Best OTC Testosterone Booster Supplements and Pills for Men in 2023

A man must maintain and protect his manhood throughout his life.  

However, do you feel the time passing and affecting you?

Is there baldness growing? 

Have you started gaining weight and getting fat, showing the love handles developing?

Have you lost your desire for sex? 

Do you notice problems with your erection? 

Do you feel drained of energy and not in the mood for anything? 

Do you feel depression around you?

Do not get nervous.

It’s not only you

All the symptoms mentioned above are completely natural conditions related to the hormonal changes brought by the advance of time.

Aging as a natural fact, brings the reduction of testosterone produced in the male organism.

Nevertheless, there are ways to prevent/delay/ even reverse the effects of aging.

Over The Counter Testosterone Booster Supplements

Natural testosterone boosters are the suggestion of modern science and botany to feel prosperous and full of energy at any age and have the mood and performance of a young man, even in advanced ages.

A solid supply of testosterone is integral to nearly every physical aspect of your organism – muscles, sex drive, bone strength, heart health, memory, and even penis size – recovering your low levels which create pretty nasty health effects.

In today’s article, no reference is made to synthetic hormones, anabolic steroids or other dangerous chemical solutions.

ONLY natural testosterone boosting solutions are suggested, legal and safe nutritional supplements offering miraculous natural stimulation to the male organism and promoting good sexual performance.

Our team has identified the 4 best over the counter testosterone boosters on the global legal market today, presented in titles below:

  1. TestoPrime | Best OTC Testosterone Booster for men of all ages
  2. Testogen | Top Over The Counter Testo Pills for high sexual Energy and drive
  3. Prime Male | Top choice for fighting (even preventing) sexual dysfunctions
  4. TestoFuel | Top strength supplement for muscle building and physical excellence

As a bonus, useful information and expert advice are provided along with these natural male health supplements, for boosting testosterone and sexual performance.

4 Best OTC Natural Testosterone Boosters – Review

When we refer to “natural” testosterone boosters, we mean natural dietary supplements – proven by clinical research – enhancing the natural production of the androgenic/anabolic hormone in the organism.

There are many options on the market with action depending on the selected ingredients.

This means you find testosterone boosters aimed more at muscle building or even boosters aimed at sexual enhancement, libido stimulation and fighting sexual dysfunctions.

The choice is yours, depending on your personal needs and requirements.

However, despite the fact that these are 100% natural preparations, they should be administered with care and always according to the instructions for use recommended by the company.

An overdose of these powerful natural ingredients & herbs can cause unwanted symptoms & side effects.

A more detailed analysis of the best 4 testosterone boosters, along with the benefits offered follows below

#1. TestoPrime | Top OTC choice for men of all ages


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  • Contains one of the highest doses of D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) found in a nutritional supplement [2,000 mg].
  • Contains 12 scientifically supported natural ingredients ensuring real results.
  • Enhances protein synthesis and promotes muscle rebuilding, ideally combined with gymnastics and sports.
  • Gives increased energy.
  • Improves sexual performance and increases libido.
  • Significantly improves sexual confidence.
  • Enhances mental capacity.
  • Manufactured in modern FDA-certified facilities in the USA and UK.
  • Supportedby research certified by Mayo Clinic, NIH, NLM (National Library of Medicine) and Veritas Health Group.
  • Does not contain soy.
  • It is vegan.
  • Ensures athletic and sexual benefits.
  • Offers 100% lifetime money-back guarantee.
  • Offers low prices on multi-buy purchases.


  • High price on the purchase of 1 pack individually (USD59.99).
  • High daily dose (4 capsules).


  • D-AA (D-Aspartic Acid) (2,000 mg)
  • Panax Ginseng (8,000 mg)
  • Ashwagandha Extract (668 mg)
  • Fenugreek Extract (800 mg)
  • Green Tea Extract 70% Catechins
  • Garlic Extract (1,200 mg)
  • Pomegranate Extract 40% Ellagic Acid (360 mg)
  • Black Pepper Extract 95% Piperine
  • Zinc (40 mg)
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B5 (8 mg)
  • Vitamin B6 (5.6 mg)


TestoPrime is one of the most effective testosterone booster pills with a completely natural composition and no synthetic hormones.

It does not require a medical prescription and stimulates the natural production of testosterone in the organism without causing any side effects or hormonal disturbances.

Its use is completely safe even for long periods.

TestoPrime is a supplement preferred by bodybuilders and athletes in general.

Its enhanced composition with high dosages of specially selected ingredients is not detected in anti-doping controls, ensuring quality results in a relatively short time.

It boosts the organism’s naturally produced testosterone levels, stimulating the production of luteinizing hormone (LH).

This results in a multitude of benefits for every man of any age, whether he does sports or not, offering athletic, sexual, physical, general health and immunity benefits, as well as spiritual and psychological benefits.

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#2. Testogen | Top Over the counter Test Booster for increased sexual energy and drive


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  • Contains the largest amount of D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) found in a legal dietary supplement.
  • Dual product: Pills and active drops for faster and more enhanced benefits.
  • Huge energy boost with immediate physical and mental benefits.
  • Muscle gains in just 4 weeks of use.
  • Enhances sexual mood, arousal, erection, orgasm.
  • Improves ejaculation in strength and in sperm quantity.
  • significantly improves fertility.
  • Provides clear anti-ageing protection to male organisms.
  • Increases self-confidence and improves mood.
  • Legal and clinically tested male enhancement products recommended even by medical experts.
  • Contains no chemical additives, no GMOs (genetically modified ingredients) and no addictive or toxic substances.
  • Testogen products are supported by more than 25 clinical studies and official research.
  • Drops and pills may also be used in combination for even more enhanced benefits.
  • All ingredients (in Testogen pills & drops) are supported by scientific research and are of the highest quality.
  • The drops (Testogen Instant Testosterone Booster Drops) are ideally used as an immediate boost of energy and physical strength for more efficient training (pre-workout).
  • The company provides discount packages saving up to 40% (only for purchases through the official website).
  • Every order includes 3 gifts.
  • Purchases come with a 100-day money-back guarantee.
  • Rated as “the best testosterone booster” in numerous authoritative studies.


  • A supplement as powerful as Testogen should contain ZMA as well.
  • Longer delivery time for Europe, Canada and Australia orders.


  • D-aspartic Acid (2352 mg)
  • Magnesium (200 mg)
  • Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) (50 mcg)
  • Nettle Leaf Extract 4:1 (40 mg)
  • Korean Red Ginseng Extract 4:1 (40 mg)
  • Fenugreek Extract 4:1 (40 mg)
  • Vitamin K1 (from Phytonadione) (20 mcg)
  • Vitamin B6 (from Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate) (20 mg)
  • Zinc (from Zinc Citrate Dihydrate) (10 mg)
  • Boron (8 mg)
  • Bioperine 95% Piperine (5 mg)


Testogen is arguably one of the top testosterone-boosting supplements currently on the global market.

With one of the most updated and powerful blends of organic ingredients, Testogen ensures real benefits in every man’s life.

Besides, I don’t just mean in relation to his sexual performance.

Testogen is a supplement that is not only aimed at athletes aiming to build muscle mass.

Clearly, the stimulation of testosterone production provides muscle superiority and strength.

However, the Testogen supplement is much more than a simple sports supplement!

It is a health supplement with sexual, physical, spiritual and mental benefits) for any man.

Testogen men’s health supplement consists of 11 powerful, high-quality organic ingredients aimed at significantly improving men’s health.

The mixture – rich in specially selected botanical extracts, vitamins and minerals – is easily absorbed by the body and does not cause any side effects.

Testogen aims at stimulating testosterone and therefore at enhanced muscle mass, increased energy levels, at stimulating cognitive functions & improved alertness, at mental clarity, at increased physical endurance, … and of course at improved sexual performance & enhanced mood.

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#3. Prime Male | Top choice for fighting (and preventing) sexual dysfunctions


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  • Prime Male Testosterone Booster is aimed at men of all ages (and not necessarily athletes or 
  • bodybuilders but everyday men who need an extra boost).
  • Contains 12 powerful natural ingredients, scientifically backed and highly effective
  • The company provides 2 supplements (Prime Male Testosterone Booster and Prime Male Virility Support) that can also be used in combination for maximum health benefits.
  • Prime Male supplement is a product of a leading supplement company (Roar Ambition LTD) with FDA and GMP certifications.
  • It is loved by men between the ages of 35 and 50 for the sexual stimulation it provides in the most natural way.
  • Prime Male is a sports and sexual enhancement supplement.
  • Prime Male can help you control your body weight and reduce stored body fat.
  • Strengthens muscle mass, boosts energy and increases bone density.
  • Offers high anti-ageing action, extremely beneficial for men entering male menopause (andropause).
  • Strengthens bone density and prevents serious injuries.
  • Controls the production of 3 important hormones: luteinizing hormone (LH), sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and “female” hormones (Estrogen and Prolactin).
  • Enhances athletic performance and endurance, maximizing training gains.
  • Upgrades the sex life of the middle-aged man.
  • Fights sexual dysfunctions in a natural way.


  • Prime Male Testosterone Booster and Prime Male Virility Support supplements are not vegan-friendly.
  • Purchasingindividual products is slightly expensive (Prime Male Testosterone Booster USD69.00/pack and Prime Male Virility Support USD65.00/pack).
  • Unfortunately the company does not offer a money-back guarantee.


  • 4,000 IU of vitamin D3 (2,000% DV)
  • 45 mcg of vitamin K2 (50% DV)
  • 7.5 mg of vitamin B6 (577% DV)
  • 100 mg of magnesium (24% DV)
  • 30 mg of zinc (273% DV)
  • 1,600 mg of D-aspartic acid
  • 120 mg of Asian red ginseng (4:1 extract)
  • 60 mg of luteolin


This particular testosterone booster is a natural supplement, completely effective for middle-aged and elderly men, but also for younger men who exercise regularly and produce “fatigue” to their bodies.

It enhances libido levels by causing with its natural composition an enhancement of testosterone production.

In addition, it boosts metabolism, improves cardiovascular function and controls blood pressure.

Prime Male is a powerful supplement of vitality, energy (physical and mental) and sexual health for every man of every age.

We “loved” this particular supplement, as it is not a “conventional” supplement like many others available in the market. 

It is a supplement of scientifically supported formulation with generous amounts of high-quality active ingredients.

Prime Male’s enhanced formula increases the naturally produced male hormone testosterone by 40 to 42% in just 1 – 2 weeks of use, with no synthetic hormones, no side effects and addictive effects in the organism.

Roar Ambition LTD and Prime Male natural male enhancement supplement can guarantee you real benefits like sexual performance, athletic performance, cognitive function and peace of mind.

With many nutrients and vitamins, it ensures the strengthening of erection and stimulation of the body’s immunity.

It increases libido and prevents dysfunctions of a sexual nature (such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation).

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#4. TestoFuel |Top strength supplement for muscle building and physical excellence


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  • TestoFuel is a natural supplement, naturally ensuring a high androgenic and anabolic effect.
  • A supplement which is providing any man with sexual and training benefits.
  • An ideal training enhancement supplement, undetectable in doping controls.
  • Ensures massive muscle gains.
  • Promotes the burning of excess body fat.
  • TestoFuel is a product of Roar Ambition LTD (same company as Prime Male).
  • Fights erectile dysfunction and ensures harder and longer-lasting erections.
  • It does not disturb the hormonal balance of the organism and does not require PCT (Post Cycle Therapy).
  • Increases sexual appetite.
  • Prevents premature ejaculation and helps to better control the critical moment of climax.
  • Holds FDA and GMP certifications.
  • Includes in its composition important vitamins such as K2, D and B6.
  • It does not contain any caffeine and causes no sleep disturbance or nervousness.
  • Can be used in a stack.
  • It does not bind you with subscriptions and recurring charges.


  • Contains Oyster Extract, possibly a strong allergen for some people.
  • No money -back guarantee.


  • Vitamin D (4000 IU)
  • Vitamin K2 (18 mcg)
  • Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCl) (5 mg)
  • Magnesium (as Magnesium Aspartate) (200 mg)
  • Zinc (as Zinc Monomethionine and Aspartate) (10 mg)
  • D-aspartic Acid (2300 mg)
  • Asian Red Panax Ginseng (100 mg)
  • Fenugreek (seed) (100 mg)
  • Oyster Extract (100 mg)


TestoFuel is a new generation pill, a multi-potential pill, offering significant benefits, both athletically and sexually.

Boosts energy and increases momentum and explosiveness.

It is a legal male enhancement supplement, used both as a prevention and fight agent against sexual dysfunctions, exhaustion (physical & mental), stress and ageing of the male organism.

It contains only natural ingredients – amino acids, vitamins and nutrients – and promotes the natural production of testosterone, thus giving the man a feeling of stimulation, health and wellness.

In addition, it increases androgenic/anabolic action, resulting to ensuring enhanced performance in bed as well as in the gym.

TestoFuel is a natural supplement, that does not cause any side effects, a favorite supplement of many fitness and gym fans.

The benefits it provides are almost equivalent to those of an anabolic steroid, however, without any health risks.

The composition of the supplement contains the highest amount of D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) found in a dietary supplement [2,300 mg].

This amino acid is a necessary nutritional element for the health of every man and especially after a certain age, its intake is imperative.

Oyster Extract is yet another “innovation” of the supplement and certainly, a big “risk” undertaken.

It is a very powerful ingredient – a top source of zinc – ensuring an increase in testosterone production and stimulation of prostate function.

Nevertheless, for many it is a “forbidden” ingredient, as it can cause allergic reactions.

In conclusion, TestoFuel is a different supplement worth trying and trusting, aiming at all those men wishing to stay active and full of sports energy, sexual energy, mental energy and even mental energy.

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Testosterone – when and why does it drop?

Testosterone is a hormone vital to male health, not only for his sexual health (obviously is the most important sex hormone), but for his general, spiritual, mental, physical health, as well. 

Low testosterone levels over the years are a natural fact, however, not necessarily something to worry or stress about it.

The advance of science and the nutritional supplement industry provides natural and 100% safe solutions to strengthen your organism and remain active/energetic/and sexually young at any age.

According to the NHS, men – after the age of 30 – begin to experience a steady decline in their testosterone production, estimated at approximately 1 to 2% each year.

Therefore, as the years go by, it makes sense to worry if your testosterone is lower than it should be.

Below we see how testosterone is measured and the values ​​considered as normal, without producing any problems.

Testosterone is measured in nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl).

Healthy levels of testosterone in the male organism do not remain constant, changing with age.

The normal values per age group ​​are shown below:

0 – 5 months: 75-400 ng/dl

6 months – 9 years: Less than 7-20 ng/dl

10 – 11 years: Less than 7-130 ng/dl

12 – 13 years: Less than 7-800 ng/dl

14 years: Less than 7-1,200 ng/dl

15 – 16 years: 100-1,200 ng/dl

17 – 18 years: 500-1,200 ng/dl

19 years and older: 240-950 ng/dl

According to statistics, two (2) out of ten (10) men aged sixty (60) and over have low testosterone.

Nevertheless, low testosterone is not only a problem of the third age.

An increasing number of younger men seem to show low levels, creating several difficulties and malfunctions in their daily life.

Testosterone measurement is performed with a special medical blood test and is used to evaluate a man’s health for clarifying the possibility of hypogonadism leading to sexual dysfunctions, low libido, infertility, depression, gynecomastia, and even osteoporosis.

The results of these laboratory tests are basic data for the diagnosis and monitoring of all possible pathological conditions.

The results evaluated by the specialist doctor, enable the determination of the therapeutic method to be followed.

Do I need a testosterone Injection?

If appropriate tests show significantly low testosterone levels, then your doctor is likely to prescribe testosterone injections.

However, this only applies to serious pathological conditions and not to simple episodes of reduced testosterone.

The symptoms of low testosterone are obvious, presenting erectile dysfunction and loss of libido, energy deficit and even depression, with causes often diagnosed as obvious and treatable.

A high percentage of low testosterone cases are originated by psychogenic causes.

Stress, anxiety and depression are emotions leading to reduced testosterone production.

Besides, a poor diet and a bad lifestyle are also important factors affecting testosterone.

It is obvious why low testosterone finally “hits” younger men, and is not a problem of old age.

In these cases, the doctor follows other methods of treatment, such as psychotherapy.

In addition, even if the doctor deems it necessary administration of drugs is suggested – not necessarily including intramuscular injection.

In some cases, the treatment is done transdermally, or with the use of pills.

Caution:Whatever the clinical causes of low testosterone, it is extremely important to treat them promptly.

Low testosterone levels – when this becomes a chronic condition – may lead to serious health conditions.

Is age the reason for my low testosterone?

Testosterone levels actually drop as men age.

However, new scientific studies support that old age is no longer the main factor in testosterone reduction in men.

A strong proof is a fact that more young men, even in their ‘30s seem to have low testosterone levels, meaning a lot for their health and life.

Therefore, according to these new scientific studies, age plays a role, but not the decisive one.

On the contrary, it seems that the lifestyle of the modern man is decisive for his testosterone.

We mean the right diet, regular physical exercise, stress management, healthy body weight, quality sleep, adequate rest,  good mental health and certainly avoiding abuses and bad habits (such as smoking).

All of these are factors significantly affecting the production of the testosterone hormone and all sex characteristics.

Clearly, a healthy lifestyle plays a decisive role in many other factors of a man’s life: in their wellness, sexual performance, cognitive function, psychology and surely fertility.

Low Testosterone – Main symptoms

Men – especially as they enter the climacteric (andropause) phase – inevitably begin to experience decreased testosterone levels.

This reduced testosterone production becomes apparent with some very characteristic symptoms, such as:

  • decreased sexual desire
  • erectile dysfunction
  • overexertion and exhaustion (without obvious causes)
  • memory and concentration problems
  • mood swings
  • loss of muscle mass
  • increase in body weight (and body fat concentration)
  • hair loss
  • reduced energy levels
  • reduced fertility
  • low amount of sperm during ejaculation
  • temperature changes
  • depression
  • sleep disorders
  • loss of physical strength
  • reduced endurance
  • reduced bone density and increased risk of fractures

Use of natural over the counter testosterone booster – Key benefits

  • Physical benefits (body weight, muscle mass, body fat)
  • Sexual benefits (erection, ejaculation, climax, arousal, orgasm, fertility, sperm quality, penis size and curvature)
  • Athletic benefits (energy, endurance, strength, performance)
  • Mental benefits (memory, concentration, alertness, learning ability, complex thinking)
  • General health benefits

Is there a risk of side effects?

In contrast to anabolic steroids, synthetic hormones and heavy pharmaceuticals, natural testosterone boosters are natural body boosters that:

  • cause no side effects
  • do not require a prescription
  • are suitable for everyone
  • are not detected in doping controls
  • are not toxic or addictive
  • they are not carcinogenic
  • ensure a natural testosterone boost
  • they do not cause hormonal disorders
  • no need for PCT

Why should I prefer a natural otc testosterone booster instead of a chemical one?

Apart from the fact that the use of such a powerful medicinal product without a medical prescription is illegal, it is also very dangerous.

The administration of synthetic hormones is done only after a medical order in serious pathological conditions and medical supervision is required throughout the treatment.

Men who take the chemical testosterone appear to face an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and even premature sudden death, according to new research.

Especially older men, over 50, show a high risk of serious side effects from the use of such pharmaceuticals, let alone if this is done without medical guidance and completely arbitrarily.

How can a man increase his testosterone naturally?

In addition to natural testosterone-boosting nutritional supplements, adopting a healthy lifestyle is everything.

In fact, nutrition plays a primary role.

Taking specific beneficial nutrients and vitamins can provide significant benefits in the prevention and treatment of hypogonadism.

Zinc and omega-3 fatty acids naturally boost testosterone levels and support good sexual (and general) health for men.

Below, find the ten plus one (10 + 1) (surprising) foods boosting testosterone and uniquely benefiting your health:

  • tuna
  • pomegranate
  • deer
  • honey
  • garlic
  • grape
  • egg
  • milk
  • cabbage
  • spinach
  • ginger

Content Disclaimer: The information does not constitute advice or an offer to buy. Any purchase made from the above press release is made at your own risk. Consult an expert advisor/health professional before any such purchase. Any purchase made from this link is subject to the final terms and conditions of the website’s sales as mentioned above as a source. The Advertising Agency and its downstream distribution partners do not take any responsibility directly or indirectly. If you have any complaints or copyright issues related to this article, kindly contact the company this news is about.

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Supplements must be taken carefully and under expert guidance for maximum benefit. Please consult your doctor before starting any supplements to weigh the pros and cons and side effects if any, and especially if you have any pre-existing health condition.

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