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Refresh your summer shoe rack with practical footwear from our list.
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Casual shoes are anything you slip your feet into before running out the door, either to run errands or pick up an extra shift. For such occasions, you will bypass the sporty trainers, the pair


By: Erin Foley

HottyToddy Fashion Contributor

Men’s fashion is often glossed over, especially for young men. Ole Miss men’s fashion is not heavily highlighted, and we definitely don’t have a campus where people dress up for class. So the male trends are often subtle and happen more slowly than women’s

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I’m currently at my desk, eyeing my packed shoe closet across the room. At first glance, nothing really looks too casual: pointed-toe ankle boots with stacked heels, platform wingtip oxfords, shiny monk straps, and lugged winter boots are in abundance. When I tilt my head further, scanning the penultimate