best luxury watches

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It’s a wild world when it comes to watches, but as far as men’s accessories go, the best luxury watches offer plenty of style points with the added benefit of being clear-cut investment pieces. There’s also just something special about donning an actual wristwatch for timekeeping that

best tactical watches men


Bear Gryllis has hiked in the Himalayan mountains, crossed the Atlantic Ocean on an inflatable boat, and parachuted out of a plane over the African desert. On his wrist throughout all these perilous scenarios? A tactical watch. Others may favor a dress watch or clamor for the latest vintage

best dress watches men


If an event calls for a white tie, black tie, or, in some cases, a semiformal fit, tradition requires you to reach for a dress watch. But what is tradition nowadays? Timothée Chalamet arrived shirtless at the 2022 Oscars, wearing a sequin and lace tuxedo blazer that covered his

affordable smart watches men


We love mechanical watches, especially the ones that are meticulously crafted at workshops in Geneva or Glashütte. But they shouldn’t be compared to smart watches, because these techy timepieces are a different breed altogether. Same species, maybe, but definitely a different breed. They tell time, of course, but most