The lieu of the fall weather, we’ve asked haberdasher, Kory Helfman from Ken’s Man’s Shop to provide readers with a taste of what to wear during September. This is a transitional month for fashion lovers, fading from summer’s light palette to something with warmer tones for the fall and September acts as that bookend for both seasons. 

Ken’s is a trusted haberdashery and was included in our 2023 Best of Winners. Here are fashion tips from Kory for men to style through this season:

All men love their “blues”, so the next best color is the rich color combination of brown and blue, combined in suits, sports coats and even shirts. Following along are rich coppers, and dove greys. The hues are arriving in luxe solid jackets that make you want to touch them. As well as exploding houndstooth that have the look of fall, but the perfect weight for our Dallas climate. 

Courtesy Ken’s Man’s Shop on Facebook.

Men are still clamoring for the 5-pocket trouser, but moving away from the “tech” version and into more textured, soft material, yet still with stretch for comfort and travel. Mixing these with tucked-in small printed sports shirts, and adding the corresponding jacket. 

Courtesy Ken’s Man’s Shop on Facebook.

If the jacket doesn’t fit the environment for work or play, then Ken’s will have a plethora of sport to dress vests for this important season.