Ole Miss Men’s Fashion: Casual, but watch those shoes

By: Erin Foley

HottyToddy Fashion Contributor

Men’s fashion is often glossed over, especially for young men. Ole Miss men’s fashion is not heavily highlighted, and we definitely don’t have a campus where people dress up for class. So the male trends are often subtle and happen more slowly than women’s trends.

So what’s happening at Ole Miss? Here’s what I found after exploring the daily men’s fashion, the event fashion and what’s trending for the male students here.

From what I’ve observed around campus, most men’s fashion is very casual. But lots of students are elevating their style through their choice of hats or shoes. These two elements are easy to add since they require almost no extra effort, especially if you are trying to get dressed quickly for your 8 a.m. class. 

The most popular hats around campus are vintage, flat-billed hats. I’ve seen them everywhere, and the best part is I have yet to see the same one twice. Honestly, I love these hats. They are just unusual enough to add something to the outfit without becoming overused.

Shoes are always my No. 1 critique target when someone asks me about their outfit. Most times, you’ll be impressed with someone’s great outfit until you look at their feet and see dirty, old, run-down shoes. Don’t get me wrong, I love a comfort shoe or my one pair I wear with basically everything. But if you really want to elevate your everyday style, the secret is in the shoes. 

I have yet to see one particular shoe every guy is wearing, but that’s the best part. Shoes are a great way to personalize your style with little or no effort.

When it comes to date parties, most male students wear classic khakis, button-up, suit jacket and a tie.  For formals, however, most men rent a tux. 

The best way to spice up the outfit for a date party without breaking the bank is to try something different with your tie or button-up. With a new tie or shirt pattern, you can drastically change your look without being too bold. 

And finally, for what’s on trend for men’s fashion in Oxford, I have four words: vintage Ole Miss merchandise. More and more men are searching for anything with vintage Ole Miss lettering or logo. Even if the item itself is not vintage, stores are still producing designs with a more retro feel.

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