Eu Natural Is a New TikTok-Viral Men’s Fertility Pill

Eu Natural Male Fertility Suppliments

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For many people, family planning is a deeply personal and private topic; for others, it’s a deeply personal topic that makes for rich, unfiltered internet roundtables about sperm count, IVF, and fertility journeys. All avenues are valid (do you), but only one opens the floodgates for public comments such as, “YOUR SPERM WILL CHUCK NORRIS UP AND GET THE JOB DONE!!!!,” as is the case with these male fertility pills on Amazon, and their spicy review page.  

The pills in question—formally known as Conception Men Fertility Aid—are from a brand called Eu Natural, which has been going viral on TikTok for its female and male fertility supplements, but also makes a range of supplements designed to help everything from “healthy uric acid levels” to “kidney stone breakers,” the latter of which has a small pickaxe smashing what looks like one of those science museum gift shop geodes on its packaging. But we digress. 

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In many ways, Eu Natural’s pills are nothing new or particularly shocking; they’re a drop in the sperm bucket of this new wave of aesthetic supplements and libido-boosting products. We’re still seeing the inclusion of historically popular fertility- and libido-boosting ingredients in the pills such as ashwagandha and ginseng, but it’s the product’s digital reach, which casts a wider net than the 3 a.m. crowd of As Seen on TV yore, that makes things more interesting. There’s something freaky about scrolling through back-to-back TikTok Lives of hamster wheels, cake sitting, and men’s fertility pills, just as there’s something wild about having access to the 319 consumer comments on the Amazon page for the pills, which includes comments ranging from “Ehhh… Taking these pills just makes my erections irregular and my urine highlighter green” to “This supplement will make you into a certified Stallion [sic].” 

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Aside from wondering what Marshall McLuhan would say about all of this, we were curious about what else the Conception Men Fertility Aid formula includes that might make it “taste almost like sulfur,” to quote another Amazon reviewer. The ingredient list includes ashwagandha, magnesium, zinc, folic acid, tonkat-ali (ginseng), tribulus, black pepper, and a “cGMP-certified fertility complex,” which is a fancy way of saying “a bunch of other stuff,”—there is scientific evidence supporting health benefits for several of those components in supplement form, although their impact on fertility ultimately remains unclear. A fertility coach did recently break down the female version’s ingredients on TikTok with some interesting revelations, but we’re still waiting on a deep dive into the men’s supplement ingredients from FertilityTok.  

In the meantime, we’ll have to run with the takeaways from the hundreds of Amazon reviews for the product, which seem divided on whether or not the pills work, but unanimous in their agreement that they 1) smell and taste like bunk lemons and 2) might make your pee fluorescent. Still, for many of the reviewers, it’s been worth it. As one fan writes, “I cannot speak on the fertility effects but it made my husband’s sex drive amazing for the month he was taking it”; another writes, “Like magic. Much harder, bigger loads, and more satisfaction.” 

Whether you’re on your own fertility journey, or just want to tempt fate/the possibility of blowing frisbee-sized loads, Eu Natural is certainly making a name for itself in the arena. As for whether or not it works? That’s for you to decide… and the rest of TikTok to judge. 

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