Finding the Ideal Men Hair Salon: A Walk-Through Guide

Looking classy has never been easy, especially when trying to find the right men hairdresser. For a new haircut, a barbershop may do, but if the need centres on getting styled and groomed, the barbershop is not going to cut it. The salon is where the men go. And they want to make a statement — to look sharp. But, before leaping off the couch for the nearest salon, understand there’s more to a haircut than meets the eye.

Men’s hairdressers should keep in mind a few aspects that mostly matter when giving a haircut, one of which is creating a style that will produce a lasting impression. That means keeping in mind both the individual’s face shape and personality. A lot of hairdressers tend to miss the last part when cutting hair. Not a good thing when a man tries to present himself as polished and put-together.

Therefore, finding the right salon is essential to getting the perfect hairstyle. Here’s what it takes to get there.

Barber Shop Vs Salon?

In truth, barbers are no slouch when it comes to staying on top of trends and increasing their versatility. Unlike the stereotype that they best handle haircuts, these professionals have expanded their services to styling and grooming different hair lengths based on seasonal fads. In the meantime, stylists are carving out a niche for themselves by offering short, classic haircuts as well.

So, whichever is the case, a customer may have no problem visiting a barbershop for hairstyling. In the end, it’s all about the standard of service provided. Understand, however, that while the line between a barber and a hairstylist has thinned, each professional’s strengths and specialty are still evident, depending on the type of hairstyle and experience.

Type of Hairstyle

How a man gets a haircut determines the kind of service that will be required. If the ideal style is something bold, short, and a bit edgy, then a barber will come in handy. Such hairstyles could include a line-up and shaved lines, short taper fade, high fade, flattop, and crewcut. In contrast, if the gentleman’s preference is longer, more sophisticated hair — like a twist-in burn, shoulder-length side part, side-and-back swept mane, and so on — then an expert stylist should be able to help. Moreover, this professional is able to dye hair and make it look natural.

How can one tell that a stylist is an expert? Aside from having great styling skills, the best stylist possesses a thorough knowledge of how and why hairdo styles are altered. It’s their job to help the customer come up with various looks without compromising the overall impression. A hairstylist is also knowledgeable about all types of hair, including thinning and curly hair, and their hair-care requirements.


Of course, all that doesn’t necessarily mean that a man can only receive a haircut and have no grooming services from the barber. In addition to the standard care, stylists have the added experience in offering professional services such as facial grooming (such as waxing), colour and highlight treatments, and even manicures and pedicures.

But then, not all hair salons provide such added services, especially those within the low to the mid-budget range. A client may be looking for experience, but if the salon does not provide that, then it’s time to look elsewhere. An ideal salon should offer services such as a full set of men’s grooming kits, which can include shaving (both wet and dry), moisturizing, and waxing.

Aside from those, the hair salon must be equipped with tools such as an electric razor, trimmer, shampoo, conditioner, styling cream, and even a good hair tie. Finding such salons will require a certain amount of research. The following sections explain how to do so.

How to Find the Ideal Men’s Hair Salon

Consider these factors when looking for the right hairstylist.


It is important to consider the location of a salon when choosing a haircut. A person who lives in a city may be fortunate enough to find a salon near the home or office. For some men though, hairdressing could mean commuting. When considering a salon outside the city, remember that not all may be open on weekends or public holidays. It is a little bit like shopping. When the best salon is not available during the week, one might have to wait until the next weekend date.

There are plenty of places to find a good men’s salon. To begin with, check the classified ads and yellow pages for hair salons and find those that offer an amazing experience. Online search platforms like Yelp and Google are helpful as well. View the portfolio section on the salon’s website to learn more about the stylist’s competence. There is no doubt that customers’ reviews provide a great overview of a salon’s service. Get recommendations from family and friends as well.


When researching a hair salon, look for one that has the right professional look and feel. The appearance of the salon is a factor as well. The salon should have a name, address, and phone number on the door or any other place within visibility. All areas of the salon should be kept clean, including the counter and the chairs. In addition to being sterilized, hairstyling instruments, such as scissors and combs, should be within reach. If the salon has a large waiting area, that’s a bonus.

Take note of the staff’s presentation as well. Are their hair and nails neat and tidy? Are they well-dressed and well-mannered? What is their approach to work? Does the hairstylist carry the customer along during the haircut or is the task dragged out by constant chatter? Is there a feedback mechanism? These questions demand honest answers to ensure the best experience from a men’s hair salon.


It is a common misconception that hairstylists have the power to make customers feel like stars without the latter clearly communicating specific needs. This is a recipe for a disappointing experience. It may be good to get some questions and concerns out right before the haircut begins. For example, if the client has a style in mind, the hairstylist should ask what that entails.

Are short sides and curls required? Are hair layers and lengths desired? Or, if the client is considering a fade with layers, does the hairstyle have a particular cut for it, such as a fade down? Are long hair lengths preferred, such as a mohawk? These are all questions to ask to determine the right style. A quick exchange of information can keep the client happy and satisfied. This goes for barbers as well.


The ultimate goal when choosing a hairdresser is to find someone who will provide a great haircut in a timely manner, with a pleasant experience. A good hairdresser has both the knowledge and experience to handle any hair type, from a classic buzz cut to long curly hair.

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