Skechers. (Photo: Instagram/skecherssg)

Skechers. (Photo: Instagram/skecherssg)

Now that the COVID-19 travel restrictions are more relaxed, there is nothing like a good pair of shoes to take you to great places.

It is one of the best feelings you can get when your feet still feel fine, even after walking 20,000 steps as you


DULUTH, Minn. – “Ever since we came to Duluth we’ve had really good customer interaction. They’ve been really happy with the service we provide and the products we bring,” Benders Shoes Owner, Craig Bender says.

Benders Shoes has made the jump to a new location on Maple Grove Road in


Regular footwear lacks the necessary abrasion and impact protection needed to be considered adequate for motorcycle riding. While traditionally this has meant having separate pairs for your time in and out of the saddle, the advent of more fashion-forward pieces of protective riding footwear is changing this by affording riders