Men’s fashion trends for winter 2022

Men’s fashion trends for winter 2022

2022 has been generous on men’s fashion trends and while some could only be perceived as a part of a designer’s expression on the runway or in the Vogue magazine, others were far more wearable and enjoyable even on a daily basis. If you’re just like us and can’t wait until the end of the year to see what other trends this year has prepared for you, here are some of our favorite ones that we can’t wait to wear once the temperature drops.

Leather everything

Leather has been a beloved fabric since the dawn of time, and although today there are plenty of vegan alternatives (some even mushrooms!), it still remains to be highly-appreciated thanks to its durability and extremely long lifespan. This winter, we’ll see leather ensembles everywhere, be it on the runway models or regular wearers, but if wearing such outfits seem too imposing for you, sticking to the classic leather jacket or trench coat is a good alternative. By the way, clothes with massive shoulders like those inspired by the 1980s are also a heat of the season, so why not combine these two trends together in a leather coat with padded shoulders that would make you the star of the show wherever you go.

Cable-knit Irish sweaters

One could hardly imagine a list of winter fashion trends without the sweaters, and this year, just like the previous season, the cable knit Irish sweater is in the spotlight. A garment with a long history and tradition, the Aran sweater is highly appreciated for its versatility, comfort, and elegance, which makes it an indispensable addition to your winter wardrobe. Probably the most wearable out of all the trends, it can be easily worn both at casual family gatherings and at formal occasions and easily find online. The fine merino wool that it is made of is what makes it truly special, as it not only makes it look luxurious but also gives it a soft touch that feels smooth and delicate on the skin. If you’re looking to add a cable knit Irish sweater to your winter collection, check out for high-quality, yet affordable pieces with traditional Aran designs.


This winter will be all about the rise of the balaclavas, and for a good reason. First of all, the style;  just like any other trend these headpieces are not for everyone, especially for those with a more conservative fashion taste, but we can’t help but agree that balaclavas look terrifying in a good way. A correctly chosen accessory of this type can make even the most basic look appear more intriguing and avant-garde and can easily become a conversation starter. Secondly, regardless of how you feel about them, balaclavas are a very warm and protecting headpiece perfect for the ever-changing weather. After all, our moms and nanas knew what they were doing when they dressed us up in those when sending us to school. Love it or hate it, the balaclava is here for this season!

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