Cool 80s Hairstyles For Men And Women

The 80s was a time of big hair, bold colors, and funky fashion. From the punk movement to the new romantic era, the 80s introduced some iconic 80s hairstyles that have stood the test of time. Even today, these hairstyles are still popular in the fashion and music industry with a modern twist. Both men and women embraced a range of hairstyles that expressed their individuality and creativity. In this blog post, we will explore 20 of the best 80s hairstyles for men and women that have been trending for years. Let’s dive in and relive those glorious days once again. 

20 Punk-rock Era Inspired 80s Hairstyles

10 Best 80s Hairstyles for Men

Men’s hairstyles in the 80s were bold and expressive, with mullets, mohawks, and pompadours becoming popular. Men also experimented with hair dye and hair accessories, such as bandanas and headbands.

1. The Mullet – The mullet was the quintessential hairstyle that defined the 80s. The classic business in the front, party in the back hairstyle. Long hair in the back with shorter hair on top and sides. This hairstyle was popularized by celebrities like Billy Ray Cyrus and Patrick Swayze. 

2. The Shag – The Shag hairstyle was a popular men’s hairstyle in the 1980s. It was characterized by messy, layered hair that was typically shoulder-length or slightly shorter. The style was often cut with a razor to create choppy, textured layers that would give the hair a tousled, windswept look.

3. The Faux Hawk – Inspired by the punk rock of the 80s, the faux hawk features a strip of longer hair in the middle of the head, with shorter hair on the sides. 

4. The Flat Top – A popular military-style haircut in the 80s, the flat top is characterized by a squared-off, flat shape on top of the head.

5. The Rat Tail – A controversial hairstyle, the rat tail is a thin strip of hair that grows longer as it reaches the nape of the neck.

6. The Perm – Many men in the 80s opted for a curly, permed hairstyle. This look featured tight, bouncy curls all over the head. The perm cut was typically worn with the hair cut short on the sides and back, while the top was left longer to showcase the curls. This hairstyle was often styled with a lot of volume and body, with the use of products such as mousse or gel. 

7. The Mohawk – A bold and edgy choice, the mohawk features a strip of hair that is shaved on the sides and spiked up in the middle. This punk-inspired hairstyle was a popular trend in 80s music. 

8. The Bowl Cut – The Bowl Cut was a popular hairstyle for men in the 1980s, characterized by a straight, blunt cut around the head that resembled a bowl or helmet. The hair was typically cut short around the sides and back, with longer layers on top that were left to fall forward and often brushed straight down over the forehead.

9. The Side Part – The Side-Part Cut was a popular men’s hairstyle in the 1980s that involved combing the hair to one side with a deep, dramatic part. The hair was typically cut short on the sides and back, with longer layers on top that were styled with a side part. The side part was usually created by combing the hair to one side and using hair gel or pomade to hold it in place.

10. The Jheri Curl – One of the most iconic hairstyles of the 80s, the Jheri curl features tight, defined curls that were achieved with the help of chemicals and a lot of hairsprays.


10 Best 80s Hairstyles For Women

For women, the 80s were a time of experimentation with hair color, perms, and accessories. Popular styles included teased and crimped hair, the asymmetrical bob, and the iconic “big hair” look achieved with lots of hairspray and backcombing.

1. The Big Hair – The 80s were all about volume, and the big hair trend embraced this fully. Think giant teased curls that defied gravity.

2. The Permed Bob – The perm wasn’t just for men in the 80s. Women also embraced curly locks, and the permed bob was a popular choice.

3. The Side Ponytail – A fun and flirty look, the side ponytail was often paired with a scrunchie and teased for extra volume. The side ponytail was a favorite hairstyle for women in the 80s. The hairstyle involved pulling the hair to one side of the head and tying it into a high ponytail. It was popularized by stars like Madonna.

4. The Feathered Cut – The feathered hairstyle was a popular choice for women in the 80s. It involved long hair that was subtly layered and styled back to create a feather-like texture.

5. The Crimped Hair – Crimped hair was a huge trend in the 80s that added texture and volume to your hair. It was achieved with iron-like tools used to create a zigzag pattern in the hair. 

6. The Bandana – Women in the 80s often wore bandanas as a fashion accessory, tying them around their heads and leaving the rest of their hair loose. The bandana cut was a popular choice for women who wanted a fun and playful look, and it was often worn with colorful bandanas that matched the outfit. 

7. The Half Up, Half Down – A versatile hairstyle that can be dressed up or down, the half up, half down look involves taking the top section of hair and securing it into a ponytail or bun, while leaving the rest of the hair down.

8. The Bouffant – A throwback to the 60s, the bouffant made a comeback in the 80s. This hairstyle features hair being teased and piled high on top of the head for a dramatic effect.

9. The Banana Clip – An iconic hair accessory of the 80s, the banana clip was used to create a half-up, half-down hairstyle with a distinctly 80s flair. To create the Banana Clip hairstyle, the hair was usually brushed back and gathered into a ponytail at the crown of the head. The Banana Clip was then slid over the ponytail and snapped shut, securing the hair in place. 

10. The Bubble Perm – Another popular perm style of the 80s, the bubble perm featured tight curls that resembled bubbles or corkscrews. The hair was typically cut into layers that were styled to create volume and texture. The curls were often styled with a lot of body and bounce, using products such as mousse or gel to hold the curls in place.


Whether it was Princess Diana’s staple bob cut, the eye-catching bouffant, or the unmissable banana clip that has made a comeback, the 80s hairstyles are versatile. Moreover, the beauty of these styles is that it goes perfectly with every hair type and every hair texture. Change your appearance this season but opting for one of these elegant and fun hairstyles

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