23 Best Big And Tall Clothing Brands For Men

It can be extremely difficult to find cool clothing if you’re a larger or taller gent. All the ad campaigns are dominated by slim or built models with nothing much left for larger and taller guys to gather inspiration from. There are a handful of shops out there that do offer big and tall sizes, however, they’re often plain and simple – sometimes even daggy.

So where do you look?

Ways larger and taller men can look stylish

A little-known secret in the menswear game for bigger and taller guys is visual trickery. The secret to adding style to your frame is by minimising the surface area of your clothes. This means tucking dress shirts into trousers and utilising a belt to break up the belly from the crotch. Another tip is to create vertical lines in your outfit – a task easily handled with a v-neck shirt or a button-up shirt. This draws attention away from the gut or your lanky-ness and towards the centre of the body. Colour can also play a big part in this. By simply wearing darker colours like black or navy, larger men can draw attention away from bigger areas of the body, so choose wisely.

What fabrics are best for big and tall guys

Always go for lighter fabrics if you’re a larger or taller gent – but not too thin. Too thick, and the materials will add bulk to your frame; too thin and you’ll be exposing your lumps and bumps and/or height.

  • For suits, separates and smart-casual looks, avoid polyester as heavy cheap fabrics retain heat and lead to increased sweating
  • Always employ cotton for shirts, tees, and chinos (polyester blends are fine).
  • Go for smooth, natural fabrics like linen shirts that hang close to the body without looking chunky
  • Selvedge denim is key for jeans, as they will mould to your shape for a customised fit

So, if you’re tired of looking for clothes that’ll fit your big and/or tall frame, we’ve rounded up the best brands that produce big and tall clothing for men that not only will fit you like a dream but will also make you look stylish.

Why trust our recommendations?

We’ve been reviewing men’s fashion for over 10 years and have thoroughly researched the brands that make the best clothing for big blokes. Two of our lead editors are big and tall men too. So you’re in safe (big) hands.

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