New Accessories for Men: R.I.P. the “Murse”

It’s 2022, which means we no longer must define a bag by the gender of the person wearing it. Murses are dead and every other previously deemed “women’s accessory” is alive; jewelry, hats, sunglasses, belts, chains, scarves, and bags are fair game. And judging by the influx of new products on Impakter Eco, men are playing to win.

Complete Access to Sustainable Accessories

The Eco Marketplace houses hundreds of sustainably certified fashion brands that guarantee their items satisfy customers and support their producers while respecting the environment. 

Many new men’s accessories have infiltrated the marketplace. We’ve researched the companies and singled out some must-haves.



This India based bags and accessories brand creates products from discarded inner tubes. Each piece is designed by hand, making every bag and accessory unique.

men's backpack
In the Photo: Backpack Black Tiger available on Eco


Freibeutler produces urban, versatile, and high quality bags in Hamburg, Germany.

In the Photo: Crossbody Toni available on Eco

Léon Flam

This luxury leather and canvas goods brand was founded in Paris in 1924. Employing more than 40 artisans, Léon Flam creates accessories for modern travelers from high quality, sustainable, and local materials.

In the Photo: Aviso Briefcase in Gold Leather available on Eco

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Saint Lazare

This brand’s mission is to transform landfill bound materials like fire hoses, safety belts, nautical canvases, and inner tubes into elegant and durable accessories.

In the Photo: Charlie Belt available on Eco



This Finnish lifestyle-outdoor brand makes ecological and ethical beanies from 100% merino wool.

In the Photo: Flyfisher Beanie available on Eco

Arms of Andes

Arms of Andes produces biodegradable outdoor clothes from natural fibers and dyes in the Netherlands.

In the Photo: Alpaca Wool Beanie available on Eco


This slow-fashion clothing and accessories brand sources second-hand garments to create new pieces using environmentally friendly and ethical techniques.

In the Photo: River Hat in Violet available on Eco



This circular fashion brand creates neo-workwear clothing for active people from recycled and plant-based materials.

In the Photo: Zero Waste Scarf available on Eco

Krama Heritage

This French brand produces hand-woven and ethically made scarves from sustainable materials.

In the Photo: The Grey Large and Wide Origin Krama available on Eco

A Man Who Accessorizes

The tides are turning, and more men are becoming less afraid to sink into their personal style. Accessories are an individualized and convenient way to spruce up any outfit. Whether you’re transitioning a look from day to night or just want to add an extra sprinkle of style, a man who confidently and sustainably accessorizes shall prosper.

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed here by columnists are their own, not those of the Featured Photo: Men’s Accessories. Featured Photo Credit: Vadim Sherbakov.

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