Best Male Enhancement Pills Sold in Stores Online and Over the Counter

As the years go by, you may have noticed that your performance isn’t what it used to be. Low libido, difficulty gaining or maintaining an erection, premature ejaculation, and poor energy are common issues that become more prevalent as men age.

Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with these symptoms. There are many over the counter supplements available that can improve your performance. The best male enhancement pills in 2022 belong to Performer 8, with nine natural ingredients covering several mechanisms of action.

What Are Male Enhancement Pills?

Many men buy male enhancement pills over the counter to improve their sexual performance and overall health. Many of their ingredients enhance testosterone production, while other benefits include boosting circulation or antioxidant support. They do not increase penis size, but some male enhancement pills increase the size of erections by stimulating blood flow. 

Male Enhancement Pills Ingredients: What Is in Male Enhancement Pills?

The best male enhancement pills sold in stores contain evidence-based herbal remedies and nutrients. 

Some ingredients, such as zinc, ashwagandha, and D-aspartic acid, boost testosterone production. Others, including Ginkgo biloba and pomegranate, are antioxidants and stimulate blood flow, contributing to harder erections. You may also find ingredients that increase energy levels, such as Panax ginseng (Korean ginseng). 

Who Are Male Enhancement Pills Best For?

Men’s enhancement pills are best for you if you have mild to moderate difficulties in sexual performance or building muscle. These issues may seem to have no identifiable cause or be the result of aging. 

Best Male Enhancement Pills Sold in Stores Over the Counter

  • Performer 8– Best male enhancement pills overall
  • VigRX Plus – Best sex pills for a hard erection
  • MaxPerformer – Best men enhancement pills to boost libido
  • Male Extra – Best male enhancement pills for performance
  • ProSolution Plus – Best male enhancement pills for premature ejaculation
  • TestoPrime – Best men enhancement pills to increase testosterone
  • Semenax – Best men enhancement pills for semen volume 
  • Viasil– Best men enhancement pills for men over 50
  • TestoFuel – Best t-booster for older men
  • Prime Male – Best men enhancement pills for building muscle

1. Performer 8 – Best Male Enhancement Pills Overall

Who Should Try Performer 8?

Performer 8 are the best male enhancement pills sold over the counter that we could find. Their nine ingredients help to boost testosterone, blood flow, stamina, and your ability to maintain an erection. 

One of these is muira puama. A clinical study involving 262 men with low libido found that 60% enjoyed improvements in their sex drive when taking the herbal extract, while 50% noticed they had better erections [1]. Its exact mechanisms of action are still unknown, but the herb does contain phytosterols, which may encourage sex hormone production. 

Another ingredient, ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), may increase sperm counts if you struggle with subfertility. When men took the KSM-66 extract of ashwagandha for three months, their sperm counts rocketed from 9.59 million/mL to 25.61 million/mL. Even better, their testosterone levels rose from 4.45 to 5.22ng/mL, potentially improving energy and strength [2]. 

Including horny goat weed (Epimedium spp.) may give you an even more comprehensive range of benefits. Lab studies suggest that it inhibits the PDE5 enzyme, which is how Viagra increases blood flow through the penis

Even better, horny goat weed may boost testosterone and recruit stem cells to enhance tissue repair, possibly helping the male enhancement pills increase the size of your erection [3].

Pros of Using Performer 8

  • Several ingredients enhance testosterone production 
  • Powerful antioxidant ingredients that may protect against blood vessel wall damage 
  • Some components, including maca root and Panax ginseng, could increase energy and stamina

Cons of Using Performer 8 

  • Does not contain essential nutrients for testosterone production, such as zinc

Ingredients in Performer 8

Performer 8 contains nine natural ingredients: 

  • Maca root extract 
  • Muira puama extract 
  • Ashwagandha, as the patented KSM-66 extract 
  • Panax ginseng
  • Horny goat weed 
  • Pine bark extract 
  • Glucuronolactone
  • Iron, as ferrous bisglycinate
  • Grape seed extract 

Recommended Dosage of Performer 8 

The recommended dosage of Performer 8 natural male enhancement pills is three capsules daily, preferably with food. 

Retail Price of Performer 8 

The typical retail price of Performer 8 is $74.99 for one month’s supply, but you can purchase it from the website for only $64.99. A three-month supply costs $129.99, and a six-month package costs $194.99. 

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2. VigRX Plus – Best Men Enhancement Pills for a Hard Erection

Who Should Try VigRX Plus?

VigRX Plus is among the best male enhancement pills available over the counter if you want a hard erection. It contains the PDE5 inhibitor horny goat weed alongside T-boosters, energy enhancers, and antioxidant herbs. 

For example, research shows that Ginkgo biloba could provide tissue protection.  Ginkgo’s properties could enable nerve regeneration after glucose-induced damage and support circulatory health. 

When men with diabetes took an antioxidant-rich supplement featuring ginkgo, it improved erectile function impaired by the condition’s damaging effects on nerves and blood vessels. It is possible that ginkgo-containing male enhancement pills increase the size of erections [4].

Damiana (Turnera diffusa) may help to maintain testosterone levels by inhibiting an enzyme known as aromatase. This converts testosterone to estrogen inside body fat, preventing it from boosting libido and helping you get hard [5]. 

Pros of Using VigRX Plus

  • Some ingredients may boost energy levels 
  • Includes piperine to enhance absorption of other supplement ingredients 
  • Discreet packaging to protect your privacy 
  • 67-day money-back guarantee

Cons of Using VigRX Plus 

  • Some ingredients have little published evidence 
  • May be expensive 

Ingredients in VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus contains nine ingredients aimed at optimizing sex hormone levels, improving sexual function, and providing antioxidant support: 

  • Damiana 
  • Horny goat weed 
  • Panax ginseng
  • Muira pauma extract 
  • Hawthorn berry 
  • Catuaba bark extract 
  • Saw palmetto 
  • Ginkgo biloba 
  • Bioperine 

Recommended Dosage of VigRX Plus 

The recommended dosage of VigRX Plus male enhancement pills is two capsules per day. You can take them separately or together. 

Retail Price of VigRX Plus 

The retail price of VigRX Plus is $89.95, but you can purchase it from the website for no more than $69.95 per one-month supply. The best value deal is the 12-month supply for $589.95. 

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3. MaxPerformer – Best Sex Pills to Boost Libido

Who Should Try MaxPerformer?

MaxPerformer sells the best male enhancement pills over the counter to boost libido, particularly if you struggle with fatigue. 

Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng) may boost libido by giving your testosterone and energy levels a lift. A clinical study on men with metabolic syndrome, a common condition in middle age, found that it stimulates the growth of new mitochondria. These produce the vast majority of cellular energy. Average testosterone rose by 5.5%, a small but significant improvement [6]. 

One of the essential nutrients in MaxPerformer is zinc, which your body requires for testosterone production. Research demonstrates a link between higher levels of zinc and increased testosterone levels in both younger and older men. When older men took zinc supplements, their testosterone levels almost doubled in six months from 8.3 to 16nmol/L [7]. 

Pros of Using MaxPerformer

  • Includes essential nutrients for testosterone production and blood cell formation
  • Energy boosters for overall well being  
  • Extensive 100-day money-back guarantee 

Cons of Using MaxPerformer  

  • No money-back guarantee on the one-month package 
  • A very high dose of vitamin B12 (10mg) may be risky when taking it for long periods 

Ingredients in MaxPerformer

MaxPerformer contains 13 natural ingredients, including essential vitamins and minerals: 

  • Horny goat weed
  • Maca
  • Cordyceps sinensis 
  • Panax ginseng
  • Piperine, as bioperine 
  • Selenium 
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B6 
  • Iron 
  • Vitamin B3 
  • Vitamin B2 
  • Vitamin B12, as cyanocobalamin

Recommended Dosage of MaxPerformer 

The recommended dose of MaxPerformer is two capsules with water every day. As with all of the best men’s enhancement pills, consistency is essential for the best results.  

Retail Price of MaxPerformer  

The best deal advertised on the MaxPerformer website is $200 for a six-month supply. If you’d prefer to purchase one month’s supply, it costs $69. 

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4. Male Extra – Best Male Enhancement Pills for Performance

Who Should Try Male Extra?

Male Extra provides the best male enhancement pills if you’re concerned about your performance in the bedroom. 

The star ingredient of Male Extra is pomegranate extract, standardized to contain 40% ellagic acid, a powerful antioxidant. While its antioxidant properties protect blood vessels against damage and plaque formation, it has short-term benefits for your sexual performance by boosting circulation [8]. 

L-arginine is another unique ingredient among male enhancement pills sold over the counter online. In a clinical study involving 50 men with erectile dysfunction, 31% found significant gains in sexual function by taking nothing but arginine. Arginine widens the blood vessels by increasing nitric oxide, leading to harder, longer-lasting erections [9]. 

Pros of Using Male Extra

  • Rich in circulation-boosting antioxidants that may help these male enhancement pills increase size of erections
  • Some ingredients may boost testosterone
  • It contains ingredients that support cellular health and energy production 
  • 100-day money-back guarantee, among the longest of all men enhancement pills

Cons of Using Male Extra 

  • A high dose of zinc (45mg) may be unsafe if you take it for long periods

Ingredients in Male Extra

Male Extra contains seven ingredients that place it among the best male enhancement pills over the counter: 

  • Pomegranate extract with 40% ellagic acid 
  • Zinc 
  • Cordyceps sinensis 
  • Vitamin B3 
  • L-arginine 
  • MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) 
  • Methionine 

Recommended Dosage of Male Extra 

Male Extra should be taken at a dose of three capsules daily with a meal. The company claims that you will likely see significant results after at least one month. 

Retail Price of Male Extra

Male Extra costs $74.95 on most retail sites but is only $59.99 per bottle on the official website. For $179.99, however, you get five months’ supply and two bonus erection gels.

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5. ProSolution Plus – Best Male Enhancement Pills for Premature Ejaculation

Who Should Try ProSolution Plus?

ProSolution Plus is our top pick for the best male enhancement pills sold over the counter for men experiencing premature ejaculation. 

In 2011, the American Journal of Therapeutics published a study on the ProSolution Plus formula involving men with mild to moderate sexual dysfunction. Men taking the commercially available formula or a modified version experienced significant benefits. Erectile function, premature ejaculation severity, sexual desire, and satisfaction all improved [10]. 

Mucuna pruriens, or velvet bean, is one ingredient in ProSolution Plus that makes it one of the best male enhancement pills for premature ejaculation. It may improve sperm count and motility while relieving stress by enhancing dopamine and lowering cortisol. Dopamine supports motivation, while the stress hormone cortisol ruins your fun and suppresses testosterone [11].

Pros of Using ProSolution Plus

  • Energy-boosting ingredients 
  • Has a clinical study published in the American Journal of Therapeutics 
  • 67-day money-back guarantee 

Cons of Using ProSolution Plus 

  • Some lesser-known ingredients do not have their own human clinical studies

Ingredients in ProSolution Plus

ProSolution Plus contains seven ingredients, some of which are unusual among the best male enhancement pills sold in stores and online: 

  • Ashwagandha root 
  • Asparagus adscendens
  • Shilajit (asphaltum) 
  • Curculigo orchioides
  • Tribulus terrestris 
  • Velvet bean 
  • Asteracantha longifolia

Recommended Dosage of ProSolution Plus 

The recommended way to take ProSolution Plus is at a dose of two tablets every day. 

Retail Price of ProSolution Plus 

The best way to save on ProSolution Plus is to purchase the 12-month package, which costs $429.95. For one month’s supply, you pay $69.95.  

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6. TestoPrime – Best Men Enhancement Pills To Increase Testosterone

Who Should Try TestoPrime?

TestoPrime is our top choice for the best male enhancement pills for guys who want to boost their testosterone levels. 

Alongside T-boosting ashwagandha and Panax ginseng, TestoPrime includes the amino acid d-aspartic acid. This raises testosterone by acting on the pituitary gland, increasing the release of luteinizing hormone (LH). LH then triggers testosterone production in the testes, with one trial showing a 42% rise in T-levels [12]. 

TestoPrime may be one of the best male enhancement pills sold over the counter if you spend most of your time indoors. It contains vitamin D, which can increase total, free, and active testosterone in overweight men [13]. 

Pros of Using TestoPrime

  • It contains essential nutrients for testosterone production 
  • Includes energy-boosting, antioxidant ingredients 
  • Ingredients for circulation support may mean these male enhancement pills increase size of erections
  • Lifetime money-back guarantee 

Cons of Using TestoPrime 

  • High doses of zinc may be unsafe if you take it for several months

Ingredients in TestoPrime

TestoPrime features 12 ingredients that make them the best male enhancement pills sold over the counter to boost testosterone: 

  • Ashwagandha, as the KSM-66 extract 
  • D-aspartic acid
  • Fenugreek 
  • Panax ginseng 
  • Zinc 
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B5 
  • Vitamin B6
  • Pomegranate extract, as 40% ellagic acid 
  • Green tea extract, with 70% catechins 
  • Black pepper extract 
  • Garlic extract 

Recommended Dosage of TestoPrime

The best dosage of TestoPrime is four capsules every morning before breakfast to give your day a great start. 

Retail Price of TestoPrime 

Although the retail price of TestoPrime is generally $75.99, it only costs $59.99 for one month’s supply on the official site. The six-month package is the best deal, at only $179.99. 

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7. Semenax – Best Men Enhancement Pills for Semen Volume

Who Should Try Semenax?

Semenax is our favorite for the best male enhancement pills if your goal is to improve semen quality and volume. With several potent antioxidants, it can protect your sperm from oxidative damage, too. 

While some ingredients, such as zinc, boost your T-levels, others increase semen volume through different effects. A clinical study on maca root found a rise in sperm concentration, motility, and volume after 12 weeks, even though it didn’t raise testosterone. Some of maca’s effects could be thanks to cellular protective properties [14]. 

Pros of Using Semenax

  • Critical nutrients for men’s health 
  • Contains natural circulation boosters to potentially help these male enhancement pills increase size of your erections
  • Most affordable men enhancement pills
  • Has a high score on TrustPilot of 4.2/5 stars 

Cons of Using Semenax 

  • Not all ingredients have human clinical studies to back them up

Ingredients in Semenax

When comparing the best male enhancement pills over the counter, you may notice that Semenax has the most complex formula, with 18 ingredients: 

  • L-arginine
  • L-lysine
  • Zinc 
  • Swedish pollen flower 
  • L-carnitine 
  • Catuaba bark 
  • Pumpkin seed
  • Maca
  • Vitamin E 
  • Muira puama
  • Cranberry 
  • Wild oat straw 
  • Horny goat weed
  • Sarsaparilla 
  • Zinc aspartate 
  • Tribulus terrestris
  • Pine bark extract 
  • Hawthorn berry 

Recommended Dosage of Semenax

The recommended dose of Semenax is two pills twice every day. 

Retail Price of Semenax

Semenax only costs $39.97 for a single bottle, or almost $1.33 per day. One year’s supply costs $399.95, a daily average of $1.10. 

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8. Viasil – Best Men Enhancement Pills for Men Over 50

Who Should Try Viasil?

If you’re over 50, Viasil is our top recommendation among the best male enhancement pills sold in stores or online. Together, its ingredients may boost testosterone, provide antioxidant support, and promote cellular energy production. 

As you age, the number and function of your mitochondria decline, leading to reduced energy output and poorer cell and tissue repair. Panax ginseng, fortunately, increases mitochondrial regeneration while boosting testosterone [6]. 

Even better, sweet orange extract can protect your mitochondria by preventing them from becoming “leaky.” This guards the cell as a whole because less oxidative free radicals escape [15].  

Pros of Using Viasil

  • Addresses major concerns of men over 50 looking for the best male enhancement pills sold over the counter
  • Erection gel included in larger packages, which may strengthen the ability of these male enhancement pills to increase the size of erections.
  • 50-day money-back guarantee

Cons of Using Viasil 

  • Pills are larger than average

Ingredients in Viasil

Viasil contains seven key natural T-boosters and antioxidant ingredients: 

  • Horny goat weed 
  • Zinc
  • Orange extract
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Tribulus terrestris 
  • Panax ginseng 
  • Pomegranate extract 

Recommended Dosage of Viasil

Viasil is the most convenient of the best male enhancement pills sold over the counter, with a recommended dosage of one tablet daily. 

Retail Price of Viasil 

Viasil costs $59.99 on the company website instead of $79.99 on your average retail site. One year’s supply costs less than a dollar daily, at $359.99, and includes four erection gels. 

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9. TestoFuel – Best T-Booster for Older Men

Who Should Try TestoFuel?

TestoFuel is our winner among the best male enhancement pills for older men looking to boost their testosterone levels. It contains essential T-boosting nutrients, including zinc, vitamin D3, and d-aspartic acid. 

Oyster shell extract is a unique ingredient among the best male enhancement pills and is a fantastic source of zinc. Additionally, vitamin K2 not only enhances testosterone production but supports bone and cardiovascular health, too, which are common issues among older men [16]. 

Pros of Using TestoFuel

  • Rich, natural source of zinc
  • Some ingredients improve stamina 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Cons of Using TestoFuel 

  • Not suitable for vegans 
  • A little more expensive than other brands among the best male enhancement pills

Ingredients in TestoFuel 

TestoFuel contains 10 key nutrients and natural T-boosters: 

  • Vitamin D3 
  • Vitamin K2 
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • D-aspartic acid 
  • Panax ginseng 
  • Fenugreek seed
  • Maca root
  • Oyster shell extract
  • Boron 

Recommended Dosage of TestoFuel

It’s best to take four capsules of TestoFuel every day.

Retail Price of TestoFuel 

Like the rest of the best male enhancement pills sold in stores, you receive a better deal when purchasing TestoFuel on the official website. One month’s supply costs $65, but buying the four-month package costs $195.00. 

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10. Prime Male – Best Men Enhancement Pills for Building Muscle

Who Should Try Prime Male?

Prime Male is our favorite among the best male enhancement pills sold in stores online for muscle growth. 

Ashwagandha boosts testosterone, fertility, and muscle development during exercise. Another clinical study on the herb found a dramatic increase in strength, with the treated group improving by 46kg on the bench press exercise, compared to 26kg in the placebo arm. Their arm and chest muscle gains were larger by 3.3cm2 and 1.9cm2, respectively [17]. 

Luteolin is another Prime Male ingredient and is not commonly used among the best male enhancement pills. It reduces aromatase activity, boosting your testosterone by preventing it from turning into estrogen [18]. 

Pros of Using Prime Male

  • Reduces estrogen production 
  • Liberates bound testosterone for use in the body 
  • Package deal with transformation program available 

Cons of Using Prime Male

  • Four divided doses per day may be inconvenient

Ingredients in Prime Male

Prime Male contains 12 ingredients that place it among the best male enhancement pills: 

  • D-aspartic acid 
  • Ashwagandha
  • Boron
  • Panax ginseng 
  • Luteolin
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B6 
  • Vitamin D3 
  • Zinc 
  • Black pepper
  • Nettle root extract
  • Vitamin K2

Recommended Dosage of Prime Male

The recommended method and dosage of Prime Male is one capsule four times daily. 

Retail Price of Prime Male 

The best package deal on the Prime Male website costs $225 for four months’ supply and a bonus Boss Prime body transformation program. If you want to try it for one month, a single bottle costs $75. 

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Will the Best Male Enhancement Pills Increase Size and Improve Sexual Performance?

Everyone is different, so we cannot make guarantees, but many studies show that ingredients commonly found in the best male enhancement pills can improve performance. They may be most effective if you have a nutrient or hormone deficiency the ingredient addresses, such as low T levels caused by zinc deficiency [7]. 

Some ingredients in the best male enhancement pills increase size of your erections by boosting blood flow, too. This is noticeable during erections, but won’t cause permanent changes. 

Effect of Male Enhancement Pills on Erectile Dysfunction 

The best male enhancement pills sold in stores online contain blood flow-boosting ingredients that may relieve erectile dysfunction. 

For example, Ginkgo biloba can improve erections in men with diabetes by protecting nerve function and allowing them to repair [4]. L-arginine can provide temporary improvement by widening the blood vessels [9]. It’s possible circulation boosters and male enhancement pills increase size and duration of erections.

Are Male Enhancement Pills Over the Counter Safe?

For most men, buying male enhancement pills over the counter is safe if you stick to the recommended dose and don’t have any serious underlying disease causing your symptoms. 

What Are the Side Effects of Taking Male Enhancement Pills?

The best men’s enhancement pills have very few, if any, side effects, as they are not contaminated with pharmaceuticals. However, male enhancement pills that increase the size of your erections by boosting circulation, such as those containing l-arginine, may cause facial flushing and headache [9]. 

Interactions Between Male Enhancement Pills and Other Medications

Some ingredients in the best male enhancement pills sold in stores have additive effects with other medications. 

For example, Ginkgo biloba has anti-clotting properties, which may increase the risk of bleeding if you take it in combination with blood thinners. Additionally, as many of the best male enhancement pills include zinc, ensure that your total daily zinc intake does not exceed 40–45mg. 

If your doctor advises you to avoid Viagra because of interactions with other meds, avoid men’s enhancement pills containing horny goat weed. In general, only purchase male enhancement pills over the counter once you have your doctor’s clearance if you take any prescription medication. 

Do Natural Male Enhancement Products Require Prescriptions?

The best male enhancement pills made from natural ingredients do not need a prescription, as they are dietary supplements. Only pharmaceutical treatments such as testosterone replacement or Viagra need a doctor’s prescription. 

What To Look for When Buying Male Enhancement Pills

Ingredients and their quality, value for money, and return policies are the most important factors when looking for the best male enhancement pills sold in stores or online. 

Look for Products Containing Natural Male Enhancement Ingredients

The best male enhancement pills will include natural ingredients backed up by scientific evidence, preferably human clinical trials. Avoid brands known to sneak in stronger pharmaceutical ingredients, as these can be dangerous. 

Compare Prices Between Different Male Enhancement Products and Check Packing Size

To enjoy the most value for money, check the cost per dose by dividing the price per package by the number of daily doses. It’s best to aim for a daily cost of no more than $3. 

Check Product Return Policies

Solid return policies show integrity and the company’s confidence that their supplements will likely work. The best male enhancement pills should include at least a partial refund and allow you at least 30 days to evaluate whether the pills are effective. 

If you’re asking, where can I buy male enhancement pills near me?, and find one of the above products in a store, check their return policy, too. 

Best Male Enhancement Pills: Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are the top questions men ask while deciding on the best male enhancement pills. 

Will Prolonged Use of Over the Counter Male Enhancement Pills Provide Permanent Results? 

None of the best male enhancement pills sold in stores over the counter have permanent results. They support natural processes such as testosterone production, blood flow, and free radical control, which your cells turn up or down depending on need and stimulus. 

If your male enhancement pills increase the size of your erections, this is thanks to a temporary boost in circulation. 

What Is the Strongest Male Enhancement Pill Available Online?

The strongest men’s enhancement pills for you depend on your individual needs, but Performer 8 contains the strongest range of ingredients overall. 

What Over the Counter Pills Can I Take To Stay Hard?

To stay hard, VigRX and Male Extra are the best male enhancement pills sold over the counter. While VigRX contains a natural PDE5 inhibitor, Male Extra includes l-arginine among its circulation boosters. 

What Is the Best Male Supplement for ED?

VigRX sells the best male enhancement pills for erectile dysfunction, thanks to its combination of Ginkgo biloba, horny goat weed, and natural T-boosters. 

How Long Does It Take for the Best Male Enhancement Pills To Show Effect?

As the best male enhancement pills address the underlying causes of impaired sexual performance, it may take several weeks to see their full effects. Those with circulation-boosting ingredients could provide some results in a few days.

Is There a Valid List of FDA Approved Male Enhancement Pills?

Buying male enhancement pills over the counter is not affected by FDA approval. However, the FDA can issue warnings and ban products if they are unsafe or the manufacturer makes unsupported claims. 

Final Thoughts on Male Enhancement Pills: Are They Worth It?

The best male enhancement pills sold over the counter can be a worthwhile investment for your relationship and overall health. They typically include a blend of circulation boosters, testosterone enhancers, and ingredients that support healthy energy production. Improved circulation also means that some male enhancement pills increase size and duration of erections.

Out of the best male enhancement pills we could find, the clear winner is Performer 8. Combining the natural PDE5 inhibitor horny goat weed with testosterone- and stamina-supporting ashwagandha, powerful antioxidants, and iron for blood cell production, it’s our top choice for short- and long-term results. 

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