Best Men’s Jeans In 2023: Top 5 Denim Favorites For Him, According To Experts

A fit for various occasions, men’s jeans are a staple clothing item. Whether it’s a pricey business casual pair or your favorite ripped-up pair that hasn’t seen the washing machine in, well, forever (we won’t tell anyone), jeans are a necessity. But with so many companies pumping out denim, how are you to know which are best? We wanted to find out, so we searched the web to find the consensus best men’s jeans, according to experts, and we’ve listed them here for you.

When it comes to their wardrobe, men seem to be a bit lacking, according to new research. A poll of 1,000 men who work in an office found 52 percent repeat outfits each week and only have an average of five different looks in their rotation. In fact, 21 percent wear the same shirt three times a week. One in 10 choose the same clothing to wear four days a week. With that in mind, respondents admit they only wear an average of 41 percent of their entire wardrobe.

Overall, the researchers found four in 10 men don’t feel good in their current clothes. Another 29 percent believe a style overhaul would make them feel more confident, as 40 percent feel more self-assured when they are wearing their favorite item of clothing.

Finding the right fit is important with jeans. If they don’t flatter your body, they could sit on a shelf in your closet for years, which is a waste of money. In fact, a study from the United Kingdom surveying over 2,000 British adults found that people had an average of $268.44 worth of outfits that had never been worn. Also, despite a closet full of clothes, people complain that they have nothing to wear six times a month. That’s why doing your research before purchasing can save you space in your closet and money in your bank account.

We’ve made it a little easier to find the right fit and go-to for your everyday wear. Below are the top five best men’s jeans, per experts. Of course, we want to know which men’s jeans are your favorite, so comment below to let us know!

The List: Best Men’s Jeans, According to Experts

1. Levi’s 501 & 511

Clothing brands come and go, but this is one brand with some serious power. According to Wikipedia, “it was founded in May 1853 when German-Jewish immigrant Levi Strauss moved from Buttenheim, Bavaria, to San Francisco, California, to open a West Coast branch of his brothers’ New York dry goods business.”

Vice lists the 501’s as their best everyday jeans for men. They write: “We would be remiss not to include the OG of OGs—Levi’s Original Fit 501s. They’re a classic for a reason—the Levi Strauss himself designed them in 1873, and they’ve been the jumping off point for every pair of denim you’ve ever put on your legs. While you can’t go wrong with a dark stone wash, something about 501s lends perfectly to a super light wash (with or without rips) that can be hard to rock in other styles.”

Levi's 501 Jeans
(Photo by Eduardo Pastor on Unsplash)

The Strategist raves about the 501’s: “I’ve found that the 501s have a brilliant cut that can work with almost any style or body shape. The style is available in a wide size range and has a 12.25-inch rise, which sits at the waist. It has a straight leg with an opening measured at 8.5 inches when laid flat.” Also on their best of list is the 511: “The Levi’s 511 is to slim-fit jeans what the 501 is to straight-leg jeans: a standard-bearer.”

Listed as best overall on their site, Gear Lab shares that “the Levi’s 511 Slim Fit is our first choice, whether for work, chores, or sharing a drink with friends. Their slim cut is both professional and modern, and they’re also surprisingly durable. Amongst the jeans with stretch fabric, this one stands out for its incredible comfort and remarkable range of motion. When subjected to our abrasion test with sandpaper, neither the knee nor hem developed significant wear. All the components are high quality, including the stitching, belt loops, and zipper. We wore this pair everywhere; from work to hangouts, they performed well across the board.”

2. Bonobos

Finding jeans to fit larger legs can be challenging. And if you’re someone with above-average size thighs or glutes, these may be the jeans for you. Wirecutter notes that these are “soft jeans that are more forgiving than others we tested, the Bonobos have enough room for my thick butt and thighs to breathe.” They go on to explain why exactly these jeans are so roomy and forgiving: “Though the other jeans we tested were made from 98% or 99% cotton, the Bonobos Premium Stretch Denim Jeans are made from 94% cotton, 5% polyester, and 1% elastane. That lower percentage of cotton is why the Bonobos jeans are especially comfortable and well equipped to handle a wider range of body types; cotton has less give than both polyester and elastane.”

If you’re an athletic guy that’s on the go, Men’s Health touts Bonobos as a go to: “Just as you’d expect from Bonobos, the brand offers one of the most comfortable jeans on the market, available in every wash you could imagine, with fits that range from tailored to straight, and they even come in the full range of sizes for every man to find his perfect match. As such, the Premium Stretch Jeans often happens to be a favorite by athletes and active guys who refuse to be tamed by heavy denim fabric.”

Bonobos Men's Jeans
Bonobos Men’s Jeans

Ranking them as their best men’s jeans for stretch, Forbes notes that the Bonobos Extra Stretch Travel Jeans have “a zip fly and five-pocket styling, and it comes in four different fits, so you’re likely to find one that works for you.” And if there’s one thing you want while traveling it is comfy pants. These jeans give you a sweatpants feel without the just-rolled-out-of-bed sweatpants look.

And finally, a word from Werd on the comfort of these popular jeans: “Remember those chinos you know and love? Bonobos put that same knowledge in terms of fit and fabric to the test with its premium-yet-accessible line of jeans, and its All Season Jeans are lightweight enough for summer and versatile enough for winter.”

3. Everlane

Though this brand is pricier than Levi’s, they still have plenty of offerings for under $100. Of course, if you’re not afraid to spend on jeans, they also have options well above that price point.

GQ is not shy about their love of this brand: “Jeans this uniformly dark are normally stiffer than moonshine and about as comfortable as a root canal. Thanks to a clever infusion of stretchy elastane, Everlane’s signature Japanese denim gives you that pristine indigo look—which cement these as the most office-appropriate pair of the bunch—without any of the sandpapery breaking-in period. By that same measure, they’re also surprisingly sag-resistant: you can wear them every day of the week, and they’ll never lose their flatteringly lean shape. Pair ‘em with a tweed blazer, knit tie, and equally-crisp white sneakers for a fit that’ll take you from a meeting with your boss straight into a post-work breakdown of said meeting with your nosy colleagues.”

Everlane Men's Jeans
Everlane Men’s Jeans

Men’s Health says you can even workout in these jeans. No, seriously: “Ever thought of going for a light jog in jeans? That seems implausible, but not impossible with Everlane’s performance jeans which are a favorite among stylists and celebrities like Glen Powell.”

Werd thinks Everlane weaves all good things together: “The proper blend of affordability and quality is deeply ingrained in Everlane’s mission, and they boast everything from four-way stretch classic-fit jeans to athletic-fit and skinny options in shades ranging from jet Black to pleasingly faded indigo.”

4. Wrangler

Coming into existence just 11 years after Levi’s, this name brand may be just as well-known as number one on our list, though Wrangler focused on a different demographic, at least to start. According to their website, in 1947: “Wrangler authentic western jeans, designed by celebrity tailor Rodeo Ben, are introduced to the American consumer. Professional rodeo cowboys Jim Shoulders, Bill Linderman and Freckles Brown wear-test the 13MWZ and endorse the Wrangler name for durability, quality and authenticity.”

Whether you’re gearing up for a rodeo or just bargain shopping, these may be the jeans to pick up according to New York Post: “For less than $15, you can’t go wrong with Wrangler’s Rustler Regular-Fit Jeans — a best-seller at Walmart. Whether you’re looking to save some extra dollars or are on the hunt for that perfect knock-around pair, you’ll be impressed with their 100% cotton, relaxed fit.”

Wrangler Men's Cowboy Cut Active Flex Slim Fit Jean
Wrangler Men’s Cowboy Cut Active Flex Slim Fit Jean

“If authentic Western jeans is what you’re after, the buck stops at Wrangler. For more than a century, the brand has been offering denim to ranchers, workmen, rodeo stars—basically, cowboys and wannabes. The brand has certainly branched into categories beyond denim, but it’s the rugged, boot-ready Cowboy Cut jean that continues to reign supreme,” writes Esquire.

Though Rolling Stone says, “you no longer need to be a cowboy to enjoy the western character and durability of Wrangler jeans. As workwear and western-inspired fashion has gotten bigger, so has Wrangler. [The] bold Cowboy Cut jeans are the brand’s originals, and, today, you can rock them with sneakers as well as snakeskin boots (just be sure to order a shorter leg for use with sneakers). But Wrangler also offers a range of super-durable jeans for every fit preference and use.”

5. Todd Snyder

High-quality denim can be pricey, and purchasing a pair of these jeans may feel less like shopping for clothes and more like making an investment. Prices range on their website from about $150 to $350 per pair of jeans.

Forbes ranks them as number one: “‘For all around perfect jean, Todd Snyder is the way to go’, says Turner Allen, founder and lead stylist of Style Turner. ‘Their robust denim selection features lots of different washes and fits to suit almost anyone’s preferences, from novice to expert.’” And most options will give you plenty of stretch with a makeup of 85 percent cotton, 13.5 percent polyester, and 1.5 percent elastane.

Todd Snyder Slim Fit Selvedge Jeans
Todd Snyder Slim Fit Selvedge Jeans

Gear Patrol notes that “American designer Todd Snyder’s eponymous label launched a denim collection earlier in 2021. The debut was designed to make the process of shopping for jeans easier, thus dividing his iterations into three categories, Stretch, Selvedge, and Small Batch. His jeans are available in an array of washes and wears, and most feature a nearly undetectable amount of stretch.”

“Todd Snyder, the NYC-based designer behind every other expertly elevated basic in your closet, is equally adept when it comes to denim. Go figure,” writes Esquire, whom listed the these as their pick for highest quality.

Big names can garner big price tags, and sometimes without quality products to back them up, but reviewers make clear that with your purchase (or investment) comes a high-quality product from Todd Snyder.

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