5G Male Review – Scam or Safe Supernatural Man Supplement for Men?

Male sexual performance declines with age. According to experts, psychological, physical, and lifestyle issues result in erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low stamina, and diminishing libido, among other erotic health problems.

There are numerous supplements designed to boost male health naturally. 5G Male supplement comprises five essential nutrients to restore sexual and physical health. What ingredients are in the supplement? How does it work? Who can use the supplement?

What is 5G Male?

5G Male from Supernatural Man LLC is a male-only dietary supplement designed to augment male sexual health. The oral pill has five nutrients that target the root of poor male health. It can benefit men of all ages looking to improve their sexual health naturally and safely.

All the ingredients in the 5G Male are based on an ancient Vietnamese formula. The nutrients are also backed by numerous clinical research. 5G Male formulation activates healthy blood circulation, restores hormonal balance, boosts metabolic rates, and augments the immune response. Most men experience better physical, psychological, and sexual wellness after a few days.

5G Male supplement is made from 100% natural ingredients. It is free from fillers, additives, allergens, and unsafe ingredients. It is unlikely to trigger side effects. Customers can use the male booster daily without any restrictions.

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How Does 5G Male Supplement Work?

The 5G Male supplement contains an ancient Vietnamese Viagra combination. The ingredients encourage a series of biochemical processes that restore male sexual health naturally. Below is an explanation of how the supplement can improve male health.

Like most male supplements, the 5G Male supplement augments the blood circulation to the reproductive organs. It has various ingredients that strengthen the blood vessels, dilate the arteries, and improve blood flow. The creator claims the ingredients surge nitric oxide production, making the erectile tissues widen and increase their blood-holding capacity. Consequently, 5G Males will likely experience bigger and stronger erections within a few days.

Some of the ingredients in the 5G Male supplement help in augmenting the levels of testosterone. The male reproductive hormone is crucial in increasing libido, stamina, and growth of masculine characteristics. Unfortunately, t-levels diminish with age. Consuming the 5G Male supplement regularly activates the secretion of testosterone in men of all ages, thus stimulating natural libido

5G Male supplement can lower inflammation and improve cellular health. The ingredients can improve cellular health, metabolic rates, and overall wellness. According to Supernatural Man LLC, the supplement can boost stamina, allowing men to enjoy sexual activities for extended durations. 5G Male can improve the semen quality and increase fertility rates.

The nutrients in 5G Male can soothe and calm the mind. It can fix sleep problems and lower stress levels. The formulation can help men enjoy fulfilling sexual experiences with their partners whenever they desire.

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5G Male Ingredients


Supernatural Man LLC claims they source all the ingredients in the 5G Male supplement from natural and clean sources. The capsules contain all-natural superfoods clinically proven to support male health. All the nutrients are in the correct dosages to optimize the male reproductive system’s physical and mental wellness and include no gluten or dairy.

Garlic Extract

Garlic is a natural spice common in most Eastern Asian cuisines. It has a characteristic flavor and is rich in medicinal properties. Most people use garlic to boost their immunity and clear away infections. The spice has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and can boost the immune markers naturally.

Garlic fights oxidative damage on the smooth muscles, thus increasing blood circulation. It can improve the blood-holding capacity, enabling the user to develop hard and quality erections on demand. Additionally, it supports nitric oxide production and can regulate blood pressure.

Garlic may help in lowering stress levels. Studies show that the spice may regulate stress hormones, allowing users to enjoy quality moods and better sleep. Less stress supports the development of quality erections on demand.


5G Male refers to the ginseng as a natural aphrodisiac. Most aging male use the herb to raise their stamina, libido, and weight quality. Various studies show that ginseng may treat mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. It works by increasing blood circulation to the erectile tissues. Additionally, it encourages more blood to flow to the genitals, providing men with rock-hard and satisfying erections.

Ginseng is rich in terpenes that can surge the natural testosterone levels. Using the grinding roots in herbal beverages enhances the sexual drive and stamina. According to 5G Male, the traditional Vietnamese man used the herb as a natural aphrodisiac, aiding them to generate a quality erection on command.

There are flavonoids and antioxidants in natural ginseng. Clinical evidence indicates it can improve immunity, cellular health, and overall wellness. Further, ginseng may lower stress levels and boost energy levels.

Ginkgo Biloba

5G Male supplement contains ginger to stop inflammation and boost cellular health. Research shows that the spice can stop oxidative stress and optimize testosterone production. In combination with other superfoods in the supplement, it can offer aphrodisiac effects, enabling men to attain sexual arousal when needed.

Ginger can promote a healthy flow of blood. Studies prove that it can enhance heart health by regulating lipids and cholesterol. In addition, it strengthens the blood vessels, encouraging the natural flow of blood in the body.

Ginger and other ingredients in 5G Males can help prevent premature ejaculation. It may also lessen the symptoms of sexual decline in men resulting from low testosterone and energy levels.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea has EGCG to promote cellular health. The ingredient regulates nitric oxide production and blood flow to the penis. It can aid in the achievement of quality erections and satisfying orgasms.

The antioxidants in green tea may stimulate the production of sexual hormones. It can replace premature ejaculations with mind-blowing orgasms. Moreover, it may also fight inflammation and improve the health of the penile tissues.

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Benefits of the 5G Male Supplement

  • 5G Male supplement promises to provide men with harder and long-lasting erections. It optimizes blood circulation to the erectile tissues
  • 5G Male supplement boosts natural testosterone levels, thus enhancing sexual drive, stamina, and energy levels.
  • It can provide men with intense orgasms and pleasure
  • It restores youthful virility in aging men
  • 5G Male supplement can augment the heart health
  • It may enhance the immune system
  • It can aid men in regaining their confidence
  • It can enhance physical performance and endurance


Each container of Supernatural Man LLC holds 30 servings of the recommended dose of one 5G Male capsule daily at any time of the day. However, the company states that one capsule will give men a strong dose of the formula. They can take one to two more capsules daily for even stronger effects. Users must consult their doctor before using the formulation if they have a chronic medical condition or concerns. Customers should never alter the dosage without a doctor’s consent.

5G Male Pricing

You can order 5G Male supplements only through the official website. There are three package options and bonuses when buying the supplement. Standards US shipping takes 2-3 business days.

  • Buy One Bottle Get One Free as a 30-Day Auto Ship Program $69.95 + $6.95 USA Shipping
  • Buy Three Bottles $59.67 Each/ No Autoship + Free Shipping + Free Bonuses
  • Buy Six Bottles $49.50 Each/ No Autoship + Free Shipping + Free Bonuses


Customers will receive three free bonuses with purchases of three or six bottles of 5G Male. Customers can also buy other Supernatural Man LLC products designed to complement the 5G Male effectiveness at discounted rates. These include the Super Lube and the 37 Sex Positions X-rated Black Book.

Bonuses include:

  • 5G Enhancement Bible
  • The Multiplier Method
  • The XXL Formula
  • Magic Words That Drive Her Wild
  • Text to Sex Course
  • Extreme Sexual Performance Secrets

The formulator of the 5G Male supplement offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on each bottle you purchase. Customers can call or send an email within the three months using the following addresses:


5G Male is a dietary supplement comprising natural ingredients to boost male health. It is easy to use and has clinically proven nutrients.

It is essential to use 5G Male supplements regularly to enhance our sexual wellness. The maker warns that the supplement does not generate results overnight. Customers need to combine the supplement with healthy eating to gain maximum benefits.

You can buy 5G Male supplements only through the official website. Customers get bonuses and other offers when buying in bulk. Supernatural Man LLC offers a money-back guarantee on every order.


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