A Stitch Fix stylist tells us which men’s fashion trends will be hot in 2024

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As 2024 gives us the first few fashion trends of the year, there are plenty of fads to pay attention to as time progresses. From classic details to modern accents, there’s an exciting mix of trends to remix your wardrobe. While plenty of trends are starting to make waves on social media, only a select few will continue to create an impact as the year progresses. Thanks to the help from Stitch Fix stylist Alicia Lloyd, knowing and building on these fashion trends is easier than ever before. 

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Men’s casual everyday trends

While we’ve seen how celebrities like Travis Kelce and Lewis Hamilton have impeccable game-day ‘fits, they aren’t always easy to translate into your daily outfits. According to Lloyd, 2024 will be the year of the sporty looks.

“We predict men will embrace an everyday casual trend we’re calling Sporty-ish, which offers a fusion of sporty and stylish elements,” mentions Lloyd. “This trend incorporates golf, tennis, and pickleball-inspired styles into everyday casual wear. The emphasis on breathable polos and wrinkle-resistant chinos suggests that comfort and practicality will play a pivotal role in shaping everyday casual wardrobes.”

As we’ve seen in the last couple of seasons, fashion is embracing practicality, making it more essential than ever to choose designs that fit your everyday style while fulfilling the function of your day. There’s no longer any need to sacrifice your comfort to look good. Brands like J.Crew and Ralph Lauren are two examples of this mixture of sport and practicality, which can help elevate your existing wardrobe in 2024 while letting you live authentically and freely. 

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The business casual trends of 2024

For those looking to elevate their professional wardrobe, the good news is that they won’t need to make drastic changes to their style. Lloyd explains, “According to Stitch Fix’s 2024 Style Forecast, men are gravitating toward an aesthetic we’re calling Modern Utility aesthetic, emphasizing a blend of versatility and sophistication.” While many might find this style too casual for the office, its earth tones are perfect for a balance of style, versatility, and elegance. 

“Additionally, commuter pants, which experienced a remarkable 670% growth in sales on Stitch Fix, are likely to become a staple for professionals seeking both comfort and style in the workplace,” explains Lloyd. “Overall, the anticipated business casual trends for 2024 revolve around the Modern Utility aesthetic, offering a harmonious mix of earthy tones, utility jackets, layered ensembles, linen fabrics, and commuter pants for a stylish and practical professional appearance.”

Focusing on more timeless and elegant details like the materials or designs will help bring this modern utility aesthetic into fruition without splurging on expensive materials. As Lloyd mentions, materials like linen have been on the rise in recent seasons as they’re breathable and comfortable fabrics that look more expensive than they might be. Even though they’re breathable and look sophisticated, they’re still flexible materials that suit anything you may need to do on your office days. 

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The shoe trends of the year

While your main garments are vital, stylish shoes bring the look together. If you’re a sneakerhead, you’ll love to know that the chunky ‘dad’ sneaker style is growing strong and will continue to appear in 2024. “With shoppers continuing to prioritize comfort, it’s no surprise that classic dad styles, inspired by footwear from the ’90s and early ’00s, remain on the ‘must-have’ list for 2024,” explains Lloyd. “A dad sneaker is also the perfect nod to Revival Style, a trend from our annual trend report that’s inspired by nostalgic styles, modernized to feel relevant today.” 

For those who want something to dress up with, you’ll want to look at another nostalgic shoe. The loafer, an established classic shoe, is another hit for the year that’ll make getting dressed faster and more comfortable. Lloyd points out, “Classic loafers and slip-on shoes are a great versatile option, perfect for men wanting to add more Wardrobe Builders to their shoe collection.” These shoes are exciting pieces you can wear in various situations that will still feel comfortable but won’t affect your stylish look.  

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Top men’s accessory trends to look out for

If you want to bring the look together, you’ll need to add accessories that bring a cohesive vibe to your ensemble. As we’ve seen in recent seasons, accessories like belts and hats have become essential for creating a well-rounded look that is stylish and practical. Thankfully, Lloyd explains that these trends will only grow stronger in 2024 and will become a more essential part of your dressing routine. “Beanies and knit caps in earthy hues such as sand, brown, and green offer warmth without compromising style during colder seasons and pair perfectly with those wanting to experiment more with their style,” explains Lloyd. 

Those who want something more elegant and sophisticated should add arm accessories that can do the trick. Lloyd points out that the classic watch and modern smartwatches are gaining traction and are cultivating a cult following. As more exclusive watch designs become available, it’ll be no shock to see more investing in their watch accessories, just as with the limited-edition sneakers.

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What to add to your wardrobe in 2024

When developing your style in 2024, you want to take risks in your wardrobe to make it feel new and modern. While your style might lean toward elegant and sophisticated designs, playing with color is one way to inject freshness into your closet this year. “In 2024, I recommend men explore color a bit more, and accessories are a great place to start,” explains Lloyd. “Stitch Fix predicts 2024’s Color of the Year will be Matcha, so experiment with this versatile hue by finishing your looks with items like hats, wallets, and ties in this trending shade of green!” 

If adding color to your wardrobe seems too much out of your comfort zone, rest assured that matcha green is a universally flattering shade that will pair well with other colors in your wardrobe. 

In 2024, the idea is to experiment with new designs and accents to help your wardrobe seem on-trend without buying an entirely new wardrobe. With these fashion trends, you can create a wardrobe that stands the test of time and gets you looking your best.

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