the hair so it’s slightly damp. Now follow the direction the hair has been cut in from the crown using the hard side of the brush, following the brush with a hairdryer over medium heat. The heat and tension will start to create these “S” shape waves by flattening the kink in the hair. After this you’ll need a light pomade – I prefer Uppercut Deluxe as it’s light, smells amazing and it’s easy to wash out. Spread this evenly into your hands and smooth it onto hair, again in the same direction as your hair. When this is done, get the soft side of the brush and brush the product through the hair – this will leave you with a wave effect on Afro hair.”

Best classic hairstyle for long hair

For many years, long hair on men was considered rebelliously anti-smart. However, thanks to trailblazers like Jason Mamoa, shoulder-skimming cuts can be smart enough to work even if your job involves daily suit-wearing – it’s all about getting the right products in your grooming cabinet. Stel Nicolaou, men’s hair specialist at Dunhill, talks us through it.

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Why it works…

“When this hair length is appropriately cared for and hair health is maintained it works really well as a modern, professional and cool alternative to the standard shorter cut.”

What to ask your barber for…

“When you visit your barber, open up the conversation by talking about what your hair does naturally, whether you have any kinks or growth patterns that you do or do not like, and discuss what your ideal final look would be. I would always recommend taking a picture of the style you want to achieve – their interpretation may not always be the same as yours, leaving a rather awkward situation for you both!

“To keep longer hair looking smart, you should be getting it trimmed approximately every 4 to 6 weeks to avoid split ends. In-between cuts, use split end repairing products, such as Aveda Damage Remedy Split End Repair, which uses quinoa proteins to help fuse split ends back together.”

Aveda Damage Remedy Split End Repair

How to style it…

“The key to styling a longer look is letting your hair fall naturally – don’t make it do anything it doesn’t want to do. I see a lot of men that still believe they need to use a lot of product when it comes to styling – you don’t. Instead, start with a small amount of product and then build upon that to create the desired style if needed.

“It’s also about the right products – nothing too heavy. Start with a salt spray – I love to use Aveda Texture Tonic, which is a salt and sugar spray – then lightly manipulate the hair to add in some volume before leaving the hair to dry naturally, which will give a more rugged finished look. If you do use a hair dryer, always use a good prep product that help protect from heat to keep your hair in healthy condition.

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