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Make no mistake, when you hit the golf course, you need to have firm footing. There is nothing worse than showing up on the first tee and realizing all you have is your trainers. Morning dew, midday sprinklers, inclement showers and winter golf, among other things, are all going


Jessica Simpson knows a thing or two about mixing business and family, and she hopes to introduce another family member into her successful fashion business.

The “Dukes of Hazzard” star recently opened up about her plans for her namesake fashion brand, and she wants her husband, Eric Johnson, involved in


Not many people know this, but approximately 10 million new bracelets and rings are sold every year in the United States alone, and that’s just talking about unisex bracelets and rings. Adding onto that, over three million gym bags are sold each year as well. Why do so many bracelets,

Skechers. (Photo: Instagram/skecherssg)

Skechers. (Photo: Instagram/skecherssg)

Now that the COVID-19 travel restrictions are more relaxed, there is nothing like a good pair of shoes to take you to great places.

It is one of the best feelings you can get when your feet still feel fine, even after walking 20,000 steps as you


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With the days of zoom weddings more or less behind us, this spring could see more weddings than ever before. If your schedule is packed with engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, receptions