Semenax Reviews [Update] Ingredients, Customer Results, Side Effects Risk

Semenax is an all-natural dietary supplement that has been designed specifically for men to help them improve their sexual and reproductive functions. The formulation of this supplement has been tested by several users and also by scientific trials.

This supplement is a natural semen and sperm producer that provides several sexual health and reproductive health benefits to the male body.

We will discuss all the necessary details of the Semenax supplement in this article and see if the product is worth the hype or not.

Let us begin by overviewing the product from the table given below.

Product Overview

Product Name: Semenax

Manufacturing Company: Leading Edge Health

Category: Dietary Supplement

Product Form: Capsules

Servings Per Bottle: 120

Daily Serving Size: 4 capsules

Product Description: Semenax is a dietary supplement that contains vitamin E, Swedish flower pollen, and herbs to maintain the sexual health of men.

Intake Guideline: Take four capsules of Semenax daily to increase sperm volume and sperm count.

Characteristics Of The Product:

  • Natural formula
  • Published clinical study
  • Does not require a doctor’s prescription
  • Clinically studied ingredients
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Toxin-free
  • Made in a state-of-the-art facility

Semenax Ingredients:

  • Swedish flower pollen
  • L-Arginine HCl
  • L-Lysine
  • Epimedium Sagittatum
  • Zinc Oxide and Zinc Aspartate
  • L-Carnitine
  • Catuaba Bark
  • Pumpkin seed
  • Maca
  • Vitamin E
  • Pine bark extract
  • Muira Puama
  • Hawthorne
  • Cranberry extract
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Avena Sativa extract
  • Butea Superba

Key Benefits Of Semenax:

  • Helps increase sperm production.
  • Helps enhance male sexual health and reproductive system.
  • Helps increase semen volume and sperm count.
  • Helps increase sexual performance and pleasure.

Semenax Price:

  • Buy a one-month supply for $59.95 + free USA shipping (one bottle)
  • Buy a three-month supply for $154.95 + free USA shipping (three bottles)
  • Buy a six-month supply for $289.95 + free USA shipping (six bottles)
  • Buy a twelve-month supply for $399.95 + free USA shipping (twelve bottles).

Money-Back Guarantee: 67-day 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Where to Buy: Official Website Of Semenax.

What Is Semenax?

Semenax is one of the dietary supplements available on the market for the male reproductive system. It is produced by a company called Leading Edge Health.

It is actually one of the best and most worked-upon nutritional supplements for male fertility and climax intensity.

This supplement comes in the form of pills, whose consumption regularly helps increase semen production and semen volume. It is designed so that men can experience increased sexual pleasure from their sexual partners.

Semenax contains natural ingredients like L-Lysine, zinc aspartate, L-Carnitine, Maca root, L-arginine HCl, horny goat weed, vitamin E, Swedish flower pollen, and many other active ingredients that work together for male sexual enhancement.

The all-natural formula of Semenax is ideal for men who want to increase sperm production, sperm volume, sperm quality, and sperm count, thus improving and maintaining their good overall sperm health.

Now, let us see how the Semenax pills work for the male reproductive system.

How Does Semenax Work?

To know how Semenax works, it becomes very important to know its composition first.

Semenax contains 18 active and natural ingredients that help maintain male sexual well-being. These Semenax ingredients have been clinically tested and proven for their health benefits to all around sexual health. The producer of the product, Leading Edge Health has incorporated such high-quality ingredients to target males dealing with sexual performance issues.

Moving to the working of the product based on the working of the ingredients, we find that the Semenax pills help increase semen volume and orgasm intensity, thus helping men produce semen during sexual acts.

The Semenax herbal supplements help in improving and maintaining the following things with their advanced working and all-natural formulation:

  • It increases male prostate gland fluid, which is responsible for 25% of sperm volume and load.
  • It increases the fluid of the seminal vesicles, which constitute 70% of your semen volume.
  • It increases the seminal plasma of men, which is the juice that holds their semen.
  • It increases the bulbourethral gland fluid, which is responsible for increasing your semen quantity and semen quality.
  • In the upcoming section of this Semenax review, we will discuss the scientific studies and pieces of evidence that back this Semenax work.

What Are The Natural Excipients Used In Semenax?

To improve semen quality, boost its volume, and improve sexual function, Semenax makes use of the following ingredients:


Zinc is an essential mineral for men. It plays a role in many different aspects of our health. One of its main functions is to help with sexual function. Men who have low zinc levels may experience erectile dysfunction (ED). There are several reasons why this could happen. For example, if you have high blood sugar or diabetes, your body will absorb less zinc than normal.

This means that your body won’t get enough zinc into your bloodstream. If you don’t get enough zinc into the bloodstream, then your penis won’t work properly. Another reason why zinc might play a part in ED is that it helps regulate testosterone production.

Testosterone is a hormone that affects sex drive. So, when you have too little zinc, your testosterone level will drop. When your testosterone drops, so does your libido.

Pumpkin Seed

The pumpkin seed has long been used as a natural remedy for impotence.

Pumpkin seeds contain zinc, which is important for maintaining healthy sperm count and quality. In addition, pumpkin seeds contain vitamin B6, which is needed for making certain hormones. These hormones are responsible for keeping your moods stable.

They also keep your energy up throughout the day. Finally, pumpkin seeds contain tryptophan, an amino acid that promotes sleepiness and improves overall health.


The Hawthorn berry contains two types of flavonoids: anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins. Both of these compounds are antioxidants. Antioxidants are chemicals that prevent oxidation. Oxidation occurs when oxygen molecules react with other substances. This causes changes in those substances.

When we eat foods rich in antioxidants, our bodies make more of them. And since antioxidants fight against oxidative stress, they protect us from diseases like cancer and heart disease.

A study was conducted by researchers at the University of California Davis Medical Center. They found that taking Hawthorn berries increased sexual desire in both women and men. The Hawthorn berry contains flavonoids called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are antioxidants that protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals cause cell damage, which leads to disease.

In the study, participants were given either 500 mg of Hawthorn extract or a placebo twice daily for four weeks. At the end of the trial, they reported higher levels of sexual desire. This suggests that Hawthorn extract may improve sexual function.

Pine Bark Extract

Pine bark extract is another supplement that has been shown to increase sexual function. Pine bark extract contains pine pollen, which is a type of pollen. Pollen is made up of tiny particles that float through the air. Some of these particles land on plants. Plants use pollen to produce food.

Pollen is also known to stimulate the immune system. Therefore, taking pine pollen extract may boost immunity. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology showed that pine pollen extract improved immune response in mice.

Another study published in the journal Phytomedicine showed that taking pine pollen extract improved sexual function in rats. Rats had their sexual activity measured before and after taking the extract. The results indicated that the extract increased sexual activity.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps maintain healthy skin and eyes. Vitamin E works by protecting cells from oxidative stress. When you have too much oxidative stress, it damages DNA and proteins inside cells. This can lead to serious problems such as cancer.

Oxidative stress happens when there’s too much free radical production. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can harm cells.

Free radicals can form when oxygen reacts with other substances. For example, when you exercise, your muscles produce large amounts of free radicals. These free radicals can damage your cells.

To combat this problem, your body produces antioxidant enzymes. Antioxidant enzymes help neutralize free radicals. However, if you don’t consume enough antioxidants, then your body will not be able to create enough antioxidant enzymes.

This means that you won’t be able to prevent free radicals from harming your cells or dropping your libido.

Muira Puama

The Muira Puama tree grows in South America. It’s used in traditional medicine to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, and inflammation.

One study showed that Muira Puama improves blood flow to the penis. Another study showed that it increases testosterone levels. Both of these studies suggest that Muira Puama could improve sexual function.

Muira Puama contains an active ingredient called quercetin. Quercetin is a plant pigment that gives fruits and vegetables their color. Quercetin also protects against oxidation.

Quercetin is one of many compounds that give foods and supplements their health benefits. For instance, quercetin helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides. It also reduces inflammation.

Studies show that quercetin also boosts testosterone levels. Testosterone is important because it stimulates the sex drive.


There are two types of maca: red maca and white maca. Both are rich in minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, and zinc. Maca is known to improve fertility and boost libido.

It’s thought that maca increases testosterone levels. This makes sense since testosterone is what causes male sexual desire. However, it doesn’t just increase testosterone levels. It also boosts other hormones that affect sexuality.

For instance, maca increases serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates mood. Therefore, by increasing serotonin levels, maca improves mood.

In addition, maca increases dopamine levels. Dopamine is another neurotransmitter that affects mood. By increasing dopamine levels, maca improves mental clarity and concentration.

Finally, maca increases oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is a hormone that promotes bonding between partners. It also helps reduce stress and anxiety.

In summary, maca improves sexual performance by improving mood, enhancing brain activity, and boosting testosterone levels.


Cranberries are a type of berry that grows in North America. They’re very popular among athletes due to their ability to prevent urinary tract infections. Cranberries are also good for preventing bladder cancer.

However, cranberries aren’t only useful for fighting off UTIs and bladder cancer. They also have anti-inflammatory properties. This means they can help treat conditions such as arthritis and gout.

Cranberries work by inhibiting enzymes that cause inflammation. The enzymes that cranberries inhibit are called cyclooxygenase. Cyclooxygenases are involved in producing prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are chemicals that trigger pain signals.

Therefore, by inhibiting these enzymes, cranberries can decrease inflammation and pain.

Cranberries also contain antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that damage cells. Free radicals are produced during exercise. Exercise produces heat. Heat damages cells. To protect against this damage, we need antioxidants.

It contains anthocyanins, which are powerful antioxidants. Anthocyanins are found in blueberries and blackberries.


L-carnitine is a nutrient that you probably haven’t heard about before. L-carnitine has been shown to improve athletic performance.

This is because L-carnitine works with carnosine, which is a muscle-building compound. Carnosine is made from protein. Protein is broken down into amino acids. Amino acids are then combined together to form proteins.

When you eat foods containing protein, your body breaks them down into amino acids. Your liver converts some of those amino acids into carnosine.

L-carnitine is an essential nutrient. That means your body needs it to function properly.

What Is The Science Behind The Working Of The Semenax Dietary Supplements?

The science behind the amazing working of Semenax is totally based on its natural and active ingredients. The main key ingredients that Semenax contains are L-Arginine HCl, Muira Puama, and L-Lysine.

L-Arginine HCl is a natural ingredient that can double sperm production and sperm volume as well as semen production and semen volume. It is also used to improve sperm motility and male fertility. An animal study conducted on boars found that the dietary supplementation of L-Arginine under high ambient temperature can improve the semen quality and libido of boars.

Another key Semenax ingredient is Muira Puama. It is found in the Amazon rainforest and is known as potency wood. It helps increase sex drive, improve sexual performance and erectile function, and boost libido. According to an article on Asian herbals and aphrodisiacs used for managing erectile dysfunction, Muira Puama is the best-known Amazonian folk medicine that helps boost libido and penile hardness in men. It is rich in sterols and lupol, which activate the receptors of the body for more testosterone hormone so as to enhance sexual performance.

L-Lysine, used as one of the Semenax ingredients, is an amino acid that, when combined with zinc, helps increase sperm production, improve low testosterone levels, and enhance the man’s semen quality.

A journal study on the role of zinc in the male reproductive system and male fertility stated that it is used to balance low testosterone levels, improve sperm quality, etc.

Many other amino acids and herbal concentrates like L-Carnitine, Maca root, Pine bark extract, pumpkin seeds, vitamin E, horny goat weed, etc., provide several other advantages to the male with respect to sperm production, sperm count, semen production, erectile dysfunction, sperm motility, blood flow and blood circulation to the penile cells, etc.

Other than the clinical trials conducted on the Semenax ingredients, the producers of this supplement, Leading Edge Health, conducted scientific research on the product after a few years.

A double-blind study was conducted on 63 men who fall in the age group of 30 to 60 years to know the length and intensity of their orgasms. This group was divided by the researchers into two groups. One group was given four pills of Semenax twice a day, and the second group was given a placebo of the same dosage amount. This supplementation was done for a total period of two months.

The results of the study, as per the researchers, were – “A higher number of patients in the Semenax arm showed a 20% or more Increase in ejaculate volume as compared with the placebo.”

Another researcher said that – “Semenax showed statistical significance over the placebo with respect to the investigator’s global assessment and the patient’s global efficacy assessment. A higher number of patients in the Semenax arm showed an increase in orgasm intensity, from Baseline to EoT (End of Treatment), as compared with the placebo.”

Thus, proving the claims of the producers (Leading Edge Health) of the product.

Key Health Benefits Of Semenax Herbal Supplements

Semenax herbal supplements support male sexual health and aids in sperm production and semen production. This supplement provides many health benefits to the male body. Below we will discuss the main benefits of taking Semenax.

Helps In Improving Sexual Health

The consumption of Semenax diet pills helps improve the all-around sexual health of men with the help of its natural formulation. It helps increase the sexual function and sexual performance of men so that they and their sexual partners feel ultimate sexual pleasure during intercourse.

Helps Reduce Erectile Dysfunction

Semenax helps improve erectile function in men by increasing testosterone levels. The use of natural ingredients like Maca root, horny goat weed, and pine bark extract help reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men.

Men who are struggling with erectile dysfunction tend to lose their confidence and feel embarrassed in front of their partners. Semenax helps boost this confidence in men by helping induce firm and long-lasting erections.

Helps Maintain Good Prostate Health

Maintaining good prostate health depends on the prostate gland’s functioning. Semenax contains a Swedish flower pollen that helps increase the fluids of the prostate gland, which ideally forms around 25% of your semen volume. With time, the expansion of the prostate gland occurs, thus leading to a reduction in the amounts of semen production in men. This then further leads to difficulty in ejaculation.

Thus, in order to maintain a good semen volume and semen quantity, good health of the prostate gland is very important.

Helps Increase Semen Production And Sperm Production

One of the primary roles of Semenax is to increase semen and sperm production in men. The secretion of different fluids with the help of this supplement helps men produce more semen and also increases their sperm count. This leads to an overall improvement in sperm health and sperm function.

Other Benefits Of Semenax

Other than the key benefits mentioned above, the consumption of Semenax also provides other benefits, as follows:

  • The amino acids present in the Semenax formula help boost male sexual health and also improve the functioning of the male reproductive system.
  • It helps reduce the risks of urinary tract infections in men.
  • Semenax helps increase blood circulation and blood flow to the penile cells to increase the penis volume.
  • It helps eliminate stress and anxiety and boosts confidence levels.
  • Semenax works to increase sperm count and sperm function.

How To Take Semenax Sexual Health Supplement?

Each bottle of Semenax contains 120 total servings, which would last you for 30 days.

The recommended daily serving size of Semenax is four capsules every day. These capsules are infused with several high-quality ingredients that, when consumed in the recommended dosage, help improve the overall sexual and reproductive health of men.

But it is to remember that these herbal supplements are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any underlying medical condition, so you should always consult a health professional before its consumption.

Semenax Reviews: Pros And Cons

In this section of the Semenax review, we will discuss a few pros and cons of the supplement.

Pros Of The Semenax Sexual Health Nutritional Supplement

The pros of the Semenax sexual health supplement are as follows:

  • Semenax is an entirely natural and high-quality dietary supplement.
  • This supplement assists in effectively improving the reproductive and sexual health of men.
  • It contains potent nutrients that improve the overall health of men.
  • This supplement has been clinically tested, and its research is also publicly published.
  • The ingredients used in Semenax are backed by scientific studies.
  • Semenax is side-effect-free due to the presence of natural and potent ingredients.

Cons Of The Semenax Sexual Health Nutritional Supplement

The cons of the Semenax sexual health supplement are as follows:

  • It becomes very important for the users to know about the ingredients used in Semenax, which they may be allergic to, thus causing negative side-effects on health.
  • You can buy Semenax online only from its official website.
  • The results achieved on taking Semenax may differ from person to person.
  • If you have any underlying medical condition, then you must check with your health professional.

Where Can You Buy Semenax?

Semenax can be purchased online from its official website only. The official Semenax website sells the original product with an assured guarantee and free USA shipping at discounted rates, as discussed below.

Semenax Price

The Semenax capsules are available on the official Semenax website in the form of four package deals at discounted rates, as follows:

Package 1

You can buy a one-month Semenax supply package at a total cost of $59.95 that contains one Semenax bottle or 120 servings in total. The original retail price of this pack is $79.95, which means that you save $20 on this pack.

Package 2

You can buy a three-month Semenax supply package at a total cost of $154.95 that contains three Semenax bottles or 360 servings in total. The original retail price of this pack is $239.85, which means that you save $84.90 on this pack.

Package 3

You can buy a six-month Semenax supply package at a total cost of $289.95 that contains six Semenax bottles and or 720 servings in total. The original retail price of this pack is $479.70, which means that you save $189.75 on this pack.

Package 4

You can buy a twelve-month Semenax supply package at a total cost of $399.95 that contains twelve Semenax bottles and or 1440 servings in total. The original retail price of this pack is $959.40, which means that you save $559.45 on this pack.

It is to note that the free USA shipping applies to only the lower 48 states.

Money-Back Guarantee – What Are The Terms Of The Refund Policy On The Purchase Of The Semenax Dietary Supplement Bottles?

On the purchase of Semenax bottles, you get an assured 100% no-fuss guarantee for 67 full days from the date of purchase of the product from the official Semenax website.

In case you are not 100% satisfied with the results from the product, you can ask for a complete refund by returning the 2 opened empty containers of Semenax in the 67-day period. In case of a purchase of a 3, 6, or 12 months package of Semenax, you will have to return all the unopened Semenax bottles along with the 2 opened empty Semenax bottles.

After receiving the bottles within 67 days of purchase, you will receive a complete refund, excluding the shipping charges.

The return and refund on Semenax are limited to one order per user to avoid misuse of the guarantee.

Semenax User Reviews And Testimonials

According to the makers of Semenax, hundreds of men have tried this supplement and are using it for its sexual health benefits.

Several customer reviews state that it is one of the best dietary supplements that help them satisfy their partners and increase their sexual function and performance.

A review from a customer on its official website reads – “I’ve been using SEMENAX for about 2 months already and have noticed a difference in my loads, they’ve become thicker, and my orgasm intensity had definitely become more noticeable. I heard of the great results and reviews for multiple sites and decided I was wanting more output of my sex drive and orgasms.”

It has helped them improve their sex life, helped in longer and more intense orgasms, improved libido, better climax intensity, etc.

The sexual health results, as claimed by the makers, have been actually experienced by several customers in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Sexual Health Issues Does Semenax Helps In Eliminating?

The sexual health issues that Semenax helps men with are low testosterone, urinary tract infections, blood flow, prostate gland issues, stress, short-lived orgasm, sperm quality, sperm count, poor libido, sperm motility, erectile dysfunction, etc.

What Does Semenax Contain?

Semenax comes in the form of pills which are made up of natural, high-quality, and potent ingredients, ranging from amino acids to vitamins to herbal extracts.

The complete list of ingredients used in Semenax is Swedish pollen, L-Arginine/Lysine/carnitine, Epimedium Sagittatum, zinc oxide and aspartate, Catuaba bark, pumpkin seed, maca, vitamin E, pine extract, Muira Puama, Hawthorne, cranberry extract, sarsaparilla, Avena sativa extract, and Butea Superba.

Is It Safe To Use Semenax?

The Semenax dietary supplement is absolutely safe and effective. It has been scientifically tested and studied and also tried by various users around the globe.

Whom To Contact In Case Of Any Queries Regarding The Product?

In case of any queries regarding the product, order support, shipping details, etc., you can call the toll-free number mentioned on its official website between 6 am and 10 pm Pacific time.

North America Toll-Free: 1-866-621-6886

International: 1-604-677-5365

Final Thoughts On Semenax

After looking at the ingredients, features, benefits, pros & cons, and pricing of Semenax, you will better understand the product and whether it is for you or not.

Semenax, as advertised by the makers, helps men produce more semen and more testosterone. It contains herbal concentrates that improve overall sperm and semen production.

Several users have also put forward their reviews on the product and how it has helped them build back their confidence levels. So, if you face any difficulty in performing sexually, then you can give this product a try.


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