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Police responded to TJ Maxx on N. Central Avenue May 19 after the store’s loss prevention officer reported a woman in a green dress and denim jacket was stealing an assortment of dresses and two travel pillows valued at $227.93. About seven hours later, police returned to the store after the loss prevention officer said a man dressed in black entered the store and stole men’s and women’s shoes and men’s pants and women’s shorts, valued at $239.91.

Fifteen minutes later, the loss prevention officer notified police that the same man, still dressed in black, but this time also wearing a red belt, entered the store and stole 10 shirts valued at $114.90.

Not long after, the loss prevention officer reported that a woman in a white jumpsuit accompanied by a man dressed mostly in black stole $505.79 of lingerie, men’s shirts, men’s pants, men’s underwear and a luggage bag. The loss prevention officer at that time told police that a different man entered the store and stole more items.

At the time of her report, the loss prevention officer was unable to say exactly what was stolen or its value and said she would report that to police later on.

Police returned to TJ Maxx on N. Central Avenue May 20 to meet with a store employee who showed them a picture of a man who entered the store May 16 and allegedly left the store without paying for items worth $699.65. The suspect could be seen on store video but his face was covered. 

And police returned again May 22 after the loss prevention officer reported 11 items of men’s clothing valued at $229 were stolen by a man wearing a black hat, a white shirt, black shorts and black sneakers.

Also on that day, a man and a woman entered the store and stole 18 pieces of jewelry and backpacks valued at $383.82. The man was described as wearing a black skullcap and a white T-shirt; the woman was wearing a “Tom & Jerry” T-shirt and jean shorts.

Later that day, two other women working in tandem stole 10 packages of men’s underwear valued at $199. One of the women was described as wearing a purple cap. 

Thief hitches a ride from a stranger 

Police went to ShopRite on S. Central Avenue May 20 after a store employee said a 5-foot-1 woman entered the store and went straight to the pharmacy department, placing an unknown amount of ShopRite brand allergy medication into a light-colored handbag. When the employee tried to talk to her, she fled the store into the parking lot where she tried to get a ride from various motorists; one driver let her into his car and then drove off the lot headed southbound on S. Central Avenue.

Police located that car and conducted a traffic stop in the Best Buy parking lot. They spoke to the operator who said the woman told him she needed a ride to the bus stop. He said he didn’t know her and was only trying to be a good Samaritan. He told police she got out of his car about two blocks away from the Midway Shopping Center. Police looked for her but didn’t find her. 

Police responded to ShopRite May 21 on a report of a theft in progress. The suspect was gone by the time police arrived. He was described as a young man in his 20s wearing a blue surgical face mask, a black shirt and black jacket. He reportedly put 47 containers of Häagen-Dazs ice cream valued at $181.89 in two carrier bags and tried to leave the store without paying. He was intercepted in the vestibule and dropped all the ice cream. He said he didn’t have any ID on him and left the store, hopping onto a red bicycle, heading south on Central Park Avenue. All the ice cream was recovered. The store said it would still press charges if the suspect were apprehended.

Found wallet, but took cash 

A patron of 24 Hour Fitness on S. Central Avenue reported May 21 he put his wallet down by a sit-up machine, forgot to retrieve the wallet and went to take a shower. When he returned to the machine, his wallet was gone. A gym employee told him his wallet was turned in at the desk by a gym member, but he didn’t know the person’s name.

The man told police $130 was missing from his wallet. He said he just wants his money back and is not interested in further action. Police said they would contact the club manager to request video footage so they might identify the man who turned in the wallet. 

Oil and grease all over the sidewalk 

Police went to N. Central Avenue on May 19 to assist the town building department in response to a complaint that a restaurant was dumping waste into the roadway. On arrival, police saw a sump pump in the restaurant’s basement with water that had flooded the basement. Precision Trenches Construction Co. has been working on the sewer lines to replace the sewer lining in front of the restaurant and the work had led the company to close the restaurant’s drain to ensure no water filtered into the sewer while it was being repaired.

Precision Trenches installed the sump pump in the restaurant basement but was unaware cooking grease and oil was in the floodwater filtering into the sewer drain and into the roadway. Precision Trenches’ workers on scene powerwashed the sidewalk in front of the restaurant, causing an oil slick from the grease. A senior engineer for the town of Greenburgh arrived to handle the situation.

Teen crashes car, disappears 

Police responded to Ardsley Road and Cotswold Way May 20 for a reported collision. On arrival, police saw an unoccupied Mercedes C-300 with its engine running. There was substantial damage to the passenger side and airbags had deployed. A New York driver’s license belonging to a juvenile was in a wallet that was found in the car. The White Plains Police Department was contacted and a welfare check was requested for the youth whose address was on the license. White Plains police reported there was no answer at the door and an attempt to contact the registered owner of the Mercedes was unsuccessful. The car was towed and impounded and an accident report was completed.

A Chalford Lane man went to police headquarters May 21 to report he had filed his tax return but it was rejected because his Social Security number had appeared on a different tax return and accepted. He told police he filed an identity theft claim at the IRS office in White Plains and put an alert on his return. He requested a police report for documentation. 

On May 22, a Jersey Mike employee told police a woman came into the store on N. Central Avenue and verbally abused her. The employee said she and the other woman have been unfriendly for a while. The other woman works at a pet store in the neighborhood and, according to the employee, the woman has threatened to fight her after work.

The manager at Jersey Mike gave the employee the rest of the day off. Police then interviewed the other woman who agreed the two have been in conflict, but she said the other woman is the aggressor. She said she just went to Jersey Mike’s to get a sandwich. Police told both women to stay away from each other and to call police before the conflict escalates.

Police responded to Campden Road May 23 when an alarm activated, indicating broken glass. On arrival, police found an unsecured sliding door at the back of the house. An exterior and interior search of the premises was conducted and nothing seemed out of order. There were no signs of criminality or disturbance. Before leaving, police secured the door. 

A 45-year-old Haddon Road woman May 23 fell prey to an email scam where she was asked to click on a link from an email she thought came from her bank. That click led her to discover a wire transfer in the amount of $1,999.99 was withdrawn from her account and paid to someone in Indonesia. It is unclear whether or not she will recover the money. 

While patrolling S. Central Avenue May 23 police saw a car that had unlit license plate lights. A traffic stop was initiated and, according to the police, the car registration had been suspended due to toll violations. The driver, a 41-year-old man, received a summons to appear in court June 15. 

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from May 16 to May 23, was compiled from official information.

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