How to dress up right

The impact of men’s accessories: How to dress up right

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Here’s why accessories are important for men’s fashion

Gone are those days when fashion was only looked at as a woman’s thing. Today, even men’s fashion is evolving significantly, especially as a form of self-expression.

However, what often gets underestimated is the power of accessories and how they jazz up any look for men.

Econock founder Ribhav Kapoor shares the impact of men’s accessories that radiate style and sophistication in equal measure.

‘Watch’ what you are wearing, lads

Kapoor shares with NewsBytes, “A well-crafted watch, besides being functional, is a statement piece that reflects taste and personality.”

But the challenge is to find the right kind of watch, isn’t it? Well, he suggests one should choose a design that suits both formal and casual occasions.

Pro tip: Make sure the metal and size of your watch complement your other jewelry pieces.

Cufflinks make your look more personalized

Cufflinks are accessories that serve a purpose and look decorative. According to Econock’s founder, they also offer “a chance to personalize formal attire.”

Not just that, “personalized or unique cufflinks showcase the individuality” of a person and speak volumes about his style, he states.

Kapoor suggests matching their metal and design with shirt buttons or other accessories to make it work for you.

Ties and tie clips make you look more colorful

Opting for a formal look? Make it more visually appealing by wearing a suitable tie and placing it properly using a tie clip.

“Ties add sophistication and color to formal wear. Coordinate tie colors with shirts or suits, and explore various knot styles,” shares Kapoor.

Tie clips or bars add polish while securing ties neatly, you can choose from classic to bold styles.

Don’t forget to match your belt and sunglasses

When it comes to sunglasses, not only do they protect your eyes but also add a touch of coolness to your look.

“Select frames that complement your face shape and style, whether classic aviators or trendy wayfarers,” mentions Kapoor.

As for belts, he says, “Diverse styles, from classic leather to woven, allow for versatility. Coordinate belt color with shoes for a harmonious look.”

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