5 of the biggest luxury men’s footwear trends of 2023 so far

It’s often said that one of the first things people notice when you enter a room is your shoes, and in the world of men’s fashion, footwear has thus always been seen as one of the most important elements of any outfit. Where historically, classic styles in black or brown were about as adventurous as things got and would pair perfectly with just about any outfit, today, things have got much more exciting, with some of our favourite luxury designers creating footwear that is designed to stand out. And in 2023, we’ve seen a host of exciting new trends in men’s lifestyle shoes, ranging from modern shapes to bold colours and nostalgic takes on old favourites.

As ever, quality comes first, and the finest materials and craftsmanship will always underpin the styles trusted high-end designers come up with. But these days, you don’t have to compromise on comfort or functionality to get a great pair of shoes that exudes opulence.

Here are the latest men’s footwear styles to consider adding to your wardrobe for a fresh and modern update this year.

The modern loafer

Close up picture of leather men's shoes on wooden background

The loafer is a shoe style that rarely, if ever, falls out of favour, representing the epitome of casual comfort and looking great with just about any outfit. 2023 has been no different, only they’ve been given something of a luxury makeover, with leading designer brands serving us up exquisitely made models with intricate stitching and premium finishes. If you’re considering investing in a pair of loafers this year, then you can be sure that this timeless style will serve you well, as a quality pair is designed to last and will take you from the boardroom to post-work dinner and drinks seamlessly.

Commando soles

Close-up of women's black leather boots with buckles on a white background

Various footwear styles have been given a modern makeover this year, with chunky soles and even platforms making an appearance on the catwalks as well as making their way into our wardrobes. The commando sole, in particular, has been big news, and again, speaks to the desire for footwear that can help you to transition between formal and casual settings with effortless ease. These chunky and rugged-looking soles add a functional twist to any shoe, providing added grip whilst also looking thoroughly modern, and from loafers to chelsea boots and brogues, it seems that no model of shoe has gone untouched by the trend.

Functional footwear

Close-up of male feet in green leather shoes

Once upon a time, casual footwear was considered a big no-no when it came to dinners, dates, drinks and other semi-formal occasions, but as dress codes continue to evolve in order to embrace our modern lifestyles, that has all changed. And whilst aesthetic appeal will always be one of our first considerations when it comes to choosing our footwear, increasingly, we’re seeking out styles that are as functional as they are easy on the eye. Nowadays, there’s no need to compromise on comfort for the sake of looking good, and boots, trail runners and approach shoes are now common choices at fashion events and social occasions. And best of all, they can all be thrown on with everything from sharp suits to jeans or shorts, and look just as good as part of any outfit or scenario.

Retro revival

Shoes, chelsea leather boots for men

Nostalgia has long played a key role when it comes to dictating the latest fashion trends, with each new season drawing inspiration from a particular decade gone by and designers producing new and exciting takes on old favourites. In 2023, classic designs like the Chelsea boot, the wingtip brogue and even saddle shoes have ade an undeniable comeback but have been reimagined to bring them bang up to date. From less-than-traditional colours and patterns to chunkier designs and unusual embellishments, the sky’s the limit, and this year, it seems that we’ve seen it all.

Bold colour

Festive blue shoes with laces on a black background with copy space.

Where once, most high-end shoes could only be found in classic hues such as black, brown and tan, today, designers are having fun with colour and this year, we’ve seen everything from daring green desert boots to bold blue brogues. Instead of choosing shoes that will subtly lend with our outfits, we’re opting to make a statement with them instead, and finally allow our footwear to do the talking. It is, however, still true that less is more when it comes to luxury fashion, so if you’re trying out this particular trend then keep the rest of your look simple so that your shoes will really pop.

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