best recovery shoes for men

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Running can be demanding—brutal even—on the mind and body. But, avid runners know the physical act of running is the easy part. It’s deciding on all the pre- and post-run gear that complicates things. There’s choosing the right protein powder, compression socks, headphones, smartwatch, running belt,


By: Erin Foley

HottyToddy Fashion Contributor

Men’s fashion is often glossed over, especially for young men. Ole Miss men’s fashion is not heavily highlighted, and we definitely don’t have a campus where people dress up for class. So the male trends are often subtle and happen more slowly than women’s


You can wear the nicest suit in the world, but if your dress shoes are lacking, then your entire wardrobe goes out the window. Dress shoes are the ultimate sartorial punctuation point, shouldering the gargantuan responsibility of tying an outfit together. If you have a stellar pair of dress shoes,