5 easy steps to help your man dress better

Let’s face it, you love your boyfriend dearly and you don’t even care too much about what his fashion choices are, as you love him either way, but sometimes you can’t help but wonder how he would look like in a suit for your date night or in something other than an ugly sweater at the Christmas party. You can always help him dress better and show him just how gorgeous he can look, so if you want to improve your boyfriend’s style and he is willing to accept your help, here are 5 simple steps that you can both make in order to elevate his appearance.

  1. Declutter his wardrobe

Every change of style starts with a closet decluttering, so this is the first thing you should do together with your boyfriend. You might not like his style, but he surely has some pieces that he maybe never wears, for example a white button-up, a good pair of denim jeans, or his winter coat. Compromise and get rid of the things that objectively don’t look good on him anymore, that don’t fit, or are way too worn out to see the light of day every again. You can sell and donate what you can and recycle the rest, as one man’s trash is another one’s treasure and someone could surely use the clothes that you boyfriend won’t use anymore.

  1. Look for his style

The second thing you should do is to try out different styles and choose one depending on the occupation of your boyfriend. Someone who works a corporate job will have a very different wardrobe than someone who does construction work, so the clothes that he has in his closet have to serve him accordingly. You don’t necessarily have to spend a whole day at the mall to do that as you can simply browse through Pinterest and look for inspiration there.

  1. Pay attention to details

As the saying goes, the devil is in the details, so apart from shopping for clothing, accessories should also play a big role in creating your man’s new wardrobe. Some classics such as a black leather belt, a bag or a backpack, a silk tie, and a timeless wristwatch should be in his wardrobe whether for everyday use or special occasions. To create more elevated looks you can look for finer accessories and jewelry, like golden bracelets, cufflinks, or scarves, such as the Celtic ones that are so popular this season. By getting an Irish scarf made of the finest woolen blends, you can be sure that he will stand out while also feeling nice and warm even on the coldest days.

  1. Shop for basics

No matter what style your boyfriend chose to dress like, there are some basics that everyone should own. This includes a classic woolen crew neck sweater, a black turtleneck, a white button-up shirt, a comfortable oversized hoodie, some high-quality jeans, plain t-shirts, and some other pieces.  These garments will make the foundation of his new closet, as they can all be combined between them like in a capsule wardrobe and he will never have to worry about having nothing to wear or not looking stylish enough.

  1. Compliment him

Lastly, don’t forget to compliment him. Your boyfriend wants to feel spoiled too, and since he now looks so good and fashionable, why not tell him about it? Plus, this will motivate him to want to dress better, not only for you but also for himself, so it is a win-win situation.

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