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Over the past couple of years, the Edgar haircut has become one of the most popular hairstyles out there, especially with soap makers in Brixton and craft beer enthusiasts in Shoreditch. While some see it merely as a grown-up bowl cut, it actually has a rich indigenous heritage that traces back over half a millennium.

Originating from the Jumano tribe, which dominated Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico between 1500 and 1700, tribesmen used to rock a very similar cut, complete with intricate face markings and a headdress made from bird feathers. While nobody really knows where the name “Edgar haircut” even came from, some believe that it was popularised by the former professional baseball player and coach, Edgar Martínez.

If you’re feeling brave and you want to give the Edgar haircut a go, big-city barber TJ Hunt of Ruffians is here to impart some wisdom on what to do and what not to do when getting it done.

What you need to know about the Edgar haircut

#1: Think it through

There are plenty of styles that are way more ‘out there’ than the Edgar haircut, but there are also plenty that are more subtle too. With its blunt, abruptly-trimmed fringe and bowl-like shape, the Edgar has some distinctive features that make it very striking to look at. But, that also makes it harder to pull off.

“You’d struggle to make this style look anything but casual,” says Hunt. “If your job means that you have to wear a shirt and tie to the office, if you like to dress in a smarter way, or if you have a formal occasion or two coming up, then it may not be the one for you.”

#2: Act your age

You can rock whatever style that you want at any age (follicular coverage permitting, of course), but the Edgar haircut is definitely one that’s more widely associated with a younger demographic. This inevitably means that the more mature you are, the more you risk looking a bit try-hard. Sorry.

“What looks great on a young gun queueing up outside Supreme may not look so effective on the other side of the school run,” says Hunt. “There are more age-appropriate options that the more discerning amongst us could try though. The French crop and the short mod both share similar characteristics, but are more timeless.”

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#3: What’s your type?

One of the reasons why the Edgar haircut is so popular is because of how versatile it is. It can work on a wide variety of hair types, but it’s worth noting that it will take on a totally different look depending on the density and nature of your locks.

“If your hair is naturally straight and thick, then you should be able to achieve the typical, pristine Edgar which lies flat with a full short cropped fringe,” says Hunt. “If you have finer or wavier hair, then it will work better with shorter, choppier layers towards the crown to give it more texture, and the fringe left longer to allow it to bounce up rather than stick out. Beware for cow licks too. These are awkward sections of hair that grow in different directions to the rest of the hairline – they can be problematic, especially if you want a neat fringe.”

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