Whether you’re aiming for something more accessible, more comfortable, or more minimal, there are an endless number of reasons to pick up a pair of slip-on shoes — especially at this time of year. In theory, there is nothing more ideal than a shoe that doesn’t need to be tied,

best briefcases men


When I landed my first job as an editor over a decade ago, I rewarded myself with a present: a briefcase. It was a black zip bag made of Saffiano leather with two sturdy handles and silver hardware by Prada. I’d been eyeing it for some time, and I

best loafers for men

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Warm weather is almost here (finally!), and it’s time to start thinking about replacing your sturdy snowboots for lighter slip-on shoes to wear in public. Enter the loafer, the most versatile, best-looking “outside” shoe you’ll sport well past summer. The best loafers for men have the comfort

best pocket squares for men


A pocket square will add that extra something-something to a suit. Admittedly, in an age when ties have become a suggestion instead of the requirement, and when dress shirts are steadily being taken out of the equation, the once-mighty accessory, a folded piece of fabric tucked into the left