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Who doesn’t want to look stylish when strolling across the fairway? That said, when it comes to finding the best golf shoes for your feet, looks aren’t the most important factor.  Most golfers care about a few critical things when shopping for shoes: comfort, fit, and swing stability are often the three most important considerations. Then there’s also traction, breathability, weight, how they perform on hillsides and in wet conditions, and if they keep your feet dry.

Whichever factors you think are key, do yourself a favor: when you first try on a pair, be certain it’s comfortable from the get-go. With golf shoes, there should be no break-in period at all. Walk around in them on the carpet, (so you don’t get them dirty), and make sure your feet aren’t slipping or chaffing inside. You’ll spend more time in golf shoes than in any other sports shoes, thus they should be lightweight, well-cushioned, and fit you perfectly. No, your running shoes won’t do on the green — here’s how golf shoes make a difference to your game. 

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