Regular footwear lacks the necessary abrasion and impact protection needed to be considered adequate for motorcycle riding. While traditionally this has meant having separate pairs for your time in and out of the saddle, the advent of more fashion-forward pieces of protective riding footwear is changing this by affording riders


I’m no sneakerhead, but I can for sure say, without any further research, classic white sneakers are the most versatile footwear in the game. And, as an American, I reserve the right to hold that opinion, no matter how much new information is provided to me, or how many new

white sneakers


White sneakers are a classic spring and summer staple— and for good reason. The colorway is rooted in early 20th-century athletics, and over the years, the practical justification hasn’t changed: white reflects the sun’s rays, keeping your feet cooler than sneakers with darker uppers. Another major plus is their