Best Male Enhancement Pills: Top 5

Over The Counter Sex Pills For Men To Try In 2023

Male enhancement pills are very effective in ensuring that the sexual health of the user will be improved due to the increased level of testosterone production in the body system.

The best part of using this type of male enhancement pill is that they do not work as most of the enhancement pills you will find in the industry; they work effectively by providing positive effects to the body without the added severe side effects.

There are several benefits that users can enjoy from using enhancement pills. Still, if someone uses a pill made using the wrong type of ingredients, they will experience severe side effects resulting in serious medical conditions.

Every company that produces enhancement pills in the industry will always spend a lot of money on advertising that their products will provide positive effects more than the other products in the industry; they will also let you know that their products will provide more positive effects on erectile dysfunction.

However, it is essential to remember that all of these are just advertising schemes and some of the products in the industry do not provide the number of benefits the advertisement states.

Regardless, before we started writing this article to recommend the brands we have recommended, we carefully put together a team of experts charged with researching the industry to ensure that the brands they find provide nothing short of quality products.

5 Best Brands For Buying Male Enhancement Pills From Stores Online

  1. Performer 8 – Overall Best Male Enhancement Pills, Editor’s Pick
  2. VigRx Plus – Most Popular Sexual Pills For Men For Increased Pleasure
  3. Testoprime – Highly Trusted Instant Erection Pills For Increased Sexual Desire
  4. Male Extra – Best Sexual Enhancement Pills For Men To Have Hard Orgasim
  5. ProSolution Plus – Get Natural Erection Supplements To Perform Well In Bed

#1. Performer 8: Overall Best Male Enhancement Pills, Editor’s Pick



This is one of the products that are very popular in the industry because of its effectiveness and potency level that it offers. The product is well known to carry strong effectiveness in improving sex drive, sexual energy, and stamina. This product is made with ingredients sourced from herbal plants.

It will provide positive effects in eight ways to ensure that the user experiences better sexual performance, vitality, and strength. Another exciting feature of this product is that customers do not require a prescription from a doctor before the enhancement pill can be sold to them. You can walk into any pharmacy or store and purchase this product regardless of age.

The brand that manufacturers this product did not do so based on their knowledge; they collected the knowledge of some of the finest sciences around Europe to help them create an enhancement pill that will improve the total Wellness of the male body system. with the use of this product, men will be able to perform better during sex and satisfy their partners better.

Unlike most other products available on the market, what the brand advertises is the same positive effect experienced when you use the product. Furthermore, all of the ingredients used in making this product are sourced naturally and organically, blended in a top-class formula to help provide active supplements that will improve users’ health.


  • Natural and organic ingredients: The effectiveness and potency of this product cannot be at the top-notch level if the manufacturers do not use natural ingredients. This is essentially why the product is one of the best at improving the sexual prowess of men. Performer 8 uses a blending formula that works well for natural ingredients to provide a supplement that contains active and properly concentrated ingredients. Because these ingredients are sourced from plants, the product is suitable for vegan and nonvegan use. Furthermore, the ingredients do not contain any form of GMO or soy. Therefore, users can enjoy the positive effects of the supplements without bothering themselves about experiencing adverse side effects.
  •  Zero reported side effects: Most of the drugs that are prescribed in the hospital for men to use to improve their sexual prowess will cost them side effects that might be severe. However, even though users do not require a prescription before purchasing this product, there has been no report online of customers that have experienced side effects after using the product. Once a customer can stick to the recommended dosage provided by the manufacturer, they are expected only to enjoy the positive effects that the products will provide with zero side effects
  •  Fast and free shipping: We spoke about the quality of the additional services provided by the brand adding to the quality of the brand in total. This brand provides customers with fast shipping services, and customers do not have to pay for the shipping of their products. However, free shipping only applies to customers that reside in the United States. But, once a customer has confirmed their order and approved it, the product will be shipped to the customer’s doorstep.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Performer 8


  • Customers that guaranteed 100% Satisfaction
  •  The product does not contain artificial ingredients or harmful toxins
  •  All satisfied customers can return the products within 355 days after purchasing them product
  •  The positive effect expected to be experienced from using the products will happen within weeks
  •  An effective dietary supplement
  •  It does not contain any form of allergen


  • Customers cannot purchase the products from their local stores

#2. VigRx Plus: Most Popular Sexual Pills For Men For Increased Pleasure



Another product that is quite very popular in the market and industry of most male enhancement pills is this product. This product is well known amongst users of enhancement pills to be a very potent and effective aphrodisiac. The benefit that has been stated by the brand that customers will enjoy from using those products is that their erection will be more challenging.

They will experience an increased sexual stamina level. In addition, the products also provide effectiveness to the male body system to ensure that they can satisfy the female and provide improved energy levels so that the man can recover quickly after sexual intercourse.

Based on the recommendations of the manufacturer, men who have issues with erectile dysfunction, reduced libido level, and low penile blood flow ARE expected to use the product. Based on the potential level of the products and the claims from the manufacturer, the product is stated to have effectiveness in improving the sexual performance of men that use the product.

In addition, the manufacturers have said that based on the natural and organic ingredients used in this supplement, users will experience improved testosterone production, better sleep, blood flow, and libido level will be improved, and fatigue in the body will be reduced.


  • Optimum dosing: One of the significant features that stands out when you consider the benefits of using those products is the dosage recommendation from the manufacturer. Customers have stated how, when they have used VigRx Plus according to the recommended dosage, they have experienced immediate positive effects that have improved the total Wellness of their bodies. Some products in the industry will not provide the stated benefits as in the advertisement – this product doesn’t work like that. The ingredients used in manufacturing this product are put in proper concentration levels to ensure that they remain active and provide positive benefits to users. Some brands in the industry use several fillers when manufacturing their products, but the brand behind the manufacturing of these products does not use any filler. Instead of using fillers, more quality ingredients are used to make the product so that the blood flow in the body can be improved and sexual stamina will be affected positively. When you need supplements that will improve just your sexual performance, this is one of the best products to turn to.
  • Maximum absorption: Another feature that stands out when considering the benefits that can be experienced from using these products is the maximum absorption of the ingredients in the product. One of the primary ingredients used in making the product is Bioperine, which is known to help the body absorb other ingredients better. This will help the user experience better positive effects once the ingredients have been absorbed into the bloodstream.

=> Click here to visit the official website of VigRx Plus


  • 100% of the ingredients are natural and organic
  •  unsatisfied customers can return the products 67 days after purchase
  •  Arguably the best male enhancement supplements in the industry
  •  Allows men to provide intense orgasms for their women
  •  Reduces the tendency of premature ejaculation
  • Blood flow will be improved
  • Users will experience an improved sexual desire
  • Several discounts to enjoy when purchasing the product


  • Customers must use the product consistently for three months before experiencing positive effects.

#3. Testoprime: Highly Trusted Instant Erection Pills For Increased Sexual Desire



One of the most popular brands in the hormone supplements industry is Wolfson Berg; they are well known for producing compelling and potent products that will improve the total Wellness of the men’s body system.

Some of the products released by these brands are popular in the industry, and our customers have spoken highly about the effectiveness and positive effects provided by the products. This is one of the best brands in the industry when you consider the brand’s reputation as being trustworthy and transparent and holding high-level credibility amongst customers.

All ingredients used in making these products are naturally extracted from plants, which is why the product is regarded as one of the best in the industry. This product is quick to provide positive effects due to the high-level potency that it carries, and this potency level differentiates it from other supplements in the industry.

In addition, the benefits customers are expected to experience when using those products are much more than most of the other products in the industry. Some of the benefits users will experience from using this product cannot be found when they use other products in the market. This product gives customers a unique feeling, knowing that they are experiencing more benefits than users of other products.


  • Efficiency: One of the essential factors to note when judging Testoprime is the efficiency it provides to users. Customers that can consistently use these products for three to four months ARE expected to experience maximum positive effects. However, it is essential to note that the time frame it would say for one person to experience positive effects from using the products will be different for another person. Therefore, customers should not worry if they do not experience positive effects within the same time frame they’ve seen from customer reviews online; they can rest assured that the positive effects will come in due time.
  • Allergen-free: Customers can rest assured knowing that this product does not contain any form of additives or substance that will result in allergic reactions. It does not have gluten, dairy, or other substances that can result in allergies. The scientists behind the production system of this product ensured that all of those substances were avoided during the manufacturing process. This is why the products can be used by people who are allergic to several things and people who are not. However, the product is quite effective in ensuring that the body’s hormonal level will be improved, and customers will experience high efficiency.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Testoprime


  • The FDA approves the facilities under which this product is manufactured
  •  third-party labs clinically test the product
  •  All of the ingredients are clinically tested before being blended
  •  Unsatisfied customers can initiate the money-back guarantee policy
  •  The delivery service provided by the brand is fast
  •  The manufacturer guarantees customer satisfaction
  •  All of the ingredients used are sourced naturally and organically
  •  People of all ages can use the product
  •  The brand is known to be trustworthy and reliable
  •  Customers are not required to pay for shipping services
  •  Side effects that might be experienced will be minimal


  • The product is now available for purchase in local stores

#4. Male Extra: Best Sexual Enhancement Pills For Men To Have Hard Orgasim

Male Extra.png


Based on the popularity and product, this is arguably one of the best male enhancement pills in the industry. Its effectiveness in improving men’s sexual desires and sexual stamina is viral amongst users of enhancement pills. Furthermore, it provides benefits in ensuring that premature ejaculation is removed from sexual situations.

The formula by which the ingredients used in making these products are blended is a unique formula that is different from the one used by most industry brands. This is why the ingredients used in making the products are always active, and they are in high-level concentration to provide a high potency level. As a result, this product effectively improves testosterone production in the body so that users can satisfy their partners sexually.

Another benefit that will be enjoyed by men that use the supplement is harder erections. In addition, the products will ensure that blood flow is increased, and penile girth is improved.

As a result, the users of these products will be able to provide intense orgasms to their partners, and they will experience intense orgasms. Furthermore, users of these supplements will experience improved sex life with improved stamina levels and libido. So, if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, this is one of the products to purchase immediately.


  • Discounts available: Several codes can be used to enjoy discounts when you order from Male extra. One of the popular codes is the SALE20. Customers who order using this code will enjoy a 20% discount on the total purchase cost. Another promotional offer available to customers is when they purchase in bulk; the brand will issue a certain percentage of discounts to customers who purchase their enhancement supplements in bulk. Furthermore, customers that consistently patronize this brand will enjoy discounts for their loyalty.
  •  Excellent packaging: The packaging system employed by the manufacturers of these products ensures that a mounted mask is used for packaging the products. During the manufacturing process, the manufacturer has ensured that the Staffs in charge of the product use hand sanitizers that are medically certified and gloves to ensure maximum safety. Furthermore, when the product is being delivered to customers, the agents are instructed to maintain no contact with the customer to reduce the tendency to contract COVID-19.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Male Extra


  • Customers cannot subscribe to auto-billing
  •  Shipping services operate discreetly
  •  Provides varieties of benefits to the male body system
  •  customer satisfaction is guaranteed 100%
  •  The brand does not include auto-ship products to customers
  •  Provide high-level effectiveness against erectile dysfunction


  • Products can only be purchased on the official website of the brand

#5. ProSolution Plus: Get Natural Erection Supplements To Perform Well In Bed



This product is regarded in the market as one of the best products that help to improve erectile dysfunction in the body of men. Based on the quality of the ingredients used in making this enhancement pill, users of the supplement will improve the level of vitamins and minerals in their bodies.

Furthermore, all of the ingredients used in making the products are sourced from herbs and proven to be botanicals through clinical trials. Therefore, the manufacturer is showing that the products will help improve dysfunction in the body.

A container of this product contains 240 milligrams of ashwagandha and Withania somnifera, which contain properties of antistress, antidepressants, and anxiolytics.

Because of the containment of this ingredient, the products will be very effective in improving the serotonin levels in the body to ensure that the user does not experience premature ejaculation. In addition, the product will also improve erectile dysfunction in the body of the user.


  • Potent formula: One of the significant benefits that make ProSolution plus stand out in the market is that it will positively affect the physical and psychological parts of the user’s life. Once the physical and psychological aspects of your life are improved, your sexual life will also experience an improvement. This brand uses a blending formula that allows the ingredients to remain active and in high concentration to ensure that the sexual drive and quality of the erection of the user are improved. This is the best product to consider if you want a product that will satisfy your needs without creating severe side effects on the male reproductive system.
  • Safe manufacturing process: All of the facilities and laboratories in which this product is being manufactured are certified by the GMP, and they are classified as state of art facilities. The manufacturing process and the technique used in creating this product are top-notch, including the extraction method employed to get the compounds from the plants. In addition, all of the ingredients used in making these products are naturally obtained and do not contain any harmful substances or toxins; all ingredients are obtained from plants. This product is also suitable for vegan use because it does not include animal-derived ingredients, and people with various types of allergies can also use it.
  • BBB Accredited: Another feature that makes this brand and its product stand out in the market is that the Better Business Bureau backs them. This is why the brand is trustworthy, and customers can believe that the benefits advertised will be experienced if they use the product according to the recommendation. In addition, this brand has been in the industry for about a decade, and they have consistently provided quality products without severe side effects.

=> Click here to visit the official website of ProSolution Plus


  • All of the ingredients used in making the products are naturally obtained
  •  Customers do not have to pay for shipping services
  •  Unsatisfied customers can return the products within the first 67 days after purchase
  •  Customize the not require a prescription before purchasing the product
  •  Provide a payment system that is safe and cannot be interrupted
  •  Product is one of the most cost-effective in the market
  •  The doctor’s association approved the products for their clients
  • Customers can enjoy varieties of discounts and promotional offers


  • Products only available on the official website of the brand

Buying Guide About Male Sexual Enhancement Pills

Before you decide to purchase any of the products you come across in the market, you should always check the ingredient list provided by the manufacturer to know if you are comfortable with using any of the ingredients listed.

Furthermore, some products have age limits attached to them, and this is because they contain ingredients that are not suitable for people of some particular age. Finally, you should always ensure that all the ingredients used in making the products should be natural so that you do not experience severe side effects after usage.

  • Servings Available and Cost

One of the significant aspects that we always play an essential part in the customer’s decision is how much the products will cost to purchase. You need to consider the number of servings available and the price you will have to pay for each. It is essential that whatever product you decide to purchase should offer you value for the price you’re paying.

Value does not only relate to the quality of the product but also the quantity of the products available. Once you are sure the price per service available is comfortable, you can purchase the product.

Some brands are top-rated in the industry and known for the quality of products that they have been able to offer consistently.

If you do not want to conduct any in-depth research on the industry to discover products that are suitable to satisfy your needs, you can decide to cross-check top-rated products.

This will save you time and ensure you do not purchase supplements from a scam brand. Always ensure you do not purchase this supplement from local stores; you should order from the brand’s official website.

You should always ensure that whatever products you purchase should have been tested by third-party labs so that you can have an opinion of an independent Party. If you base your purchase on the FDA’s regulations, you might buy a product that is unsafe for your health because the FDA cannot regulate every supplement manufactured in the industry.

This is why you must always check the website for a certificate of analysis issued by a third-party lab that has checked the safety and quality of the products. Suppose you discover that the manufacturers do not have a certificate of analysis available on their website. In that case, you should cease purchasing that product and move on to the next brand.

How We Made The List Of Enhancement Pills?

The primary purpose of creating this article was to ensure that people that are new to the industry and even seasoned users of enhancement pills do not have to stress themselves about deciding the brand that is legit to purchase from.

Therefore, before we selected only the brands we recommended in this article, we first set up a group of factors to help us decide on the standard we expect these brands to meet. One of the major factors we considered during our selection process was the natural ingredients used in creating the products.

Other factors we consider during our selection process include the ratings of the products online, the customer reviews posted, and several other factors. Any brands you see on our list were judged according to the factors, and each met the expected standards.

Furthermore, we cross-checked our decision to recommend those five brands with the opinions of other customers and market enthusiasts. In addition, we met with professionals who had in-depth knowledge of how to make quality enhancement pills, and we used their opinions to help us decide on the brands to recommend.

We did not just start our selection process with the five brands we recommended in this article; our selection process began with many brands we could find in the industry. We then selected the five brands we believe provide top-notch products and services. All of the five brands selected, compared to the factors that we have listed, qualified effectively.

The enhancement pills we have recommended in this article can be used regardless of your age, and they will provide the same positive effect expected. Most of the other products you will find in the markets have an age barrier attached to them; people of a certain age are not expected to use the product; hence they will experience side effects.

So as long as you have your needs adequately calculated and you know that you need a supplement that will improve your hormone levels, these are the penis enhancement pills you should purchase from the market to help you do that.

In addition, all of the products we have recommended in this article are provided by brands that are popular in the industry for the quality of their products. They have been in the industry for a while and are synonymous with quality products.

The primary concern for any customer when purchasing a new product is the safety of the product and the guarantee provided. All of the products we have recommended provide you with safety guarantees that assure you that you will not experience side effects, and the positive effect stated in the advertisement will be experienced accordingly.

What We Looked For: 

  • Brand reputation:  You might think that considering the reputation of the brands behind the manufacturing of the products does not provide any importance to our selection process. However, considering how long a brand has been in the industry and successful in that same industry, it could only have been achieved by consistently providing quality products. This is why we asked our team of experts to research the history and background of each of the brands on our list. In addition, brands that are very popular in the industry are most well-known for the effectiveness of their products and the safety attached to them. Therefore, if you consider brand reputation as your only factor during your selection process, you are more likely to select a brand that provides legit products. On the other hand, all of the brands we moved on from those factors are well known in the industry to be trustworthy, and they have been in the industry for a while, providing quality products without any hitch.
  • Client satisfaction: Customer reviews must be considered during our selection process because that is the best way for us to get accurate information on the products. We cross-checked the official website of each of the brands on our list to know the customer reviews and what they think about the quality of the product. Furthermore, we checked through the ratings attached to each of the products on the Internet; these ratings are provided by customers who have used the products. In addition to checking the ratings, we also analyzed the demand curve for each product on our list. We believe that products demanded a lot must provide positive effects without any side effects for customers to want to use them consistently. All of the factors we mentioned were used to dictate the products’ quality and ensure that the products we moved on from this factor will provide high-level quality. The information we gathered from our research on this particular factor helped us decide if customers are likely to be satisfied with the products we recommend. The products we ended up recommending have a high rating on the Internet.
  • Availability: It is essential that when you consider the quality of a brand, you do not just judge their quality according to the quality of their products. The quality of the additional services provided is also important to consider, which is what we did during our selection process. When you order a product from a brand, you want the products delivered as quickly as possible. We included factors such as availability during our selection process because not all brands have fast delivery services. Before you order a product from any of the brands, you should check the timeframe it would take for the products to be delivered. In addition, we did not just calculate the availability of the product based on the information on the brand’s official website. We also cross-checked what previous customers thought about the delivery service of the brand and if their shopping experience for the products was enjoyable.Furthermore, we asked questions about if the product arrived in one piece or if it had been tampered with on arrival. We did not just check the customer reviews of customers that reside in the United States or Canada; we checked the reviews from customers that reside in other countries around the world. So that we can be sure of how fast the delivery service can get to other countries outside of the United States and Canada. Brands that could provide fast delivery service were moved on from this factor.
  • Content of the product: It’s important to cross-check the contents of the products and know what it is made up of, and that is precisely what we charged our team of experts with doing. The content and the ingredients used in making the products will determine how effective the product will be and the variety of positive effects experienced from using the products. When we talk about the content of a product, we simply mean the ingredients used in making the products and how they were sourced. Furthermore, we analyze the effectiveness of each of the products to understand the variety of benefits that users will enjoy from the product. Another factor we considered was the concentration attached to each ingredient used in making the products. According to the standards of providing quality products, certain ingredients are expected to be highly concentrated, and others are less concentrated. The formula used in blending the ingredients also played a part in the quality of the products at the end of the manufacturing process.
  • Acceptability: Another factor we considered during our selection process was the acceptability of the product amongst users and the general public. The general public must accept any product of top-notch quality, or else the brand or the product itself is a scam to the industry. Some standards have been set by the FDA and the GMP regarding the facilities and the manufacturing process that must be employed so that the product will meet the standard expected for a hormone supplement. Essentially, the customers who have used this product have praised the positive effects they have experienced from using the recommended products. Aside from the brand’s reputation, acceptability considers the product’s reputation within the market.
  • Ease of use: Several products worldwide have dosage recommendations from the manufacturer that are difficult to keep up with. However, all of the products we have recommended in this article have dosage recommendations that are easy for customers to adhere to. Products we have recommended do not only come with dosage recommendations written on the container of the products. The products come with detailed instructions that are included in the product’s container. This instruction will teach you how to administer the products, the capsules you should take at a particular time, and the time you should take them. The manufacturers that provided a detailed explanation of their recommendations were moved on from this factor during our selection process.
  • Price of the product: This factor plays a significant part in the customer’s decision-making when they are trying to purchase an enhancement pill. Many customers believe that if they do not purchase the most expensive products on the market, they will not be buying a product of the best quality. However, some customers are simply in the market looking for incredibly cheap products that fit their budget. Those types of customers need to understand that products that at that cheap are made using harmful ingredients or contain toxins and harmful substances. However, for customers who believe they need to purchase the most expensive products to enjoy the positive effects of enhancement supplements, several products in the market are cost-effective. They will still provide you with high value for your money. All of the products we have recommended in this article are affordable, and you will enjoy the benefits stated in their advertisements. Therefore, if you purchase any of the products in this article, you can rest assured that you will enjoy value for money.
  • Customer service: The last factor we considered during our selection process was the customer service section of the brand and the level of quality attached to the customer service agent. As we have said before, the brand’s quality must be judged based not only on the quality of the products but also on the quality of General Services offered. When the customer service section of the brand is at the top level, it will be able to drive customer demand to a higher level because of the quality they provide to customers who do not understand the products or the brand. Not all customers will technically be knowledgeable enough to operate the brand’s websites, so quality customer service agents must be available to help them navigate the website to order the products of their choice. Furthermore, the level of understanding and emotional intelligence the agents use in handling inquiries from various customers will help improve the brand’s quality. This is why we chose brands with effective customer service agents that were available most of the time.

FAQs: Over The Counter Male Enhancement Pills

Q1: Can I experience side effects from using these supplements?

Yes. Regardless of the natural ingredients used in making these products, users can also experience side effects. But the side effects will not be severe, like when you use a product made using artificial ingredients.

Q2: Are these supplements legal?

All of the products we have listed in this article are legal under the laws of the United States of America. In addition, all of these brands follow the legally recommended production process.

Concluding About Sexual Pills For Men

All the products we have reviewed provide top-class benefits that cannot be matched by products made using artificial ingredients.

And this is because the recommended products do not result in severe side effects, unlike the artificially created ones.

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