25+ Best Men’s Bracelets & How To Style Them Correctly

The magic of accessories is quite instant. Whether it will enhance or kill your look depends on your choice, of course.

In the men’s accessories section, you’ll only find a few versatile pieces and bracelets happen to be one of them.

From Salman Khan to Kartik Aaryan, men make bracelet a part of their look for the sake of statement and style. Here are some of the best men’s bracelets that you can add to your wrist.

25+ Best Men’s Bracelets To Jazz Up Your Wrist And Add Style

1. Stainless Steel Diamond Bracelet

Gold Plated ID Bracelet © Flipkart

A stainless steel diamond bracelet is a beautiful and durable piece of jewelry that can add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this type of bracelet is resistant to rust, tarnish, and other forms of corrosion, making it a great choice for everyday wear. The diamonds, which are typically set in a prong setting, add a touch of sparkle and glamour to the bracelet.

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2. Braided Leather Wrap Bracelet

Purple braided bracelet © Amazon India

This bold and stylish statement piece features a stylish braided leather design that wraps around your wrist and fastens with a button. It is a perfect everyday accessory for all your looks. Braided leather wrap bracelets wrap around the wrist numerous times.

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3. Gold-Tone Link Bracelet

gold bracelet © Amazon India

This classic gold-tone link bracelet adds a sophisticated touch to any look. The chain loops feature a customized lock closure for a secure fit. A gold-tone link bracelet features links or chain links made from a gold-tone material, such as gold-plated metal or a gold-tone alloy.

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4. Anchor Bracelet

 bracelet with a silver anchor © Amazon India

This charming bracelet features a detailed anchor-style charm crafted from stainless steel and a simulated leather cord. It has a nautical-inspired look, perfect for achieving a coastal vibe.

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5. Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

Engery enchacer bracelet © Amazon India

This stylish magnetic therapy bracelet is designed to help improve circulation while providingstylistic and health benefits. It has rare earth magnets, copper centres, and white stones to deliver therapeutic benefits.

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6. Multi-Strand Leather Bracelet

multilayer bracelet © Amazon India

This bracelet features multiple leather strands in attractive colour options. It has an adjustable closure to fit almost any wrist size, and its delicate and intricate design provides a boho-chic look. Bracelets made of several strands of leather woven or braided together are known as multi-strand leather bracelets.

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7. Beaded Bracelet

white colour bead bracelet © Amazon India

A beaded bracelet is a piece of jewellery featuring a series of colourful beads strung together onto a single string or cord. They are usually made from plastic, gemstone, metal, or glass beads and range in size and style.

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8. Copper Cuff Bracelet

bracelet made with copper © Amazon India

A copper cuff bracelet is a type of jewellery made of metal or alloy with a wide, open shape that can be easily slipped onto the wrist. It is commonly made of copper, and its colouring is typically a warm reddish brown.

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9. Engraved ID Bracelet

 Bracelet with engraving © Amazon India

An engraved ID bracelet is a type of jewellery with engravings on it, usually containing the name or initials of the wearer. This bracelet is often made of stainless steel, titanium, or other metals. An engraved ID bracelet is a type of bracelet that features an identification tag or charm that can be engraved with personal information such as a name or identification number.

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10. Beaded Stone Bracelet

Colourful beaded bracelet © Amazon India

A beaded stone bracelet is a type of jewellery featuring a series of smooth stones, such as jasper or agate, that are individually strung onto a single string or cord. This bracelet is often seen in earthy tones or with gemstone decorations.

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11. Sterling Silver Cross Bracelet

bracelet with a silver cross © Amazon India

A sterling silver cross bracelet is a type of jewellery featuring a pendant cross made of sterling silver, usually hung from a delicate silver chain. This bracelet usually features a religious motif, such as a detailed cross engraving.

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12. Shark Tooth Bracelet

bracelet with shark teeth © Amazon India

A shark tooth bracelet is a type of jewellery featuring single or multiple shark teeth set in a silver or gold band. These bracelets are often found as souvenirs of tropical beach vacations, as the shark teeth are often washed up on shore.

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13. Evil Eye Bracelet

blue beads bracelets for protection © Amazon India

This type of bracelet typically features a glass or plastic bead with an eye symbol inscribed. The Evil Eye is thought to bring protection to its wearer, and the bracelet is believed to deflect any evil vibes.

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14. Basic Chain Bracelet

class silver bracelet © Amazon India

A classic jewellery staple, this bracelet features a linked gold or silver chain. They usually feature flat circular links and are perfect for daily wear. A bracelet constructed from a single chain, typically precious metals like gold or silver, is an essential chain bracelet. The bracelet may have a clasp or closure, worn alone or with charms or pendants.

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15. Beaded Leather Bracelet

 leather bracelet with beads © Amazon India

These bracelets feature recycled leather strands and beads. They can come in natural colours and earthy tones and range from chunky to slim.

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16. Nautical Rope Bracelet

 natural rope-only bracelet © Amazon India

This type of bracelet typically has a cotton rope as the main band and decorative elements such as seashells, rope, sea creatures, and more. Bracelets made from nautical rope, typically with a braided or twisted design, are known as nautical rope bracelets. The bracelet may feature maritime-inspired charms or pendants, such as anchors or seashells.

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17. Linked Cross Bracelet

linked beaded cross  bracelet © Amazon India

This bracelet features a religious symbol, a cross. It is typically made of silver or gold links, though other materials are sometimes used. A linked cross bracelet is a type of bracelet that features a cross design made from linked or interconnected pieces, such as chain or circular links. The bracelet may be made from various materials, such as gold or silver.

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18. Greek Key Bracelet

Kreek key rudraksha bracelet © Amazon India

This type of bracelet uses the Greek Key pattern in the design, which consists of rows of interlocking meander shapes. The bracelet usually features a neutral colour palette.

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19. Volcanic Lava Bracelet

Tiger-eyed volcanic bracelet  © Amazon India

This type of bracelet features volcanic stones that are believed to absorb negative energy and protect its wearer from harm. The stones are usually shaped into beads.

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20. Braided Hemp Bracelet

 braided bracele © Amazon India

This bracelet uses strong and lightweight hemp fibres. The fibres are twisted, braided, and then secured with a toggle clasp. A braided hemp bracelet is made from hemp, a type of natural fibre that is braided or twisted into a bracelet design. The bracelet may be dyed in various colours and feature charms or pendants.

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21. Onyx Beaded Bracelet

 turquoise coloured bracelet © Amazon India

The Onyx Beaded Bracelet is jewellery crafted from round, glossy black Onyx beads interspersed with silver accents. The beads are strung together and secured with a secure clasp. The bracelet is stunning, minimalist jewellery with a stunning effect.

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22. Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet

Silver bracelet for men © Amazon India

The Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet is eye-catching jewellery crafted from solid sterling silver. It is shaped into a round bangle with an elegant swirl design, secured with a clasp. This bracelet makes a timeless statement when worn both casually and formally.

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23. Knot Bracelet

 Black and white knot bracelet  © Amazon India

The Knot Bracelet is a delicate bracelet crafted from thin cords intricately tied to form a knot. The thin cords are tied together to form a secure knot, which creates a unique and exciting design. This bracelet serves as an excellent statement piece. A knot bracelet is a type of bracelet that features a knot or knot as part of the design. The knots may be made from various materials, such as cord, ribbon, or leather, and may be decorative or functional.

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24. Tribal Print Bracelet

Tribal bracelet with design © Amazon India

The Tribal Print Bracelet is a vibrant yet eye-catching bracelet crafted from a woven fabric. The fabric is patterned with tribal prints in bold colours, which gives it a unique look. The bracelet is tied with a secure knot, ensuring it stays secure.

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25. Mukhi Rudraksha Bracelet

 Rudraksha bracelet for men © Amazon India

The Beaded Bangle Bracelet is an accessory crafted from tiny, round beads of various colours. The beads are strung together in a round shape and secured with a clasp. This bracelet enhances the look with colourful and exciting accents. Beads of various materials, including precious stones, glass, wood, and metal, are strung together to form a bangle bracelet, a beaded bracelet. The beads are strung on a cord or wire and form a bangle shape that can be slipped over the wrist. The bracelet may have a simple design or be decorated with additional charms or pendants.

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Men’s bracelets can be fashionable accessories that add personality to any outfit. Many styles and designs are available, from classic to modern, luxurious to dressy. Whether you’re looking to add a bit of sparkle to a business suit or give a casual look a touch of sophistication, there’s sure to be a bracelet to suit every taste.

More than providing a sense of style and individualism, some men’s bracelets also have spiritual and religious significance. While many bracelets are just meant to be stylish jewellery, many can serve as everyday reminders of faith, strength, and courage. Wearing a bracelet, no matter the type is a great way to show off your style.

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