Best Male Enhancement Pills in 2023

Modern-day problems and habits are enough to make anyone feel burnt out and jaded at the end of the day. Work and responsibilities take away much of the men’s time in a day, after which they feel stressed. After that overloading stress comes the time for them to get some peace and chill. They start resorting to cigarettes, alcohol, and other intoxicating elements that give them that feel-good factor for a while.

With such a messed up lifestyle, they start suffering from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and lower libido. Thus, their intimate love lives with their partners get affected. Affected sexual functions will cause a rift in your love life and impact your confidence. Nothing feels right if such issues get in between you and your partner! 

Sex is not just for that exciting period you share with your partner but also helps deal with blood pressure, anxiety issues, lower stress levels, etc. In addition, it adds to your cardiovascular health and facilitates dealing with depression.

The best stance is to take action before it is too late! Here natural remedies can come in handy to give the right treatment support for rejuvenating your sex life. Here comes the necessity of having male enhancement pills. 

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Knowing about Male Enhancement Pills

Male enhancement pills or Sex Pills help deal with all these sexual issues with their natural ingredients. These pills get specially manufactured to give men back their manhood without inflicting harmful side effects like other pharmaceutical drugs. The male enhancement pills help with stronger erections, better sex drives, and performance.

However, with numerous available options, it becomes difficult to find the best male enhancement pills. However, clinical experts around the globe explored all the probable products to shortlist the five best male enhancement pills that can work wonders;

6 Best Male Enhancement Pills in Detail

The following over the counter sex pills are the ones that took the market by storm due to their functional efficiencies;

•    Performer 8 – Best Male Enhancement Pills Overall

•    VigRX Plus – Best Sex Pills for Hard Erections

•    TestoPrime – Best Testosterone Booster Overall

•    Semenax – Top Semen Enhancer

•    Prosolution Plus – Top Premature Ejaculation Pill

•    Viasil – Top Choice For Older Men

Now that we have the names of the best male enhancement pills, we must delve deep into each product to understand their dynamics and impact on a man’s life.

#1. Performer 8 – Best Overall (Editor’s Choice)


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The manufacturers of Performer 8 claim that the product can give a boost to male enhancement and sexual lives by up to eight times. The ingredients of this product are completely natural and have herbal origins. In addition, the product is free of gluten, soy, and other products that GMOs do not approve of. These pills would give any man increased sexual energy, boosted libido, stamina, and stronger erections.

Women suffer from an increased sexual need during their early and mid-forties, i.e., before and after menopause. Tragically, numerous men find their sexual power and motivation going downhill in their forties and early fifties, which pushes them into the incapability of fulfilling their partner’s expectations. 

Here a Sexologist would be the best person to come to the ailing man’s aid and help him escape that abyss. Visiting a doctor is a great solution here, as an experienced sexologist will delve deep into the analysis of every issue and provide the best lifestyle and medicinal solutions required to bring a change. 

Well, even after widespread awareness about sexologists, people find it awkward to visit them with their problems. Are you one of them? 

Here, male enhancement pills like Performer 8 can come to the rescue. With such a product in use, the need to visit a doctor would no longer exist, and your trusted jump would be the best one! 


Why did the Manufacturers come out with Performer 8?

Performer 8 manufacturers realized the gravity of the problem and looked for a possible solution. In their efforts to figure out a solution, they integrated a team of the best European scientists who could craft the best medicine for the purpose.

Thanks to such experts, you can now have one of the most trusted male enhancement pills to regain your glory and have a lovely time with your partner.

Contents of the Male Enhancement Pill

The product is nothing without its set of natural ingredients. The manufacturers claim that all the ingredients are herbal and give the best results for the consumer. Though there are numerous ingredients, a few of them make the soul of this product;

•    KSM-66 Ashwagandha

Performer 8 includes 500mg of KSM-66 Ashwagandha, which plays an important role in getting the job of male enhancement done. As an age-old product that is an integral part of Indian Ayurveda, Ashwagandha aids in increased testosterone levels and heightened sexual desires. In addition, it facilitates lowering cortisol levels, which directly impacts increasing stress levels. Thus, the pathway to heightened sexual arousal and performance gets cleared without any hassle. 

•    Ferrous Bisglycinate

12mg of Ferrous Bisglycinate is an integral part of Performer 8 and puts its crucial contribution. This lighter form of the iron component is easily digestible compared to other iron capsules. This iron variant propels a continuous blood flow across the penis veins, facilitating stronger erections for longer periods.

•    Maca Root extract

Maca root is found in the higher altitude of the Andes mountains of Peru, where Maca roots originate. Performer 8 contains 30mg of Maca root extract, a proven aphrodisiac that has been in use for centuries together. The mere consumption of this product would boost your sexual desire and give you unending stamina in bed.

•    Panax Ginseng

6000mg of Panax Ginseng is an integral part of Performer 8, among the other effective ingredients. To understand its effectiveness, 900mg of Panax Ginseng got administered to 45 people over eight weeks. After concluding eight weeks of consumption, the conducting team observed the effectiveness to find that the men experienced increased erectile function, penis stiffness, better penetration, and continued sexual act for longer.

•    Barrenwort

Barrenwort, or Horny Goat Weed, is an isolated flavonoid that helps stop the penis deflating enzyme and PDE5. In addition, it facilitates better blood flow which helps an individual hold an erection for longer periods. The 1000mg of barrenwort perfectly does its job to improve your overall performance.

•    Pine Bark Extract

To understand its effectiveness, a few men got administered Pine Bark extract. The double-blind and random study helmed by a placebo revealed that 22% of the men experienced increased sexual performance and satisfaction. 

To the observer’s immense astonishment, the people with diabetes get better results, with a 45% improvement in overall sexual results.

•    Glucuronolactone

Glucuronolactone is a naturally occurring compound that reduces oxidative stress and better protects blood vessels.

An expert study showed that this compound caused a 40% reduction in blood vessel damage and better support for continued blood flow.

•    Grape Seed Extract

Performer 8 contains 30 mg grape seed extract that is proven beneficial for increasing levels of nitric oxide in the blood. The increased nitric oxide presence facilitates better blood flow for a thicker and fuller penis for long-lasting sessions.

Pros of Performer 8

–    Never-ending sexual energy, stamina, and drive that prepares you for long-lasting sessions.

–    These enhancement pills would give you erections that last longer with intact firmness and strength. 

–    All the related issues, like premature ejaculation, would vanish, and the orgasms would be better and delayed. 

–    You would eventually see increased semen volume, characterized by propelled mobility.

–    The guide on the product website makes it easy for the customers to navigate.

–    The product is free of GMO products and is vegan-friendly.

–    It is free of gluten and soy.

–    Eliminating any artificial additives makes it suitable for men of all ages.

Cons of Performer 8

•    The product is available on their website only.

•    There might be a need to visit a doctor to get the necessary acceptance, as certain medical conditions might deter its consumption.

•    The product is often unavailable.


The manufacturers claim that consumers must take three pills with every meal. Three pills maximum should be taken each day. And this dosage is sufficient to affect sexual performance and health. Please refrain from taking extra tablets; a lot is not always good when it comes to dietary supplements.

Avoid combining Performer 8 tablets with any stimulant, including alcohol, coffee, or antidepressants.

Brand Policy

The manufacturers of Performer 8 offer a free e-guide for all its customers. In addition, they follow a policy of a lifetime money-back guarantee for all their customers. Moreover, customers can get attractive discounts on bulk orders.

Brand Reviews

The customers vouch for the safe and effective ingredients that improve their lives. 

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#2. VigRX Plus – Top Sex Pills for Hard Erections


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The second on this list comes another exciting product named VigRX Plus that can be a valuable addition to your life. Male issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are rampant today, and there is a rising need for a stable solution. Here Doctors resort to regular prescription medicines, some of which are supplement pills for regaining sexual strength. 

VigRX Plus is one of the most famous male enhancement pills available that does not require any sexologist’s prescription for purchase. VigRX Plus manufacturers validate that consuming these pills will propel stronger and harder erections characterized by boosted stamina levels. Say hello to a better sex life!

Let us have a detailed discussion about the product;

The manufacturers market VigRX Plus as a potent aphrodisiac, a valid benefit, or a make enhancement enforcement pill. It allows better recovery and associated sexual satisfaction for longer hours, besides offering the previously-mentioned benefits of increased stamina and stronger erections.

Where are the areas VigRX Plus has an impact upon?

Clinical experts and manufacturers of VigRX Plus recommend it as a male enhancement pill that would offer a solution to the following problems;

•    Erectile dysfunction.

•    Premature ejaculation

•    Lower libido

Vigrx Plus promotes improved sexual performance through increased libido and blood flow, thanks to the use of herbal nutrients that go into its making. Higher testosterone levels follow suit with the consumption of Vigrx Plus. In addition, it will help in reducing fatigue and promote better sleep at night.

Ingredients of Vigrx plus

The basic ingredients of Vigrx Plus make a convincing stand for its effectiveness and faster results. Let us look at them in detail;

•    Korean red Ginseng

Korean red Ginseng works towards giving better penile strength and provides relief against erectile dysfunction. Consequently, it helps reduce inflammation and offers a boost in energy levels.  

•    Saw palmetto

Here comes a natural shrub that helps in fighting against migraine and hair loss. Saw palmetto injects an added increase in testosterone levels that helps you perform right in bed.

•    Hawthorn berry

Hawthorn berry is rich in antioxidants, facilitates the replenishing of damaged cells, and helps rejuvenate erection during love-making sessions.

•    Ginkgo Biloba leaf

Experts claim that Ginkgo biloba leaf might propel enhanced blood circulation that would aid in holding the erection for a long time. A 2021 review of the component as a natural inhibitor of phosphodiesterase type 5. For treating erectile dysfunction, sexologists often prescribe it in the form of Viagra and Cialis.

•    Damiana Leaf

Often termed as an aphrodisiac for a longer period, the Damiana leaf forms an important part of Vigrx plus.

•    Tribulus terrestris vine

There are mixed observations concerning Tribulus Terrestris vine as a component that improves libido secretion. 

•    Catuaba bark

The Catuaba plant has been in rampant use as a source for relieving fatigue. The inclusion of its bark ensures that you do not tire easily.

•    Muira Pauma bark

The Muira Pauma bark is a bush found in the native jungle of the Amazon and has undisclosed effects.

•    Cuscuta seed extract

The Cuscuta seed extract is derived from a parasitic plant named Cuscuta that is also famous by the name dodders.

•    Horny goat weed

Horny goats, according to Neurologists, have a high concentration of icariin weed that stops the release of PDE5, one of the primary reasons behind restricted blood flow. The increased blood circulation and nerve stimulation are supplemented by boosted testosterone levels to level up your bedroom game.

•    Bioperine

Black pepper emerges as the source for this patented ingredient with a high concentration of piperine, a compound naturally present in black pepper. Bioperine made a name for itself amidst the male community for being a bioavailability enhancer. The importance of being a bioavailability enhancer facilitates better absorption of the necessary minerals and vitamins. 

Besides the above active ingredients, there are other inactive ones like cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, and red food dye.

Pros of VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus reported a few benefits that can get considered;

•    Some of the users and reviewers noticed positive changes within one month of use.

•    The orders get shipped and processed quicker than usual, with 48 hours being the normal deadline.

•    The product comes with a generic name on its shipping address and gets delivered discreetly for the user’s cause.

•    A return policy within 67 days without any questions asked.

•    The company website sports an amalgamation of positive and negative results for prospective customers to consider.

Cons of VigRX Plus

•    There is very little clinical evidence of research about the product’s effectiveness.

•    The manufacturer claims that it might often take three months of consumption to show reliable results. Such a long duration often tests the customer’s patience.

•    The product requires continuous use for the sake of positive results.

•    For some, the product might fall under an inconsiderable price range.

Brand Policy

The owners of VigRX Plus offer a 67-day money-back guarantee to all its consumers for acquiring their faith in the product. Moreover, the company can always contact grieving customers and offer them discreet product delivery. Not to forget their enticing discounts that benefit customers worldwide from this product. Here the company offers free shipping across the globe to facilitate their customers with hassle-free services.


The manufacturers offer a convenient dosage for their customers, stating that one pill twice a day would be sufficient for the best results. VigRX Plus will take time to produce its best results due to several natural factors. Compared to a man in his 40s, 50s, or 60s, a younger adult in his 20s or 30s can experience benefits more quickly. According to some theories, younger men experience increased libido within a few days. However, older men may have to wait up to ten days.

Brand Reviews

The effectiveness of VigRX plus is under the cloud owing to the mixed reactions. All of the components in the product do not have a substantial base to prove their effectiveness. A 2010 study conducted on a group of people showed that 85 people did not react to the medicine while 75 reaped the benefits from the same.

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#3. TestoPrime – Top Testosterone Booster on The Market


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TestoPrime features on top of the list due to its functional prowess and effectiveness. Numerous clinical trials and reliable sources adjudicated TestoPrime as an all-in-one- supplement for men that would help them boost their cognitive function and propel their energy levels.

The manufacturers, as well as the certified labs, emphasized the fact that TestoPrime has all the natural ingredients that make it an authentic product for human consumption. A study discovered that consuming TestoPrime led to a 44% increase in testosterone levels, helping the consumer achieve increased lean muscle mass and rapid recovery after every workout session.

TestoPrime’s Working

TestoPrime works by helping the consumer hinder all the symptoms that were destroying his manliness and inject him with a new boost of energy. The 12 natural ingredients help the product achieve its objective for all suffering men.

Ingredients of TestoPrime

The ingredients make the soul of Testoprime. 12 specific natural ingredients contribute to the prowess of the product. However, there are a few main ingredients that steer its effectiveness;

•    D-Aspartic Acid: This amino acid (D-AA) helps produce the Luteinizing hormone that facilitates healthier testosterone levels. Thus you would start noticing increased muscle mass, faster weight loss, and better gains.

•    Panax Ginseng: As a traditional part of Chinese medical history, Panax Ginseng appears as a potent antioxidant playing a convincing role in increasing sex drive, lower fatigue, and propelling energy levels.

•    Ashwagandha: Who doesn’t understand the role of Ashwagandha in propelling testosterone levels? For centuries it has played a proven role in pushing testosterone levels by miles.

•    Fenugreek: Famously known for its “Maple syrup,” Fenugreek facilitates increased sexual performance and boosts libido, stamina, energy, and metabolism levels to aid faster fat loss.

Pros of TestoPrime

The pros of TestoPrime are a testimony of its increased benefits for men;

•    The consumers witness a drastic reduction in their stress levels by 71.6%. Decreasing stress levels makes it easier to lose body fat, thus giving a sexier body to flaunt.

•    The iconic blend of natural ingredients facilitates the equitable distribution of testosterone that helps reduce body fat by almost 16%!

•    The ingredient helps increase the oxygen content in the cells, which might help boost endurance levels by up to 92.2%.

•    Consumers can experience a massive boost in their muscle strength by almost 138.7%. Thus enormous jump can motivate anyone to do the unthinkable.

•    There is no need for a prescription to purchase this supplement.

•    The product has all the necessary certifications and passed the authenticity checks from FDA-approved labs.

Cons of TestoPrime

•    There is a risk of upset stomach or indigestion for some consumers.

•    The product is not suitable for men below 18 years.


The company promises its consumers a 100% money-back guarantee throughout their lifetime. Their belief in product quality is such that they promise complete refunds to any customer, even if they are repeated ones.


The manufacturers claim that a consumer needs four capsules of Testoprime throughout the day. Starting with a dose early morning would break all the dams and reinvigorate testosterone flows in the body. All this would come your way without requiring you to hit the gym or get injected with the T-injection by your physician.

Taking TestoPrime in the morning on an empty stomach is best. Before consuming anything, users should wait at least three-quarters of an hour after using Testo Prime.

TestoPrime comes in containers containing 120 capsules; the daily dosage is four. Although this dosage might seem excessive, it has been designed to meet an adult’s everyday needs. After taking the pills, avoid eating anything.


The product has amazing reviews on the website where thousands of happy customers recommend its consumption and vouch for the advantages they got blessed with.

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#4. Semenax – Top Semen Enhancer


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One of the biggest issues that men suffer from is infertility. Numerous men find it difficult to conceive with their partners owing to lacking semen quality and volume. In addition to lacking semen quality, men often fail to deliver better orgasms and long-lasting pleasures. Here comes the importance of Semenax. Semenax has made a name in the market due to its high effectiveness among the male population in making them a king in bed.

How Does Semenax Work?

Semenax fulfills the need for nitric oxide in the body and triggers increased testosterone production. The increasing testosterone and nitric oxide facilitate stronger erections and longer sessions.

Ingredients of Semenax

The ingredients of Semenax give it the power it holds for changing men’s lives. With 100% herbal components, the ingredients pass through all the clinical examinations before reaching the product’s manufacturer.

Following is the list of ingredients that go into this product’s making;

•    Swedish flower pollen:  Swedish flower pollen plays a convincing role in increasing the potency of sexual performances. In addition, it helps reduce hot flashes and night sweats that can bother your romantic nights.

•     L-Arginine HCL: This naturally-occurring amino acid is a natural supplement for protein in the body. In addition, it propels adequate blood flow throughout the body. Moreover, this naturally occurring amino acid is necessary for producing nitric oxide that is responsible for stronger erections and longer sessions.

•     L-Lysine: L-Lysine helps strengthen the body, its tendons, and muscles that help perform better in bed.

•    Epimedium Sagittatum (horny goat weed): Horny goat weed or Epimedium Sagittatum is a specific herb that acts as a flavonoid providing reproductive benefits. The primary function of this ingredient is to help in better sperm production that sustains for longer periods. In addition, comes an increased level of testosterone and better blood circulation to the sexual organs.

•    Zinc Aspartate: The importance of Zinc can never be denied when it comes to sexual performance, as it gives that boosted strength and better erections.

•    L-Carnitine: L-Cartinine helps convert body fat into energy. Thus, this ingredient is a necessary fuel to supply energy during sexual escapades. 

•     Catuaba Bark: Catuaba Bark helps deal with impotence and fatigue that hinders people from expressing their best when they are with their partners.

•    Pumpkin Seed (Zinc Oxide): Here comes another ingredient that works wonders for giving that sexual strength and potency that they wish to have with their erections.

•    Maca: Maca root is found in the higher altitude of the Andes mountains of Peru, where Maca roots originate. Semenax includes Maca root extract, a proven aphrodisiac that has been in use for centuries together. The mere consumption of this product would boost your sexual desire and give you unending stamina in bed.

•    Vitamin E: Vitamin E is a proven ingredient that helps nourish the cells and rejuvenates the lost spirit. The rejuvenated cells would offer increased sexual vitality.

•    Pine Bark extract: Pine bark extract is an integral part of Semenax, which makes it one of the best male enhancement pills. This element helps in providing satisfactory orgasms for men. It tries to eliminate the chances of any kind of sexual disorder in men and reduces the possibility of developing sexual disorders in men. In addition, the associated antioxidant effect protects the sperm cells against any possible damage. Thus, mere consumption saves men from any infertility issues that might hinder their sexual life.

•    Muira Puama: Muira Puama helps in tackling issues related to sexual disorders and also reinvigorates the interest in sexual activities as a potent aphrodisiac.

•    Hawthorn: People with high blood pressure and heart diseases often think twice before engaging in sexual activity. Here Hawthorn keeps all such issues under check, especially blood pressure levels, to eliminate any associated insecurities.

•    Cranberry extract: Cranberry extract helps deal with any possible infections that might occur due to or during sexual activity, thus ensuring all your hurdles get washed down.

•    Sarsaparilla: Sarsaparilla helps deal with premature or delayed ejaculation and helps reap good benefits in bed.

•    Avena Sativa extract: Provided you wish to say goodbye to psychological stress and lethargy, Avena Sativa extract comes in handy. It gives added leverage for propelled physical and sexual performance.

•     Butea Superba: Here comes another natural and herbal ingredient that helps deal with issues like erectile dysfunction. Consequently, Butea Superba gives back vitality in sexual interest, eliminating hurdles of lacking mood or sexual desire.

Pros of Semenax

Taking a glance at the pros of Semenax acts as a major pillar to convince the male population to make the right decision. Let us look into them;

•    Semenax focuses on all four aspects of semen production that ensure better semen quality and quantity.

•    The product might play a convincing role in streamlining better blood flow throughout the body, especially the penis, for stronger erections.

•    The company offers a free shipping option to all its esteemed customers.

•    The manufacturer of Semenax follows all the norms laid down by GMP

•    The product can be a massive boost to prostate health.

•    The consumer will feel extended and enhanced climaxes.

•    Men’s orgasms get an extra life with increased sensation 

•    The dosages are convenient for any consumer.

•    Semenax lacks any artificial ingredients or contaminated components that can affect its quality.

•    The product is suitable for men of all ages.

•    The product promises positive results for three weeks.

Cons of Semenax

There are a few cons of Semenax that the consumers might have to deal with;

•    The product has a higher dosage rate of four pills a day.

•    The company offers to ship selected products.

Brand Policy

The company offers a 67-day return policy, where the complete money gets refunded in exchange for an empty container. In addition, the customer can get 24/7 support from the company executives, with secured payment methods. Attractive discounts and offers are available to make things easier for the customers. 


One needs to consume four pills a day to get the best results. Semenax is specially developed and carefully crafted to provide the finest outcomes for users. Effective chemicals that have been used for millennia in male enhancement can be found in Semenax. Doctors from all over the world have endorsed and approved these components. The maximum dose is two every night per day. As such, getting a Semenax overdose is not advised. This is the cause of the fact that one supplement is already nutrient-rich and packed. Do not think Semenax is just another common supplement you might purchase from your neighborhood pharmacy.

Brand Reviews

Customers around the world expressed their satisfaction with the product and its benefits. Consequently, their brand transparency and dedication garnered better health reviews from customers.

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#5. Prosolution Plus – Best for Fighting Premature Ejaculation


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If certain issues bother you when you enjoy a romantic time with your partner, it is time to resolve them as soon as possible. Here Prosolution Plus comes to aid in solving any possible issue that you might face during sexual intercourse. The product facilitates increased strength, vitality, and important ingredients to the sexual organs for better performance. 

How does Prosolution Plus work?

The increased release of Nitric oxide into your body does wonders to calm down the corpora cavernosa in your penis. Such an instance helps in stronger and long-lasting erections. The manufacturers understand the need for optimal levels of nitric oxide in the body, and thus came the idea for creating Prosolution Plus.

Components that make Prosolution Plus

Just like other product variants, Prosolution Plus gets its life from the ingredients that go into its making. Following are the ingredients that you must consider;

•    Tribulus Terrestris: This natural ingredient helps get better orgasms and stronger erections.

•    Withania Somnifera: Withania Somnifera is a massive counter against stress and anxiety and ensures adequate blood circulation to your genitals.

•    Mucuna Pruriens: The effectiveness of Mucuna Pruriens lies in boosting attractiveness that helps in building up the mood.

•    Asparagus Adscendens: Adscendens are a much-needed addition to the fray that helps deal with inflammation.

•    Curculigo Orchiodes: When we talk about increasing performance levels in bed, characterized by increased desire, Curculigo Orchiodes work wonders for any man.

•    Asteracantha Longifolia: The presence of Asteracantha Longifolia facilitates increased sexual attraction between partners.

•    Asphaltum: Also known as Shilajit, Asphaltum is a major contributor to enhanced sex drive.

Pros of Prosolution Plus

The benefits offered by Prosolution Plus make it easier for customers to make a decision. Let us take a look at them;

•    The product is a boon for men suffering from ejaculation and erection problems.

•    Prosolution Plus works towards giving men a better sex drive, strength, and propelled performance in bed. 

•    The best erections for a man.

•    You can easily order the product from the website.

•    The consumption of the Prosolution Plus supplements helps inject that much-needed excitement and increased ecstasy into your sexual life.

Cons of Prosolution Plus

•    The product is only available on their website.

•    Provided you have any illnesses you might suffer, you must seek your doctor’s recommendation before initiating its consumption.

Brand Policy

The company offers attractive discounts for its esteemed customer, besides ensuring a 60-day return policy with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Doses of Prosolution Plus

Two tablets per day are the recommended dosage for ProSolution Plus. You should take this supplement every day. The results will progressively get better. As long as necessary, take the medication as directed to experience the results.

Brand Reviews

The genuine reviews available on the website speak volumes about the quality of the product. The customers show immense satisfaction after using the product and deriving its benefits.

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#6. Viasil


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Viasil made its name in the market due to its increased potency and lower dosage requirements. The current data worldwide shows that one in five men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Suffering from erectile dysfunction right when you would make love to your partner must be the most frustrating thing. 

Here products like Viasil come to the rescue. As one of the famous male enhancement pills available on the market, Viasil rejuvenates the manhood in a man by giving back their sexual prowess to full glory.

Regular administration of this medicine can help tackle issues like erectile dysfunction and facilitate better memories with your partner.

How does Viasil Work?

This male performance enhancer comes in the form of a tablet that an individual can consume with water. Viasil creates an impact by propelling the blood blow in the body, besides triggering an increase in nitric oxide. The main reason behind weaker erections that lasts less is the lacking nitric oxide levels in the human body.

In addition, Viasil works towards increasing the lacking libido levels that can get induced by SSRIs or aging. 

Ingredients of Viasil

The natural ingredients of Viasil make it one of the best male enhancement pills today. Combining such herbal and natural ingredients ensures that the customers get the best results out of the product. Let us look at the list of ingredients;

•    Actiful: 700mg of Actiful forms the primary ingredient of this product. It helps improve erections and comes with a gift of increased stamina and strength.

•    Zinc: The product contains 1.5mg of Zinc in every capsule, which significantly boosts a man’s testosterone levels.

•    Horny Goat Weed:Horny goat weed plays a convincing role in dealing with erectile dysfunctions and low libido levels in the body.

•    Panax Ginseng Extract: The presence of 20mg of Panax Ginseng Extract in every Viasil pill adds to better sexual performance.

•    Tribulus Terrestris: Clinical studies proved that Tribulus Terrestris significantly affects dealing with lower levels of libido and gives an extra sense of sexual satisfaction.

•    Ginkgo Biloba Extract: Ginkgo Biloba is considered to be an integral addition to sexual experiences where both men and women get heightened pleasure.

Pros of Viasil

The pros of Viasil are something that presents a strong point for its purchase among customers. No wonder why Viasil is among the best male enhancement pills in today’s date.

•    Viasil helps deal with issues related to erectile dysfunction without requiring any artificial drugs.

•    The customers face increased energy, blood flow, and sexual satisfaction. 

•    All the ingredients that go into its making are deemed safe by clinical experts.

•    The company offers enticing discounts, free shipping on bulk orders, and a 100-day money-back guarantee for all its customers.

Cons of Viasil

In contrast to the glittering benefits offered by Viasil and its manufacturing company for the customers, there are certain cons that we must look into. Though they are not so vital, shedding some light would be beneficial for holistic knowledge;

•    Clinical experts claim that certain ingredients are present in very low dosages compared to some of the well-known male enhancement pills on the market.

•    The product plays wonders on older people and patients suffering from SSRIs. Thus, for the younger generation, the product’s effectiveness remains marginalized.

•    There is a lacking availability of the product due to exponential sales.

Doses Concerning Viasil Pills

Viasil should be taken in doses of 5 mg or 20 mg three times a day. Give Viasil dosages four to six hours apart.

Higher doses were used in the clinical trial, but no more efficacy was obtained. Therapy over 20 mg administered three times per day is not advised. 

Brand Policy

The manufacturers of Viasil believe in offering 100% satisfaction to their customers. As a vital step to achieve the objective, they offer a 100-day money-back guarantee to all the consumers who might get unsatisfactory results from the product. In addition, comes their provision of free shipping on bulk orders and other enticing discounts for all.

Patients with PAH who are currently receiving oral Viasil but are temporarily unable to take oral medicine may continue receiving treatment with a Viasil injectable.

Three intravenous bolus injections of 2.5 mg or 10 mg are advised as the recommended dosage. Modifying the Viasil injectable dosage based on body weight is unnecessary.

It is projected that a Viasil injection dose of 10 mg will have the same pharmacological effect on Viasil and its N-desmethyl metabolite as a 20 mg oral dose.

Brand Reviews

Customers across the globe posted their genuine satisfaction in the form of reviews on the brand’s official website. Most of them got good results and have been living happy, loving lives since then.

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Factors Considered by Experts Before Choosing these Male Enhancement Pills

Choosing the best sexual enhancement pills in the market is a tough job. However, there are certain parameters that clinical experts and industry specialists consider before giving their verdict. The products mentioned above passed through the parameters set forward by industry experts to get adjudicated as the best male enhancement pills available in the market.

Let us understand what the possible parameters are;

•    Ingredients

Ingredients form the soul of the product and, thus, are the primary thing to take into consideration. The clinical experts take a detailed look into the possible ingredients used for making the product before labeling it as a trusted one. Moreover, all the ingredients must be 100% natural or herbal for human benefit.

•    Their effectiveness

What is the importance of a product’s glaring image if it isn’t effective? Thus, all the products get clinically tested to adjudicate their effectiveness. All the products and their ingredients run through human trials to understand the possible benefits they might offer.

•    Doses required for possible benefits

Provided a male enhancement pill requires excessive doses to show its benefits, it might not get considered. Such pills are for gradual effectiveness in sexual benefits and performance and not a sudden spike that might do more harm than good. Thus, they also look into the time required.

•    Reputation carried by the brand

Clinical experts always trust brands that prove their authenticity in the market regarding such sensitive products. They do not approve brands that launch their product without taking the initiative to guide their customer population for greater benefits.

•    Pricing

The brand experts opt for those products that give the best results for the customers without burdening their pockets. It is not necessary that the costly products would offer the best results.

Factors that You Must Consider Before purchasing OTC ​Sex Pills

Earlier, we discussed how experts judge the products before adjudicating them as the best available in the market. Besides considering the experts’ opinions, there are factors that you, as a customer, must crosscheck before choosing your desired product. Most of them might match the parameters set forward by the clinical experts. Let us take a glance at them;

•    The list of ingredients

Always check the list of ingredients that go into making your chosen product once you see the ingredients and understand their relevance behind making the product an effective one, consider making a purchase.

•    Look for verified reviews and testimonials

Always look for reviews and testimonials before purchasing a product. Any brand would promote its product to garner exponential profits and continue good business. The real judges are the customers who use the product to meet their needs. Look for the reviews and testimonials posted online by customers and try to form an opinion. Once you get satisfied with the positive testimonials of a product, you might make a jump.

•    Check the doses required

Purchasing the best product becomes futile if you do not understand its doses properly. The product’s effectiveness lies in its required consumption pattern that the customer needs to follow.

•    Valid third-party testimonies

Consider purchasing a product with the necessary certifications from FDA-approved labs and other third-party labs that tested the product’s effectiveness, benefits, or possible side effects. Such testimonies often are independent of any brand endorsement and thus appear to be unbiased.

•    Return policies and shipping methods

Do not opt for brands that do not take liabilities for their products. Such brands do not offer any money-back guarantee or have a half-hearted return policy. Choose a brand that takes responsibility for its products and chooses to return the money if the customer feels unsatisfied.

Another important aspect is the shipping methods. Naturally, trusted brands focus on providing the best services to their customers, which includes free shipping. 

Possible Benefits One Can Expect from Male Enhancement Pills

The scintillating range of benefits offered by male enhancement pills makes them one of the most sought-after products on the market. Let us have a look at them for a clearer understanding;

•    Provides a boosted sexual drive

•    Optimizes the overall sexual performance of an individual

•    Increased blood flow for firmer erections.

•    Longer sexual experiences with more intense orgasms.

•    Bettering quality and volume of semen.

•    An increasing number of sperms.

•    Revives mood and lost confidence.

•    Might help overcome issues like erectile dysfunction.

•    Might help ejaculate more than once.

•    Relieves all the existential stress and anxiety.


1.    Why should one consume male enhancement pills?

Consuming Male enhancement pills would reinstate your sexual vigor and deal with all the sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc.

2.    Are they safe for consumption?

All the male enhancement pills pass through rigorous checks and trials in FDA-approved labs before being available for sale. Thus, these products are safe for human consumption.

3.    Are they vegan-friendly?

While most male enhancement pills might be vegan-friendly, not all of them are. One must check the product details before purchasing.

4.    Do they increase penis size?

Male enhancement pills will not increase penis size but will facilitate stronger erections and better sex drives.

5.    Are they legal for consumption?

These products are available after following all the norms and rules of the concerned state.

6.    Can diabetic or asthma patients consume these over the counter pills?

These pills have no relative side effects for patients suffering from asthma or diabetes.


Bring an end to the tough life you have been living! It is time you reclaim your energy and desire to have a fulfilling romantic life with your partner. A trusted male enhancement pill can change your life for good. So, dissolve all the waiting and take the right decision immediately!

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