25 Best K-Pop Hairstyle Ideas for Guys in 2023

K-Pop hairstyles offer a range of trendy and popular cuts that have gained popularity worldwide. Fion To, an expert hairstylist, shares their insights and experience in achieving the perfect K-Pop haircut. With their expertise, Fion breaks down the most common hair textures and face shapes and provides styling tips and product recommendations for various lifestyles.

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Fion To
Fion To
Fion is a cosmetologist from Portland, OR with over 6 years of experience.

Understanding K-Pop Haircuts: Styles and Hair Textures

When it comes to K-Pop haircuts, there are several popular styles to consider. The two-block cut, which features a disconnected undercut shave with a textured bowl cut, is a common choice. Additionally, the men’s short wolf/shag cut and the leaf cut (short scissor cut on the sides and back, with a middle part on top that feathers to the back) are also trendy options.

In terms of hair texture, medium to coarse hair is the most common among those seeking these haircuts. Typically, the hair is straight or wavy. However, fine hair can be cut and styled as long as it has sufficient density. K-Pop styles often favor waves and soft curls for added texture. Men with straight hair often opt for perms to achieve this desired texture.

Choosing the Right K-Pop Haircut for Your Face Shape

When considering a K-Pop haircut, it’s important to factor in your face shape. The goal is to achieve a sharp jawline and create the illusion of a slimmer face. Fion suggests that the two-block, leaf, and short wolf/shag cuts are generally compatible with all face shapes, as they help achieve these desired features. However, round and square face shapes benefit the most from these styles. For long face shapes, incorporating textures into the haircut is crucial to avoid elongating the face further. Waves, soft curls, or other texturizing techniques can help add width and balance the appearance of a long face.

Styling Tips and Recommended Products for K-Pop Haircuts

Styling a K-Pop haircut offers various options depending on your lifestyle and preferences. For a casual and fun look, many people wear their two-block haircut down with some added texture. This can be achieved by using a sea salt spray or a light-texture wax, especially for those with straight hair on top. A small flat iron can come in handy to create waves, flips, and other textures. If your hair already has natural curls or waves, a curling mousse or a light curl cream will help define them.

For a professional and stylish appearance, brushing the hair up and slicking it back with volume on top is a great option. To achieve this, Fion recommends using a volumizing blowout mousse and shaping wax, along with a long-lasting hold hairspray to maintain the style throughout the day. If you prefer a slightly feathered and upward look, a small flat iron, light wax, and hairspray will help you achieve the desired effect.

The leaf cut can also be styled similarly to the two-block cut, offering versatility for both professional and casual settings. Unlike the two-block cut, the leaf cut features sides and back that are not disconnected, making it more suitable for various lifestyles.

For those who prefer a more low-maintenance and casual look, the short wolf/shag cut is an ideal choice. Styling this cut depends on your hair type. For straight hair with a desire for flips and textures, a heat protection spray, flat hair iron, and hairspray will be perfect for achieving the desired style. If your hair has natural waves or curls, using curling mousse and curl cream will help define and add shape and body to your hair.

Pictures of the Most Popular Kpop Haircuts

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