Nike Ultimate sale brings up to 60% off men’s shoes and clothing

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Not to belabor the point, aligned with the Prime Day libations, Nike is offering some incredible discounts on a variety of apparel, including men’s shoes, sportswear, and beyond. Rightfully dubbed the Nike Ultimate sale, you can expect to save up to 60% on select items, of which there are many. There are so many that we highly recommend shopping the sale for yourself to see what you can find. In case you want a quick peek, we’ve gathered a few top picks below, as well.

What to shop for in the Nike Ultimate sale

Your first stop, or rather your first consideration, should always be Nike’s excellent footwear, including running shoes, active footwear, and sneakers. Nike is one of the best workout brands for every fitness routine you can imagine, after all. They tend to be priced fairly high normally, so when you get them discounted and on sale, it’s always a good opportunity. The

runners, for instance, made out of sustainable materials, are 29% off right now, down to $95. Since they’re normally $135, you’re saving about $40. That’s awesome. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the

men’s training shoes, which are on sale for $50, normally $70 — saving you about $20 or 28%.

Shoes aren’t the only items on sale during this event, however. You can also expect to find some fantastic prices on shorts, shirts, jogging pants, and so much more. The

men’s shorts are on sale for $57 today, normally $75, saving you about $18. They come in a few colors, several sizes from extra-small to 4XL, and they’re extra lightweight and comfortable. Side seam pockets allow you to safely stow your phone, wallet, keys, or other gear.

Perhaps you want something a bit warmer? Try the

dri-fit hooded sweater, also made of sustainable materials, for just $52 — normally $75. That’s a great deal too. There are so many good discounts worth shopping it can be overwhelming.

Circling back to the Nike Ultimate sale, in general, we definitely recommend browsing to see what’s available. There is just no way we could cover every item that’s on sale here, and there is always going to be a much larger selection in the sale itself than what we’ve discussed. We know you’re probably inundated with deals and offers right now, but seriously, this is Nike we’re talking about, and these deals won’t be available for long. Heck, they may even sell out soon, so if you’re interested, go take a look as soon as possible!

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