Best Male Fertility Supplements In 2023

Attention – For men only – A Review based on scientific evidence & real user reviews.

If you have started feeling the stress of failing in any attempt to have children, then (and before freaking out) read this article/review first.

It is common how every person feels about fertility issues.

This emotional charge is not only related to the pathological (if there really is a substantial problem), but also to the psychological part, not to mention the financial consequences involved in a similar matter.  

Anxiety, despair, fear, and even guilt dominate everyday life, not allowing you to calm down.

However, you don’t need to worry so much.

Clearly, the many unsuccessful attempts should motivate you to find the causes and certainly the solution.

Nevertheless, male infertility issues are much more common than you think.

A number of up to 9% of men in the United States appear to have serious infertility problems with this percentage concerning serious pathological conditions which – to be honest – cannot all be resolved through natural interventions in the man’s diet and lifestyle.

Most cases of men having trouble conceiving are not as serious as men think and they do not need to cause them despair and fear.

Just a few modifications/interventions in a man’s lifestyle (and daily routine) are capable of bringing spectacular benefits.

A diet richer in vitamins and minerals and a more careful & healthy lifestyle (sleep, exercise, stress management) is what they need to boost their fertility and create their own family.

In this article, our team identified the best three (3) male fertility supplements – all of one hundred (100) percent natural and one hundred (100) percent effective.

Products proved popular with the consumers, receiving positive reviews and very high ratings.

Best three (3) Male Fertility Supplements at a Glance

  1. Semenoll | The Best Natural Sperm and Fertility Booster (Editor’s Choice)
  2. VigRX Fertility Factor 5 | Top selection for Boosting Sperm Production (in men (45) and over)
  3. Semenax | Top Natural Male Enhancement and Sperm enhancement supplement

The three (3) Best Male Fertility Supplements [Everything You Need to Know]

1. Semenoll | Best Natural Sperm and Fertility Booster for Men


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Semenoll – what it is

If you have trouble conceiving, don’t be afraid. You are not the only one.

The stressful lifestyle followed in our time, combined with poor and insufficient sleep and physical activity, endless stress in everyday life, but also poor (non-quality) nutrition lead to “dysfunctions” in the organism.

One of these important dysfunctions is sperm “waste” and reduced fertility.

According to Mayo Clinic, nearly one (1) in seven (7) couples border on infertility.

Therefore, as you can see the percentages are high enough to ignore such a condition.

What every modern man needs is a strong boost to his organism.

A boost with specially selected natural ingredients, vitamins and trace elements enhancing the quality of his sperm, increase his low sperm count and give a general health boost to his organism.

Semenoll natural supplement is one such men’s health supplement.

It powerfully enhances male fertility, while at the same time greatly improving his sexual performance.

Its ingredients have clinically proven evidence they can increase sperm count, enhance sperm quality, stimulate sperm motility, improve texture, and ultimately help a couple conceive and create a new human.

Semenoll is not just a male supplement. There is much more.

It is one hundred (100) percent natural and is a healthy nutritional option to “enhance” the diet of every man (eighteen (18) and over).

Its composition includes all beneficial nutritional elements needed by a man to be sexually healthy and fertile.

It is not a medicinal product.

The Semenoll supplement is a new-generation supplement acting as a natural enhancement for the male organism.

It works as a sperm booster (quality, quantity, motility) and fertility treatment, a product not requiring a medical prescription.

Its ingredients are all of natural origin and of the highest quality, clinically tested and effective.

However, attention. We’ll say it again! The natural supplement Semenoll is not a pharmaceutical treatment for infertility, but an all-natural way to increase the chances of fertilization.

Why select Semenoll (Benefits)

  • Increases libido.
  • Fights sexual dysfunctions.
  • Increases sperm production.
  • Improves sperm quality.
  • Enhances sperm motility.
  • Makes orgasms more intense.
  • Makes ejaculations more rapid.
  • Enhances fertility.

Semenoll – Natural ingredients contained

  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract 1107 mg
  • Maca Root Extract 900 mg
  • Muira Puama Extract 45 mg
  • Pumpkin Seed Extract 22.5 mg
  • L-Arginine 44.6 mg
  • L-Lysine 36 mg
  • Zinc 9 mg | 90.4 % of RDD (Recommended Daily Dosage)

How it works

The Semenoll supplement is a natural booster of the male organism, a pill gathering all those nutrients and vitamins ideally every man should receive through his diet, but rarely received in sufficient quantity.

It is a dietary supplement aimed at stimulating male sexual health, improving sexual performance, and – surely – stimulating male fertility.

In our opinion, one reason standing out among dozens of male enhancement supplements is its truly “enhanced” ingredient formula, backed by scientific evidence, research and clinical trials.

This active formula of the Semenoll supplement works on three (3) main axes.

  1. Fighting sexual dysfunctions and boosting male sexual performance. [Boosting his sexual health]
  2. Improving sperm motility, quality and quantity.
  3. Boosting testosterone production.


Daily dose: three (3) pills


One (1) pack of Semenoll USD59.95 + FREE worldwide shipping

Two (2) packs of Semenoll + one (1) FREE pack extra USD119.95+ FREE worldwide shipping

Three (3) Semenoll Packs + two (2) FREE Packs Extra USD179.95 + FREE Worldwide Shipping

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2. VigRX Fertility Factor 5 | Top selection for boosting Sperm Production (for Men fourty-five (45) and over)


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VigRX Fertility Factor 5 – what it is

VigRX Fertility Factor 5 is the next natural male fertility enhancement supplement presented in this review. 

A unique all-natural supplement, with specially selected clinically supported ingredients, aims to strengthen the sperm, In any possible way, aiming at a “richer”, healthier sperm of better texture and fluidity, faster, offering even enhanced viability leading to fertilization of the egg.

Nevertheless, VigRX Fertility Factor 5 also improves a man’s sexual performance, strengthens erections and makes his ejaculations more explosive.

We trust the VigRX Fertility Factor 5 supplement as it is one of the many members of the successful VigRX “family” of male enhancement products.

Over the years, this member has also garnered spectacular user reviews.

It contains only quality and clinically proven ingredients of natural origin to help every man stay sexually healthy at any age.

With a patented natural extract (LJ 100) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it improves important parameters of sperm health and fertility in a one hundred (100) per cent non-invasive way.

If you are still wondering why you should select VigRX Fertility Factor 5, let me tell you this right away

Unlike other male enhancement supplements, VigRX Fertility Factor 5 specifically targets male fertility problems and takes care by stimulating the male organism with specially selected nutrients.

Why select VigRX Fertility Factor 5 (Benefits)

  • Improves sperm quality.
  • Improves sperm texture.
  • Improves sperm motility.
  • Significantly enhances the inherent metabolic processes of the male organism.
  • Fights sexual dysfunctions and increases male sexual performance.
  • Boosts libido.
  • Increases pleasure during sexual intercourse.
  • Promotes a rich ejaculation.

VgRX – Natural ingredients contained

  • Zinc (as Zinc Oxide) 15 mg | 100 % of RDD (Recommended Daily Dosage)
  • Selenium (as L-Selenomethionine) 70 mcg | 100 % of RDD
  • LJ100® (Eurycoma longifolia) Extract (root) (22 % Bioactive Eurypeptides, 40 % Glyco Saponins) 200 mg
  • Asian Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) (root) (standardized to 5 % ginsenosides) 200 mg
  • Bioperine® (Piper Nigrum) (fruit) (standardized to minimum 95 % piperine) 5 mg

How it works

VigRX Fertility Factor 5 is clearly a natural male fertility booster.

A natural so-called fertility treatment for men with reduced fertility.

A non-invasive and one hundred (100) percent safe sperm stimulation method.

We selected VigRX Fertility Factor 5 for aiming to substantially improve a man’s overall sexual health… at every stage.

Arousal/erection /ejaculation /orgasm.

It protects the sperm from damage so it always remains fertile and healthy.

In addition to enhancing fertility and sperm production, it provides equally important benefits to the man and to his general sexual (and non) health.

Enhanced libido, improved erectile capacity, improved sexual performance, enhanced self-confidence, increased physical endurance and strength, stimulated psychology and elevated mood.


Daily dose: one (1) capsule


One (1) pack of VigRX Fertility Factor 5 USD59.95

Three (3) packs of VigRX Fertility Factor 5 USD159.95

Six (6) packs of VigRX Fertility Factor 5 USD299.95 + FREE Worldwide Shipping

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3. Semenax | Top Natural Male Enhancement and Sperm Enhancement supplement


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Semenax – what it is

Semenax is a supplement that should be received by every man, as a natural sexual health booster.

It is not a supplement aimed only at men with fertility problems, but at every man today feeling he needs extra support for his organism.

With a formula of seventeen (17) powerful natural ingredients and nutrients, Semenax male enhancement supplement is definitely one of the top and most effective natural (non-chemical) male fertility and sexual performance enhancement options.

It is even recommended by doctors.

It has no age restriction (clearly we are only referring to adult men and not teenagers or children).

Why select Semenax (Benefits)

  • Enhances male sexual arousal.
  • It improves the quality of erections.
  • Increases satisfaction with sex.
  • Increases the intensity of orgasms.
  • Helps in a controlled ejaculation.
  • Strengthens sperm and fertility.
  • Allows stronger and more frequent orgasms.

Semenax – Natural Ingredients contained

  • Vitamin E (as dl-tocopherol acetate) 60 IU 200% of DV
  • Zinc Aspartate (20% elemental Zinc) 30 mg of 40% of DV
  • Butea Superba (root) 500 mg
  • L-Carnitine 500 mg
  • Maca (root) 400 mg
  • Pine Bark Extract 300 mg
  • L-Arginine HCl 250 mg
  • L-Lysine 250 mg
  • Catuaba (bark) 200 mg
  • Epimedium Sagittatum (leaf) 150 mg
  • Muira Puama (bark) 100 mg
  • Hawthorne (berry) 50 mg
  • Cranberry Extract (seed) 50 mg
  • Tribulus Terrestris (vine) 50 mg
  • Avena Sativa Extract (seed) 50 mg
  • Sarsaparilla (root) 50 mg
  • Swedish Flower (pollen) 50 mg

How it works

According to the function of Semenax is based on its natural ingredients.

A single look at the composition of the supplement will convince you of this.

Semenax is one of the few male enhancement and fertility supplements with such an updated and nutrient-rich formula.

These natural ingredients work in a way to enhance the healthy functioning of three (3) very important glands in the male organism.

See these glands below:

  • the seminal vesicle
  • the prostate gland
  • and the bulbourethral gland


Daily dose: Three (3) capsules


One (1) package of Semenax USD59.95

Three (3) packs of Semenax USD154.95 + FREE US Shipping

Six (6) packs of Semenax USD289.95 + FREE Worldwide Shipping

Twelve (12) packs of Semenax USD399.95 + FREE Worldwide Shipping

→ Click Here To Visit The Official Website Of Semenax


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Frequent questions

Q. Why is Semenoll the number one Male Fertility Supplement? Why should I select it?

Semenoll is the most “popular” (natural) male supplement currently on the global male sexual health supplement market.

With a very “loaded” composition of seven (7) very powerful natural enhancing ingredients, it promotes basic functions of the male organism, such as strengthening sperm, improving sexual performance and libido and stimulating male fertility.

Its carefully selected ingredients give the most basic «certification» for the effectiveness of the Semenoll supplement.

Here is a detailed look at each one of them

Maca Root extract – 900 mg

Maca is a root with many health benefits.

One reason often found in all kinds of nutritional supplements is its ability to boost energy levels, improve the user’s physical condition and elevate their mood.

Therefore, whether we are talking about sports stimulation or sexual stimulation supplements, Maca Root extract is an ideal supplement for health and wellness, physical endurance and strength.

In addition, related research shows that Maca Root extract also promotes the general health of the sperm, thereby enhancing male fertility (of all age groups).

Zinc – 9 mg

It is now widely known that zinc is the most basic of all trace elements for supporting male sexual health.

We find it in almost all male supplements and the reason is simple.

Zinc inhibits the binding of globin acting as a deterrent to the production of the male hormone testosterone.

In this way, it promotes the optimal sexual performance of the man, but also the stimulation of his fertility.

Muira Puama extract – 45 mg

The specific ingredient seems to be able to contribute to the improvement of the man’s erectile function, as well as to boost the size of the penis dynamically.

It increases the pleasure during the sexual act and offers more intense orgasms.

Tribulus Terrestris extract – 1,107 mg

This is a prime ingredient often found in testosterone boosters.

The reason is that it acts as a natural stimulant of the body’s own testosterone production.

Many studies show that Tribulus Terrestris can boost testosterone and provide a strong androgenic/anabolic effect on the organism.

In addition, it can improve the number, viability and mobility of spermatozoa significantly enhancing the reproductive capacity of men (of any age).

Pumpkin Seed extract – 22.5 mg

The pumpkin seed extract is another unique natural ingredient contributing to a “strengthening” and “protective” way to sperm.

It effectively helps boost its numbers and mobility but also helps its viability (for fighting off threats threatening it).

L-Arginine – 44.6 mg

Multiple scientific studies have proven that this “non-essential” amino acid is “absolutely necessary” for men.

There is research showing that arginine can help increase male fertility, as well as sperm production and motility.

More specifically, it even leads to a doubling of motility and almost a doubling of total sperm count.

In fact, combined with the rest of Semenoll’s enhancing herbs, arginine, can offer a truly spectacular improvement in male fertility.


Another amino acid with a very important role in sperm development is lysine.

In fact, it is one of the most important health elements for male fertility.

Reduces the levels of the stress hormone (cortisol), which – as is well known – could significantly reduce fertility and create problems in a man’s sexual function.

Q. Which is the target group of natural Male Fertility Supplements?

A. Need to clarify some important things.

First, when we talk about “supplements to boost male fertility” in this article, we mean only natural and non-medicinal food supplements.

We do not refer to drugs and treatments against infertility.

We are not talking about synthetic hormones.

The best three (3) supplements to enhance male fertility selected among dozens of preparations for you are three (3) all-natural pills aiming at supporting the healthy sexual life of men of any age.

These products do not replace treatments and medications for infertility or sexual dysfunctions with serious pathological causes.

They are natural nutritional elements specially selected to complement your daily diet in nutritional elements.

Therefore, they are not only addressed to people with sexual dysfunctions or fertility problems, but to any man considering his diet may have some deficiencies.

Q. Why should I select such a supplement?

A. Male enhancement supplements are a safe method of strengthening the male organism and fighting any dysfunctions, but above all, it is a very effective (and safe) way to prevent them.

Essentially, they are supplements moving along two (2) main axes:

– the fight and prevention of various sexual dysfunctions

– the stimulation of sperm health and male fertility

Depending on their composition – each of them – achieves different benefits for the organism (which is why it is very important to analyze the composition of a supplement before making a purchase).

Q. Finally, what else can I do to improve my fertility?

A. Certainly, fertility supplements with natural ingredients and valuable nutrients are a good start to boost your fertility as well as improve your physical condition and sexual performance.

Become the “genuine” male of your youth again.

However, no nutritional supplement can replace a healthy diet, systematic physical exercise and maintaining good psychology.

Body weight also plays an important role in a good sex life.

For some people, weight loss is important as it can enhance important areas of their overall health.

It is important to limit any abuses causing problems in the natural production of hormones and sperm function.

Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and many bad fats in the diet are such factors that could even lead to infertility.

Q. For how long should I take Male Enhancement Pills?

A. The time it takes for a supplement to produce real and visible health benefits varies by both the supplement (and its formulation) and the user (and their organism).

In general, such a natural supplement takes time to work.

The results cannot be immediately visible from the very first days of use.

On average and according to the testimonials of their users we would say that a satisfactory period of a few months is required for such effective supplements to work.

Q. When should I stop using them?

A. Never.Their natural composition (non-synthetic) does not cause side effects and can support a good diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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