23 Best Signet Rings for Men 2023: Splashy Accessories That Make You Seem Twice as Interesting

In 2023, signet rings for men might not represent the freakiest way to liven up your digits, but the genre feels more essential than ever. See, for all the leaps and bounds the men’s jewelry movement has taken over the last couple years—Harry Styles in pearls! Lil Nas X in dangly earrings! All the immoderately encrusted rappers populating our YouTube channel!—the very best way to begin encrusting yourself, as it were, remains the same: with a signet ring.

The Best Signet Rings Hit List

For eons, as far back as Mesopotamia right through to the smoky back rooms of midcentury Little Italy, signet rings were worn as a marker of great status and wealth. These days, you don’t need to be a baron or a lord or a mafia consigliere to slide on a cool-as-hell ring. They’re more available than ever, sculpted minimalist clean or over-the-top baroque or somewhere in between, all with the exact same effect: making you seem just a little bit more mysterious and confident, more tasteful, more worth crossing the room to talk to at a party.

Whether you’re adding to a growing collection of well-cut gems or just getting started in the jewelry game, here are the 23 best signet rings for men to stack on both hands.

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