The 13 Best Golf Pants for Men in 2023, Tested by Golf Experts


Like a casual pant, golf pants come in different fits: slim, classic, tapered, and sometimes athletic. Golf pants are usually constructed to have more room added in the seat and quads, so if you like a slim-fit cut you can go and buy a slim-fit golf pant and still get the look you like while having extra space already built-in to the pant. A classic fit is going to be a near straight fit and look baggy, but the look can also have a cool throwback look when done right. What’s nice about a classic fit golf pant is it’s going to have the most amount of room for you to play in.

In our honest opinion, we find a good tapered golf pant to be the best fit for most guys. It’s slimming in all the right areas while still providing a spacious fit where you want it most. A tapered golf pant is also going to look stylish when worn off the course after a round of play. In terms of an athletic fit pant, we only recommend this cut of golf pant if you are already wearing athletic fit jeans and pants.


Golf pants these days are going to come in different types of performance blends. Like touched on earlier, most golf pants will be made of fabrics that have a level of stretch and moisture-wicking, however each pant will have it’s own way of putting those features together. For example, sometimes a golf pant is made to prioritize being lightweight and cooling, and so the fabric might lose a little durability and comfort in the design process. On the flip side, a brand might want to make a golf pant that’s sturdy and comfortable (almost like a chino pant), and so the tradeoff is it will be a little heavier and trap more heat.


Unless you’re competing in golf tournaments or playing multiple times a week, a good pair of golf pants should provide versatility in wear. We curated all our best golf pants above with consideration to lifestyle use, and so each pant we recommend is going to be acceptable on some level to wear around when not playing. Some of these pants we recommend have better versatility than others though. The golf pants from Wilson, Lululemon, and TravisMathew are going to be most acceptable to wear outside of golf. The golf pants we recommend above from adidas and Footjoy are going to be the least versatile, as they do fall into a more traditional golf pant cut and look—but they are still designed well enough to wear off the course and keep your from sticking out like a sore thumb.

Dress Code

Golf courses are pretty relaxed these days in dress code, but it’s smart to always wear a collar and look presentable when showing up to play. When it comes to bottoms, most courses are fine with golf shorts, however you can never go wrong wear golf pants. The PGA Tour still doesn’t let pros wear shorts during actual tournament competition, which shows that there are still some rules out there that point in favor of wearing golf pants over shorts.

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