5 best men’s hairstyles for 2023

The beauty industry is certainly thriving, with men and women actively seeking fashionable looks and hairstyles.

While some men want a style showcasing long locks like Johnny Depp, some want a crew cut like David Beckham, while others want to go for Robbert Pattinson’s Batman hairstyle.

Having multiple options might seem overwhelming, hence, this listicle consists of the five best men’s hairstyles for 2023 to try one of these at their next salon appointment.

Classic side swept to buzzcut: 5 best men’s hairstyles for 2023

1) Flow Hairstyle with Short Sides

This is a fashion-forward option in men’s hairstyles for those who don’t wish to apply too much gel or cut their hair extremely short. The hairstyle doesn’t require styling or maintenance and entails pushing the locks on the top and accentuating them by asking the hairstylist for shortly trimmed sides.

A line of cuts along the temples and the forehead will result in this fashionable and low-maintenance hairstyle.

2) The classic swept back

2023’s men’s haircuts consist of the classic swept back as one of the most popular and sought-after trends. This features a well-tended swept-back cut which one can customize by keeping a strand or two loose for face framing or sweep all the hair back with a hair gel. The classic swept-back is ideal for men who don’t want their hair to look flat and volume-less.

One tip to ace this hairstyle is to brush the hair up first before applying gel and to scour through the hair with the fingers.

3) Trendy buzz cut

The buzz cut as featured in multiple reels by creators, is the ultimate summer hairstyle for men. As one of the popular men’s hairstyles, this is ideal for men who love gymming and is perfect for any ambience and situation.

The cut is not practically a bold, shaved head but a versatile, trimmed version. One of the best ways to ask for a buzz cut is to request the hairstyle by number.

4) Short crop top fade with hard part

Short haircuts are a popular choice for summer months as well as for men who don’t want to invest too much time in maintaining their hair. Opting for a short crop top fade will save a lot of time and styling effort. If one wants a stylish appearance, they can give the top of their head a textured cut and complement the hairstyle with a fade on the back and the sides.

5) Timeless Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut gets its name from the ancient Roman emperor. The popular and classic men’s hairstyle, the Caesar cut, features shorter hair on the sides, and the back with the top brushed forward, giving a fringe look. This style is ideal for men with thin hair and suits oval, square, and diamond face shapes.

If one wants a Caesar cut, one can ask their hairstylist to cut about 0.5 to 2 inches all over and give a Caesar fringe per the face shape and hairline.

Men’s hairstyles consist of a wide array of options, and just like women’s hairstyles, they are bifurcated as per the face shape and hair type. The abovementioned hairstyles are ideal for men wanting to try something new.

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