20 Best Workout Pants for Men (That You Can Actually Wear Outside)

Workout pants are an absolute game-changer!

For years, guys have been lounging around in saggy, ugly sweat pants, which give you zero style points and even less motivation to get up off the couch to get in your workout.

But then proper workout pants were introduced—sleek, athletic pants that made you look and feel like a total badass—and now it’s hard not to get up and train like a beast.

Whether you’re a runner, a weight trainee, or a Yoga practitioner, you’re going to need a good pair of workout pants to get you through those cool and cold-weather training sessions. Heck, with the right pair, you can even work out all the way through winter and never feel the cold!

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the absolute best workout pants for men on the market. We did an immense amount of research (as I’ll explain below), dug deep into every corner of the internet, and read thousands of product reviews to find the top picks for your needs.

Now, as you go over this list, you can trust that these workout pants are the best option to help you go from couch to gym in style and warmth all year long!

How We Selected

We went through an exhaustive selection process to bring you the best workout pants around.

To start off, we looked at the most popular products on the market, the best-sellers (on Amazon and other online retailers) with the highest number of positive reviews (some of them had literally thousands).

We took it to the next level by diving into market research surveys, questionnaires, product designer interviews, and, of course, reviews from other men’s gear-oriented websites.

Once we narrowed it down from hundreds of potential products to dozens, we got to work testing each individual item. These gym pants have been tested through the frostiest Canadian winters, the windiest autumn months, and, of course, the hottest summers. They’ve been put through the wringer with weightlifting/bodybuilding, martial arts, running (outdoor and indoor), CrossFit/cross-training, Yoga, hiking, and rowing.

Finally, we evaluated them on the most important criteria: durability, versatility, style, comfort, performance, and value.

At the end, we’ve got a list we can be proud of, and which we know you’ll love as much as we did!

Best Workout Pants for Men


Of course UnderArmour heads up our list! There are few brands that can make technical, athletic clothing on par with UA, and their clothes are legendary for their durability and versatility.

This particular pair of workout pants keeps it simple: no fancy frills or fluff, just hard-wearing, good-looking utilitarian excellence. Made from 100% ripstop polyester, they’re tough enough to handle all your daily training sessions and never rip, tear, or fade. The fabric is beautifully lightweight despite its durability, so you’ll quickly forget you’re wearing long pants (when you’re a shorts guy like me, this is a BIG deal!) no matter how hard you train.

Best of all, the pants are wind-resistant as well as water-resistant, so they’ll help to keep your legs cool (and mostly dry) if you’re running outdoors during the colder months.

Fair warning: some users (myself included) aren’t fans of the “swooshing” noise this particular fabric makes when it rubs as you walk. They’re definitely on the noisier side for workout pants.


  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Fit: Straight
  • Available Sizes: X-Small to 4XL

If you’re looking for a great pair of winter joggers, these pants by Nathan are an absolute winner! I took them out for a jog in 14 F weather (-10 for us Canadians), and even though there was snow on the ground and the wind was absolutely vicious, my legs stayed warm the entire run.

The joggers are mid-weight, so they’re a bit heavier than some of the lighter-weight options on this list. However, the technical fabric is both insanely soft to the touch and beautifully warm, so it’s an acceptable trade-off for the extra weight. I love that they’re both quick-drying and moisture-wicking, and they’ve got just enough stretch that I can use them for stair climbing, wind sprints, and CrossFit.

The drop-in hand pockets are great for keeping both my hands warm and my (large) phone tucked securely away. I’m a huge fan of the tapered leg and ankle cuff, which stops wind from sliding up my legs while I’m running.

The one downside I could find when testing them was that they got a bit hot/sweaty when I was lounging indoors. They’re at their best when outside keeping you warm, but may be a bit too thick for heat-regulated houses and gyms.


  • Material: 88% Polyester, 12% Elastane
  • Fit: Tapered
  • Available Sizes: X-Small to 2XL

Rhone was a new brand to me when I started testing running pants, but boy am I glad I found them! These were one of my all-time favorite joggers—not as much for exercising, but certainly for relaxing at home.

The pants are beautifully stretchy, and soft both on the exterior and the interior lining. My legs felt like they were wrapped in a cloud all day long. However, they’re made with material that is beautifully durable and can handle the rigors of both gym training and outdoor runs.

They’re designed for a comfortable, easy fit, hanging just loose enough that you can move easily without them being the baggy (ugly) old sweats I’ve come to loathe. They’re stylish and sleek, with a pretty excellent selection of colors and patterns to choose from.

However, be warned: sizes tend to run large (I’m usually an XL, but I could fit in an L no problem), so be prepared to either buy a size down or exchange for the right size. Thankfully, Rhone’s customer service is great, so aside from the minor inconvenience, you’ve got nothing to worry about!


  • Material: Unspecified synthetic blend
  • Fit: Flexible
  • Available Sizes: Small to 2XL

I’m always a fan of low-cost, budget-friendly clothing, and these BALEAF joggers definitely fit the bill. Yes, they’re made in China (you can typically tell by the “ALL CAPS” brand names and bargain prices), but they held up to my tests nearly as well as the tougher options (like UnderArmor or Lululemon), and so earned their place on this list.

They’re pretty much “what you see is what you get” joggers: made from nylon and spandex, blending durability and elasticity, with comfortable zipper pockets sized for large smartphones, an elastic waistband, and interior drawstring to keep them securely in place. You won’t get any next-level technical fabrics or high performance, but they’re reliable and comfortable—well worth your money.

Sadly, they’re not the warmest pants, so you’re really only going to get 2-season (Max 3-season) use out of them. But for a summer run or hike, they’re a pretty decent option at a price tag you can easily afford.


  • Material: 73%Nylon, 27% spandex
  • Fit: Tapered
  • Available Sizes: Small to 3XL

When I saw that these were designed to be a “hybrid between athletic joggers and robust hiking pants”, I was absolutely intrigued. As a guy who loves to spend his summers hiking forest/mountain trails and the colder months running and training indoors, I’m always on the lookout for pants that can do it all in style.

After testing these bad boys, I can safely say that they live up to the claim. Sure, they’re not as sturdy as proper hiking or climbing pants, so don’t use them to slide down scree slips or descend into the Grand Canyon. But their double-knit fabric is tough enough to handle most intermediate-level hiking trails (including rock-hopping), and the DWR coating makes them beautifully water-repellent. They’ve got just the right amount of stretch that you can move easily no matter what you’re doing, and they’ve got pockets for not only your phone, keys, and wallet, but also a pocket knife and other EDC items you’ll want out on the trail.

They also look stylish, great for hitting the trail or grabbing brunch with your buds. I’d rate then 9/10 for looks—almost like chinos, but with jogging pant comfort and durability. Really, the only drawback is the price tag ($100+), though they go on sale often enough you can pick them on the cheap.


  • Material: 85% nylon, 15% spandex
  • Fit: Classic jogger tapered leg
  • Available Sizes: M to 2XL

The name “all day every day” refers to when you should be wearing these sleek, stylish joggers! Made from a blend of tough nylon and stretchy spandex, they’re well-suited to just about any exercise or activity, and they deliver technical performance that makes them one of the most versatile pants on our list.

The fit is roomy enough for my (admittedly thick) legs, and I never felt constricted or had to worry about anything riding up/bunching up (a problem with too-tight joggers and athletic tights). They’re thick enough to use in cool-weather runs, though they won’t stand up to proper winter cold. Wear them during the summer, though, and you’ll find they’re beautifully breathable and keep everything feeling fresh and breezy.

The only downside I could find is that they only come in two colors (black and blue), and are sized too small for larger/heavier runners.


  • Material: 88% nylon & 12% spandex
  • Fit: Generous
  • Available Sizes: XS to L

Lululemon might have made a splash with their Yoga pants, but over the last decade, they’ve become so much more. Now they’re one of the top brands for athletic apparel across the board—including these delightful joggers.

Made using the brand’s proprietary signature Warpstream fabric, the pants are divinely light, wick sweat and moisture away from your legs, but offer enough warmth that you can use them even in the dead of winter (well, maybe not Canadian winters with temperatures below 0 F). They’re not just great for workouts, though—they’re also stylish enough you can wear them to work (casual Fridays) or on your commute.

One of my favorite features was the ABC (Anti-Ball Crushing) engineering, which gives everything important plenty of room to breathe while still keeping it firmly in place while you run and train. The drawcord, hidden media/coin pockets, and zippered back pockets were all winners, too, making the pants more comfortable and practical.

Of course, expect to pay the high prices Lululemons always charge, and be aware that the elastic cuff may be too tight for anyone with wide/broad/over-large feet.


  • Material: 100% polyester body, 86% recycled polyester, 14% elastane lining
  • Fit: Custom ABC fit (unique to Lululemon)
  • Available Sizes: S to XL

These are such delightful-looking pants, I wish I could have tested them personally! Sadly, they only come in sizes ranging from 30 to 36 waist, which makes them two sizes too small for a big runner/lifter like me.

However, after reading countless positive reviews, I had to include them on the list for anyone who’s on the smaller-than-me side. They’re tough technical joggers that are as much at home on a mountain bike as a mountain trail run, made from the highly durable Schoeller fabric that is both abrasion and tear-resistant. The DWR coating repels water, stains, and dirt, keeping your pants looking clean and classy no matter what you’re doing.

Reviewers tend to rave about the articulated knees, gusseted crotch, and zippered ankle, all of which combine to make the pants ultra-versatile and flexible enough for any activity. Pair that with five pockets (including a front thigh pocket for your EDC items, all designed to sit below a harness), and you’ve got yourself a pair of pants you can take running, hiking, boating, and climbing all year around.


  • Material: 100% polyester treated with a fluorocarbon-free, biodegradable durable water-repellent finish
  • Fit: Classic fit
  • Available Sizes: XS to L

The weather can get pretty cold here in Canada (which is a surprise to no one at all!), making running during the late autumn, early spring, and all winter pretty torturous if you’re not geared up properly. These may not be suitable for below-freezing temperatures, but they’re more than capable of blocking even the most vicious autumn or spring wind. Thanks to their dual-layer design—a wind-resistant nylon-and-spandex shell and a polyester mesh interior lining—you’ll never have to worry about your legs getting cold no matter how gusty and blustery the day is.

The classic fit is versatile enough for running, hiking, lifting, and even Yoga, and the combination of elastic waistband and drawstring ensures everything will stay securely in place no matter how hard you run, jump, and play. The rear welt pocket comes with a zipper closure that will keep your wallet, ID/cards, and keys safe on your run.

But my favorite element of these pants, by far, is the garment-washed, “lived in” feel and look. From the moment I slipped them on, they felt like my favorite old pair of joggers, yet somehow new and stylish at the same time. Now that’s a winner in my book!


  • Material: 94% nylon, 6% spandex shell, 100% polyester lining
  • Fit: Classic
  • Available Sizes: Small to 2XL

If you’re the sort of guy who likes to take his Sundays off after a hard week of training, you’re going to love these Vuori joggers! They’re comfortable enough that you can lounge on the couch or gaming chair all day long, but still keep up with your hardcore Monday-to-Saturday lifting sessions.

The pants are designed to go from the gym to the pub/bar/restaurant in style, and you’ll find they’re both insanely soft and lightweight. You’ll never have to worry about overheating because the performance fabric is moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and breathable. Thanks to the four-way stretch, you can use them for Yoga, sprint training, or just kicking your feet up on the couch.

They won’t be suitable for truly cold-weather use outdoors, but they’ll keep you warm as you head from your house to the car, the car to the gym, and back home again.


  • Material: 88% polyester, 12% elastane
  • Fit: Versatile, tapered leg with ankle cuff
  • Available Sizes: Small to XL

I’m a HUGE fan of Merino products! There’s something wonderful about silky-soft Merino wool, but it’s also incredibly durable and able to withstand the elements in a way a lot of synthetic fabrics just can’t. However, when paired with synthetic fabrics—in this case, nylon and elastane—the sum of all the parts is far more versatile and hard-wearing than the individual components.

The Merino Corespun fabric does an amazing job of regulating your body temperature, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. They’re not exactly suited to below-freezing conditions, but you’ll find they can handle snow, rain, and cold winds like a champ. The modern fit, tapered leg, and adjustable fit makes them one of the best Merino-based joggers on the market.

If only they had more sizing options available! Because they’re so popular, they typically sell out quickly and take a while to be restocked.


  • Material: 88% merino wool, 9% nylon, 3% elastane
  • Fit: Classic jogger with tapered leg
  • Available Sizes: M, L

American Tall is a brand I was absolutely delighted to discover (recommended by a gym buddy of mine)! It’s a line of clothing designed specifically for “big and tall” guys, which means I can finally find clothing that will match my height and arm/leg length.

These are the dream pants for tall guys like me (6’6”), with an extra-long inseam (up to 34”) that ensures the pants cover everything I want to keep warm when the weather gets cold/windy out. They’re soft, stretchy, and beautifully versatile, perfect for any rowing, sprint training, or CrossFit session. The modern fit is roomy enough for guys with thick thighs, and the fabric is tough enough I can push myself to the max in my workout without worrying about them breaking, tearing, or wearing out.

The price tag is a bit higher than some of the more budget-friendly options on this list, but for VERY tall guys like me, it’s worth every penny.


  • Material: 90% polyester, 10% spandex
  • Fit: Modern fit
  • Available Sizes: S Tall to 2XL Extra Tall

If you’ve got money to burn and want to max out your style, then Dolce and Gabbana is definitely a brand you’ll want to consider. These slim-fit track pants are a true work of art, cut in just the right form-fitting style that is absolutely on-trend at the moment. Plus, anyone who sees that bold D&G logo will know that you’re a man who knows a thing or two about style.

Are they the most versatile, athlete-friendly joggers on our list? Honestly, I’d have to say no. They won’t handle hardcore CrossFit, sprint-training, or plyo sessions as well as some of our other options, and they’re definitely not up for hiking, climbing, or biking. But they’ll handle your average weight training session, treadmill run, or elliptical workout with no problem, and they’re absolutely one of the most ultra-soft and comfortable pairs of pants on our list.


  • Material: Cotton
  • Fit: Slim
  • Available Sizes: XXS to 5XL

I’ve always loved Adidas clothing and footwear (especially), so I had to give these a test to make sure they were A) as comfortable as I remembered, and B) worth including on this list. And yes, the pants passed with flying colors!

They’re the classic Adidas pant, made from 100% polyester, lightweight, and airy, great for pretty much any sport or workout. Though not the warmest (I wouldn’t wear them in winter), they’re loose-fitting and breathable enough that I can wear them all summer long without overheating. The moisture-absorbing AEROREADY fabric keeps me from sweating too much, and the tapered fit accentuates my physique without being too tight.

Best of all, they come in both big and tall sizes. They’re also beautifully affordable! No triple-digit price tag—just quality, plain comfort exactly the way I want it.


  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Fit: Regular tapered
  • Available Sizes: X-Small to 4XLarge Big

Prepare to be blown away by silky-soft comfort! These pants, made from polyester fleece, will cradle your legs delightfully, and they’re warm enough for both indoor and outdoor use even in cold weather. Plus, the polyester is able to withstand the rigors of your daily active life without ripping or tearing.

I will say that these tend to run a bit hot during the summer, or if you’re sitting inside a heated house. They’re not the most breathable or moisture-wicking, either. However, they’re comfortable, loose-fitting, and move well with any activity. The adjustable waistcord makes sure they stay firmly in place and the ribbed ankle keeps the wind from seeping up the pant leg.

They also come in an impressive range of colors (from the standard black and gray to orange, mint green, and five different shades of blue) and sizes (up to 6XL Big and Tall). They’re also bargain-budget priced, one of the most affordable options on our list.


  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Fit: Loose
  • Available Sizes: XSmall to 6XL Big and Tall

Champion is a brand most of us grew up wearing, but they’ve done a good job of advancing their fashions and fabrics to keep up with the modern trends. These sweatpants are built with the classic Champion look and retail at the low price that has made Champion a go-to for so many years. However, the fabric—a blend of polyester and cotton—is both incredibly soft and perfect for any active lifestyle.

The pants are designed to be both anti-shrinking and anti-pilling, delivering years of regular use without losing their color or shape. The midweight fleece is great for cold days and features a super-soft brushed interior that is very comfortable on your legs, even if you’re a heavy sweater (like me). The waistband and flat drawcord grip your hips tightly without constricting.

Be aware, though, that the sizes tend to run large and the inseam is longer than expected.


  • Material: 50% cotton, 50% polyester
  • Fit: Loose
  • Available Sizes: Small to 2XL

These Chinese-made workout pants retail at a very affordable price, but deliver high-level performance and durability that you’re guaranteed to love. The mixture of spandex and polyester makes them very versatile, just stretchy enough that they’ll flex when you run, squat, lunge, and bend. The fabric is both quick-drying and moisture-wicking, and you’ll find it’s incredibly lightweight—you’ll almost forget you’re wearing pants.

The pants include two large zipper pockets (capable of holding a phone up to 5.5”), and an elastic waistband plus drawcord. They’re tough and reliable, suitable for 3-season wear (all but properly cold winters), and as comfortable lounging around the house as HIITting it hard at the gym.

However, some users found the pants arrived defective (with holes or rips). Quality control issues may be a bigger problem than you’d like, so be prepared to deal with customer service to return/exchange the pants.


  • Material: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
  • Fit: Straight leg
  • Available Sizes: Small to 2XL

Hanes is the classic low-budget brand that you’ll find everywhere—both online and in stores like Walmart and Target. With these Hanes pants, you get a low price tag and decent versatility. Maybe not the best pants for all activities, but a great pair of joggers that can take you from the couch to the running track to the gym and back again in comfort.

The polyester fabric is incredibly soft to the touch, great for those who hate noisy/stiff nylon-based pants. The X-Temp technology incorporated into the pants will help to reduce moisture and pull heat away from your body so you stay cool all day long. Thanks to the quick-drying CoolDri technology, you won’t have to worry about sweating through your pants.

Be aware, though, that the fabric will stretch/sag after repeated use, and you may end up swearing and cursing while trying to fish out the drawstring after it vanishes into the loops (because of its less-than-ideal design).


  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Fit: Relaxed
  • Available Sizes: Small to 2XL

Of course we’ve got to feature another pair of UnderArmour pants on our list—they’re just that good! Instead of going lightweight, these UA pants opt for a mid-weight feel that is both sturdier and warmer than our top-pick item. The brushed interior is both soft on your legs and adds a cozy feel that will banish even the worst late-autumn/early-spring chill. Heck, you can even take them running in the snow in the dead of winter, and they’ll do wonders to keep you warm.

The pants are made using a blend of cotton and polyester that can handle years of hard wear without sagging, stretching, or losing their shape. The streamlined fit will hug your body but still hang just loose enough that you can kick, squat, or climb with no restrictions on your movements.

Really, the only drawbacks I could find with these pants was that they got a bit warm indoors, and there were a few rumors floating around (backed up by real-life reviews) that some Amazon sellers were sending out fake/scam/knockoff products instead of the real deal.


  • Material: 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
  • Fit: Relaxed
  • Available Sizes: XSmall to 4XL Tall

Mack Weldon is a brand for the modern man, designing clothing that looks good, wears well, and delivers comfort at a reasonable price tag. These sweatpants definitely live up to that standard—which is why I saved one of my all-time favorites to close out this list.

The pants are made with micro-brushed French terrycloth composed of 95% cotton and just 5% elastane, making them the ideal lounging pants and great for a quick run or running errands. They’re warm in the cooler months, cool in the hotter months, and stylish all year around. Thanks to the tailored fit, they pair beautifully with your favorite workout tank, a trendy tee, or even a Henley to really accentuate the “male chic” look.

I particularly love the wide range of color and pattern choices they offer—great for pairing with pretty much any outfit I want to wear on my weekend off. However, I did find the back pocket zipper tends to catch on things (including my couch/chair), and I would have liked a bit more space in the crotch seam to stay truly comfortable when I’m both lounging and moving.


  • Material: 95% Cotton / 5% Stretch
  • Fit: Tailored
  • Available Sizes: Small to 2XL Tall

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