Slick Gorilla Review: Revolutionary Men’s Hair Care

Slick Gorilla Review

Slick Gorilla

Slick Gorilla, the leading men’s hair care brand in the UK, is making waves in the industry with its innovative products and expanding reach. Founded in 2016 by brothers Ari and Ash Farbod, Slick Gorilla has quickly gained popularity among men seeking top-quality styling solutions. Slick Gorilla have amassed a strong social following with their Sea Salt spray and Styling Powder making particularly large waves with users.

With a strong social media presence and a growing customer base in over 62 countries, the brand has become synonymous with creativity, individuality, and street fashion culture.

In a significant milestone, Slick Gorilla has announced its expansion into the physical retail space in the UK. Starting this month, customers can find their favourite Slick Gorilla products at over 450 Boots stores across the UK and Ireland. This move marks a new chapter for the brand, bringing its full range of styling products closer to customers’ fingertips. Additionally, Slick Gorilla products are now conveniently available for purchase online at

Slick Gorilla Review

Unveiling the Slick Gorilla Product Line

  1. Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Powder: Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Powder is a game-changer for men seeking a fresh, matte finish. This unique formula provides an undetectable texture and medium to strong hold, allowing for personalized styling that remains individual and unique. The powder’s texturizing properties set it apart from other products on the market, making it a go-to choice for those who want to elevate their hairstyle effortlessly.
  2. Slick Gorilla Lightwork: The paraben-free, water-based hair styling clay, known as Lightwork, is infused with natural and ethically-sourced ingredients. It offers weightless texture and movement, with a light to medium hold that can be re-worked throughout the day. Lightwork caters to all hair types, providing a natural or matte finish that lasts while being easily washable with shampoo.
  3. Slick Gorilla Clay Pomade: Crafted with natural and ethically-sourced ingredients, Slick Gorilla Clay Pomade is a paraben-free hair styling clay that offers a strong and reworkable hold. This clay separates, defines, and molds hair effortlessly, providing instant texture for a sharp and sophisticated look. It is the ideal choice for those seeking smart and undone styles.
  4. Slick Gorilla Sea Salt Spray: Slick Gorilla Sea Salt Spray is a paraben-free formula that gives hair a tousled, beach-inspired look. It not only enhances texture but also conditions both the hair and scalp. Infused with seaweed extract, this spray provides hydration, strength, and control, while also offering protection against heat from styling tools and the sun’s UV rays. The unique formula helps reduce frizz and gives styling control for effortlessly styled hair.
  5. Slick Gorilla Hairspray: The powerful and protective Slick Gorilla Hairspray ensures all-day style retention. Designed for all hair types, this hairspray provides a strong hold that keeps your hairstyle intact. It serves as the perfect finishing touch to complement the entire range of Slick Gorilla products.
Slick Gorilla Review

Founder’s Vision and Excitement

Ari and Ash Farbod, the founders of Slick Gorilla, express their excitement about the brand’s expansion into Boots. They consider it a significant milestone as they transition from an online-only presence to physical retail spaces. Opening up the brand to a wider customer base and making the full range of Slick Gorilla products available at Boots will undoubtedly amplify the brand’s influence in the men’s hair care industry.

Slick Gorilla has established itself as a frontrunner in men’s hair care, capturing the hearts and hairstyles of men worldwide. With their expansion into Boots stores and the availability of their products online, Slick Gorilla is set to reach new heights of success and accessibility.

The comprehensive range of Slick Gorilla products, including the Hair Styling Powder, Lightwork, Clay Pomade, Sea Salt Spray, and Hairspray, cater to the diverse needs and preferences of men who strive for exceptional style and individuality. The brand’s commitment to using natural, ethically-sourced ingredients and their innovative formulas has proved a FAULTLess decision and we’re excited to see what’s next in store for the brand on everybody’s lips right now.

To discover more about Slick Gorilla and explore their product line, visit their website at

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