The 31 best subscription boxes on Amazon in 2022

If opening packages makes you smile, why not subscribe to a service that has a smile right on the box?

We’re talking about Amazon, as they now carry a whole plethora of subscription boxes, ranging in price, service and so much more.

Subscriptions are something we like to cover here at The Post, including meal kit delivery subscriptions, fashion and clothing boxes, housewares and more.

However, for those that love the thrill of subscriptions and want to order them all from the same place, Amazon is for you. Head to the main landing page here to browse their huge selection, and then use our jumplinks below to skip to our curated list by category.

1. Enjoy Leggings, starting at $16.95 per box

A pair of white pattern leggings and a bag

At the Post, we certainly enjoy leggings, especially options we can find on Amazon. Get a new pair each month with the Enjoy Leggings subscription from Amazon. Choose your size between a small and a large, or opt for Plus for extended sizing.

2. Bath Blessing Sanctuary Bath Subscription Box, $35 for your first box, then $45

A box of bath products

Sit back and relax, knowing you baths or showers will be fully stocked with bath bombs, soaps and more. This also makes a perfect gift, and the first box is now $10 off for a limited time. Each box comes with five or more luxury items, that differ each month.

3. BloomsyBox Beautiful Bouquets Subscription, $39 for your first box, then $49

A box of flowers

Start the month off right with a fresh bouquet of flowers. Treat yourself with BloomsyBox, a tried and true delivery service now available on Amazon. Choose between mixed flowers or long-stem roses and then wait for your flowers to arrive in a carefully packaged box.

4. The Fit Boxx, starting at $62 per box

An orange box with fitness items around it

Get fit and have fun doing it with new products to help you each month. The Fit Boxx is made for both men or women, so be sure to choose your preference before you check out. The women’s box can come with cute sports bras, leggings and more, plus snacks, supplements and coupons for other fitness must-haves.

5. Naughty Lace : Date Night Monthly Lingerie Subscription Box, $50 for your first box, then $60

A blue bra and thong on a pink background with flowers

For a night in with a lover or just to embrace your sensual side, invest in some stunning and sometimes naughty pieces of lingerie with Naughty Lace. The service sends beautiful bras and panties and other surprises too, in a one-size or an XL one-size adjustable pack.

1. Gentleman’s Box, starting at $29 per box

An assortment of men's fashion gifts

Treat the gentleman in your life to some new items, or spoil yourself if this applies to you. This subscription box is for the dashing man, sending four to six new accessories to your door, ranging from ties, socks, watches, flasks and more.

2. Sprezzabox Men’s Fashion Subscription, $20 for your first box, then $28

A blue box in the middle of men's fashion items

For a whole spread of men’s accessories, look to Sprezzabox, now shoppable on Amazon. The subscription box comes in a classic monthly version with an assortment of items, or opt for the tie-specific or sock-specific boxes that ship quarterly.

3. Sovereign Code, $45 for your first box, then $50

An array of men's clothing

Now that you have accessories, add some clothing to your closet with Sovereign Code. The fashion brand has a subscription box for men, as well as for boys and girls, should your kids want to get in on the unboxing action, too. The men’s box comes with two to three items each month, stocking your closet by the end of the year.

4. GQ Best Stuff Subscription Box, $50 per box

An array of men's beauty products and a black backpack

Our friends over at GQ came up with their own subscription box you need to check out. The men’s magazine curated their bestsellers into a subscription service, sending over $200 worth of items to your door month, spanning fashion, grooming, tech and more.

5. The Office T-Shirt Club Subscription, starting at $18 per box

A stack of t-shirts with the Office logo on them

This one may be niche, but we all know a man who is obsessed with The Office. Get this subscription box now and rock a new Office tee each month. You can also opt for women’s sizing, too, or get both for a couple’s moment when binging the show for the umpteenth time.

1. Raddish Kids Cooking Subscription Box, $17 for your first box, then $24

A kid's cooking kit with recipes

Teach your kids the valuable skill of cooking and have fun in the process. Raddish Kids is a great subscription for just that, sending monthly recipes and kitchen tools to your home that are delicious and kid-friendly. You can also choose modified recipes for dietary needs, like gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, vegan and vegetarian.

2. Toy Box Monthly, $25 for your first box, then $30

A yellow box with toys inside

Treat your kids to new toys each month with Toy Box Monthly. This is a great way to refresh their toy collection and also avoid buying too many items each time your kids ask, knowing new ones will arrive monthly.

3. Little Passports World Edition, $24 for your first box, then starting at $28

A kid's activity collection of items around the world

Teach your children about the diverse cultures of the world without ever leaving home. The Little Passports World Edition is now sold on Amazon, sending a new activity set each month, suitable for ages six to 10.

4. L.O.L Surprise Box, $40.50 for your first box, then $47

An array of pink LOL Surprise dolls and toys

Surprise your kiddos with their favorite toy brand: L.O.L. Surprise! The colorful dolls and accessories are now sold on Amazon as part of an official subscription service, with deliveries of six to eight official toys every three months.

5. Highlights Top Secret Adventures, $9.50 for your first box, then $19

A box of kid's activity books

Encourage reading and problem solving skills with this set from Highlights Magazine. The discovery box comes each month filled with a detective mission and added bonuses, great for kids seven and older.

1. Try Treats International Snack Subscription Box, starting at $16

A blue box of treats

Taste the world without leaving home. Try Treats is a delicious box of goodies that show up at your home each month, stocked with five or more treats from all regions of the world. Past boxes have been from Greece, India, Israel and more, with the rest of the globe to discover.

2. BBQ Box, $29 for your first box, then $40

A box and barbecue items like sauces and spices

Get ready for grilling season with this box for the barbecue. The BBQ box is sold on Amazon and comes with the perfect combination for a monthly cookout. Enjoy a sauce or marinade, a spice rub, a snack, some wood chips or planks and a recipe for how to use it all.

3. Bunny James Boxes Keto Snack Subscription, $17 for your first box, then $22

An assortment of Keto snacks

Snacks should be for all, no matter your diet. Bunny James Boxes agrees, which is why you can subscribe to their Keto box or choose Paleo snacks, vegan snacks or even gluten-free vegan snacks.

4. Pressed Juicery Bestseller Subscription Bundle Box, $152 for your first box, then $190

An assortment of juice from Pressed Juciery

Every New Yorker knows Pressed Juice, but now you can sip from anywhere. The Pressed Juicery Bestseller Subscription is on Amazon, and now for $38 off your first box. Each monthly delivery comes with 20 juices and 24 shots, making it totally worth it for your own juice cleanse at home or to satisfy your cravings for fresh fruit and veggies.

5. Sips by Tea Discovery, $16 per box

A box of tea from SipsBy

Get your sips, by way of Amazon. Sips by is now sold on the site, with three tea options at just $16 per box. Choose from caffeinated tea, decaf or a mix of both, for tea all day long. Each box comes with four different tea blends, along with steeping guidelines and reusable bags.

1. My First Reading Club, starting at $18 per box

A set of four children's picture books

Start your little ones off with a love of reading as early as you can with this book subscription. My First Reading Club starts at newborn to two-year-olds and goes all the way up to 12-years-old, sending a curated set of three to four books each month.

2. My Thrill Club, $16 for your first box, then $19

A stack of horror books and a fedora hat

How do you get your thrills? If it’s through a great thriller, horror or mystery book, this is for you. My Thrill Club sends two new hardcover books in any of the genres above, or choose the surprise me option for those who want a thrill.

3. Romance Reveal Book Box, $28 for your first box, then $35

A pink box with romance books

Do you love, love? If yes, this romance book subscription is the best. The Romance Reveal Book Box comes with two new books each month, plus other goodies geared toward romance readers. Plus, some books even come signed, so be on the lookout.

4. The Englishbox: A Classic Literature Subscription Box, $40 for your first box, then $45

An array of items about Sherlock Holmes

If English was your favorite subject in school, you’re not alone. Relive some of the best classic tales in a new, fun way, with The Englishbox. The bi-monthly service sends a classic novel every other month, along with three to five goodies inspired by the book and a reading guide to enhance the experience.

1. BarkBox Monthly Subscription Box, $39 per box

A box with two dog toys and dog treats

If your dog could talk, they would ask for this box by name. BarkBox is now sold on Amazon, with options for small dogs, medium dogs and large dogs, too. Each box comes with two dog toys, two bags of dog treats, and a chew toy to keep them occupied all month long.

2. Pawstruck Natural Dog Chew Box, $25 for your first box, then $36

A pug sniffing a box of treats

Give your pup the most variety when it comes to chews with the Pawstruck box. The box of treats comes with four different types of meat treats, each chosen based on your dog. Choose from small, medium or large dogs and then get ready for a month of fun.

3. Official KitNipBox, $17.50 for your first box, then $23

A cat looking at a box full of treats

We couldn’t exclude our cat owners, here. KitNipBox is an adorable subscription for cat parents, sending five special toys cats and kittens will love. Each box varies, and can include catnip toys, interactive toys and more.

1. Allure Beauty Box, $23 per box

An array of makeup products on a blush background

Our friends over at Allure sure do know a think about beauty, and they have brought it over to Amazon. The Allure Beauty Box is a must for makeup lovers, sending $100 worth of full-size products and minis each month.

2. FaceTory Handpicked Korean Sheet Masks, $20 per box

An array of face masks on a light yellow background

No need to go all the way to Korea to get your hands on these K-Beauty face masks. FaceTory has a great subscription service, sending you seven luxe masks in adorable packaging each month to sooth and brighten skin.

3. LUXSB Luxury Scent Box Monthly Perfume Fragrance Subscription Box, $21 per box

AS blue tube of perfume next to a blue bottle

Men and women alike should smell as great as they look. Now you can on any budget with an LUXSB subscription on Amazon. The perfume subscription sends a new 9ml spray to your door each month, of men’s and women’s designer fragrances.

4. LASHSCOOP Full Glam Lash Subscription Box, $12 per box

An array of lashes

If you love your lashes, check this out. For those that wear false eyelashes, LASHSCOOP is perfect, as they will send you five new pairs each month that can be worn up to 20 times each.

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