Our Japanese writer tries the cutting edge in men’s fashion from AliExpress

Not all heroes wear capes.

It seems as though the very worst of the summer is behind us, which means it’s a good time to start planning for the cool weather. And part of that means securing some long-sleeved clothing that provides both warmth and a little bit of sex appeal.

For our writer Masanuki Sunakoma, that means it’s time to get online and get shopping. Ever since he bought a pair of surprisingly good LED reading glasses there, one of his go-to retailers has been AliExpress. Of course, especially when using a site like that, checking out the customer reviews is a must.

So, while looking for the hottest in autumn fashions for men, he found a long-sleeved shirt that had an especially high rating of 4.5 with reviews such as “very good quality”, “the best”, “exactly what I wanted”, and “I ordered three!”

It was very much unlike anything he had seen in Japan, but that could only mean it was right on the cusp of fashion here. It was also 3,152 yen (US$21.29) which was pricier than something he might find in Uniqlo, but that only attested to its purported quality and coolness.

The shirt was made by Incerun, a brand Masanuki was familiar with, having purchased a few of their products from AliExpress before.

Left: Incerun gold V-neck and Pants Set, Right: Incerun Turtleneck Jumpsuit

As you can see, Incerun is known to add its own touches of flair to classic designs and this shirt is no different. Available in Pink, White, or Black, the sleeves of these shirts are given added length with strips of fabric that hang off each sleeve.

The effect is very much like wearing a cape. However, a cape is a very well-established fashion item, and with it comes presuppositions. So, rather than jumping to the conclusion that Masanuki was a Victorian-era dandy or superhero, everyone within eyeshot of our writer was left wondering just what his deal was.

And while it has a peacock-like effect of enlarging one’s frame, a cape can make a person seem suspicious, or downright villainous. Masanuki’s sleeve capes, on the other hand, showed that he was an open book, with nothing to hide.

The sleeves were surprisingly lightweight too, giving him a sense of style that bordered on the divine. It certainly wasn’t a shirt that suits any occasion, but it has the ability to greatly accentuate the right carefully selected photogenic setting.

▼ Consider it for your next visit to Zokkon.

So, if you’re aiming to turn as many heads as possible this fall, look no further than the Incerun Men’s Long-sleeved Shirt – gold pants sold separately.

Source: AliExpress/Incerun Long-sleeved Shirt
Photos ©SoraNews24
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